From Elsewhere: It looks like Labour are going to remain unelectable for a few more years


According to a report on the Brietbart website the current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn looks set to win his campaign to remain leader of the party.

Although this win will be welcomed by the far Left activists in Labour it is unlikely to make Labour any more favourable to those who have abandoned Labour because of its previous record for economic incompetence, failure to control immigration and the party’s often downright disdain for ordinary working class Britons.

Brietbart said:

Opposed by most of his own MPs but lionised by grassroots activists, socialist Jeremy Corbyn is tipped to fight off a leadership challenge while pitching Britain’s Labour Party into an increasingly uncertain future.

The 67-year-old is set to be re-elected on Saturday as leader of the main opposition party thanks to support from party members and supporters, even though most lawmakers want him gone.

His anti-establishment, left-wing credentials have endeared him to voters disillusioned with mainstream politics, as has his image as a man of principle standing up for ordinary people.

But centrist MPs argue that his policies — which include scrapping nuclear weapons and opposing austerity measures — will never draw enough support from voters to win a general election.

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It’s not just the far Left that will welcome a Corbyn victory, there are many others outside the Labour party who will also do so. A Corbyn-led Labour Party will be so divorced from reality and so dominated by the far and often middle class Left that it will be so extreme and unelectable that it will make even the most incompetent Tory party look good. Corbyn may not be good for the Labour party but he is certainly going to do a good job creating support for both the Conservatives and UKIP.