Video – Leftist commentator Sally Kohn intellectually spanked by Steven Crowder

Sally Kohn CNN commmentator


We are all sadly too used to some of the reality-light stuff that comes out of the mouths of Leftists, but some of the recent comments from the CNN commentator Sally Kohn about Shariah Law show a stunning lack of awareness of the subject.

Ms Kohn said in a Tweet that progressive Muslims should be supported and that by attacking Shariah Law people like Donald Trump are also attacking progressive Muslims as these moderates also believe in Shariah Law. What utter rot. There are whole and very large tranches of Shariah Law that are implacably opposed to the values professed by progressive Muslims.

Here’s her Tweet.


Following her intervention in the debate on Shariah Law, Ms Kohn appeared on the American radio and online show ‘Louder With Crowder’ and floundered badly when challenged on her views. Ms Kohn at one point tried to draw equivalence with the very large number of Islamic extremists and the Westboro Baptist Church nut-cases. She failed to see that this was a false equivalence as the Westboro lot are merely one ‘inbred family with flippers for hands’ in Mr Crowder’s words, whereas Islamic terrorists and extremists exist in much greater numbers and are a much more pressing danger to free societies.

This edition of Louder with Crowder is a classic example of how to defeat an ideologically driven left-winger with basic facts. Here’s the video in question and it is an excellent one. It is also a prime example of how some Lefties will support causes, such as Islam, which will end up causing the deaths or oppression of Lesbians such as Ms Kohn.