Video – Time to be honest and mention the ‘M’ word


The video commentator Plain Speaking Paula lays it on the line about the ongoing problems Britain is having with Islamic rape gangs. She takes on the media and their obfuscation of who and what the true perpetrators are of these horrific crimes. Paula criticises the media for the use of the term ‘Asian’, ‘of Pakistani heritage’ or ‘of Middle Eastern background’ when what they should be saying ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’.

Paula is correct when she says that she cannot understand how the police, social workers, council officers and politicians who have abandoned thousands upon thousands of young British girls and young women, purely to avoid upsetting the Muslims. She’s also correct that this has got to stop.

Paula believes that the decision to ‘brush Muslim sex crime under the prayer mat’ goes very high in Government and administration. I agree with her when she says that we need the right to discuss this matter and we should not be forbidden to say the truth even if Muslims don’t like it or are offended by it. This truth is that Muslims commit a disproportionate amount of sex crime including paedophilia and sex trafficking and that they are victimising British girls and young women.

Islamic sex crime is a problem that we need to talk about even if it does upset the Muslims or disturb ‘community relations’. I can’t disagree with Paula when she says that she hopes the Quislings who have turned a blind eye to Islamic savages and their mass rapes ‘burn in hell’.

We need to speak out, we owe it to the girls who have been abused by Islamic savages and we owe to our country to be honest about the appalling problems that have been caused by Islam.