Video – Milo Yiannopoulos on the nannying Left, the Alt-Right and the infantalising safe space culture


I’ve seen plenty of videos of the commentator and Brietbart Technology Editor Milo Yiannopoulos on the web. He’s one of these people who even if you may not agree with everything he says or all of his opinions always puts his views over with passion and clarity. Like many good speakers Milo has the ability to make people think, even if those thoughts make people or society uncomfortable.

In this quite long video, Milo takes aim at the nannying left and how it constricts society and explains how the Alt-right us being in his view unfairly smeared. Contrary to popular belief Milo explains how the there are indeed white nationalist/Daily Stormer types involved in the Alt-Right but that such groups are very much in the minority. Milo estimated that what many would classify as neo-Nazis, make up only about 2% of those who identify as Alt-Right. If that is the case then there are probably less Jew hating neo-Nazis in the Alt-Right than there are in the UK Labour Party.

As I said this is a long video, filmed as part of Milo’s ‘Dangerous Faggot’ speaking tour of American universities, but it is one that is well worth watching.