Another lenient sentence imposed on a Muslim, this time for raping a young boy

Noor Wallie disgraced Imam who has been jailed for six years for raping a young boy at his mosque.


The problem of Muslim offenders getting laughably lenient sentences doesn’t seem to be abating. Crimes such as child rape by a person in authority, which are compounded by actions that show knowledge of guilt , such as fleeing justice, should merit a sentence of 8 to 10 years or more. But as this case shows, we have yet another Muslim who has got the sort of sentence that will see him back on the streets in a mere six years or so.

A former Imam of a mosque in Rugby in Britain’s Midlands, has been jailed for a mere six years at Warwick Crown Court.

According to a report from the local paper for the area the Rugby and Lutterworth Observer, Noor Wallie raped a young boy at the mosque and then skipped off to India. As is usual policy for this blog the original report is in plain text whilst this blog’s comments are in plain text.

A DISGRACED former imam at Rugby Mosque was banished to India after raping a young boy while giving him religious instruction – only to secretly return to this country.

He should have faced justice earlier but I also can’t help but think that it’s a damned shame he came back.

But when his young victim some years later revealed what had happened, Noor Walile was traced to his home in Leicester.

At least this rapist Islamic savage was caught, far too many others have not been.

And when a charge of rape was put to him at Warwick Crown Court, the former imam answered tearfully: “I am guilty. So sorry, I am guilty.”

Walile, 38, of Dronfield Street, Leicester, was jailed for six years and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Although this savage has been jailed it’s for not for long enough time.

But, branded ‘an offender of particular concern’ by the judge, he will only be released before serving the whole of the six years if the Parole Board considers it safe to do so – and will then be on licence for an additional 12 months.

The subtext of this comment is that although he has got six years there is the possiblity that the naïve do-gooders of the Parole Board might let this savage go free earlier. However it doesn’t change the fact that six years is really not long enough for this type of offence.

Prosecutor Jane Sarginson said that in around 2010 Walile was working as the imam at the mosque in Grosvenor Road, Rugby, and among his duties was giving religious education to children.

The court heard how Walile raped a young boy in the mosque’s toilets.

When Walile later visited the boy’s home, the boy ran away when he saw Walile – and later told his parents he did not want to go to the mosque anymore.

I’m not surprised that the boy didn’t want to be around this particular savage any more.

His parents contacted an elder at the mosque who advised them to save the clothes the boy had been wearing and not to wash them. The mosque elder and the parents then confronted Walile.

At least the mosque elders started out doing the right thing and investigated this attack.

Miss Sarginson said: “Initially Walile denied the allegations, but then said he had done something ‘very bad’ and that he could not remember what had happened, but that the devil had come over him.

He was told he would have to go back to India and never return, or the matter would be reported to the police – and that is what the family understood had happened.”

Then the mosque elders and everyone else let the victim down by letting this rapist savage skip off to India. I have the distinct suspicion that the primary motivations here by all the adults concened with this case was to protect the reputation of the Islamic community and justice for the boy came a very poor second.

But earlier this year the assault was reported to the police.

Officers then traced Walile who initially denied raping the boy or confessing it to the mosque elder.

But once he was told the family had kept the clothing, he confessed: “I have told lies during this interview. I am sorry, I did a bad thing. The devil came over me, and I did this bad act.”

This wasn’t the ‘devil’ that came over him, this was the twisted sexuality of Islam itself.

Not only is this case one that is representative of the sort of deviancy that grows in and is sometimes socially accepted by Islam, but it also shows how Muslims are getting sentences of this sort that are unduly lenient. I would prefer that these Islamic savages were not here and able to prey on children both of their own community and of others but I’d settle for seeing these savages get punishments that really fit the crime.


Rugby and Lutterworth Observer report into yet another rapist Islamic savage