Probably one of the best quotes about Corbyn yet.

Tom Holland author


This is probably one of the better, more accurate and most well written comments on the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. It comes from Tom Holland an authour and journalist who has written on a wide range of subjects but most notably on the ancient classical world. Mr Holland is correct, the motley assortment of Trots, communists, Islamists who make up the bulk of Corbyn’s support are indeed like a parasite on the body of the Labour Party.

Mr Holland said:

Running into a pregnant Glyptapanteles wasp is rarely good news for a caterpillar. The wasp, after drilling an ovipositor into its hapless victim, will lay its eggs inside the caterpillar’s body; the larvae, when they hatch, will then devour their host’s bodily fluids. Taking great care not to damage its vital organs, they will also mind-control it, so that the caterpillar, even after the larvae have erupted through its exoskeleton, continues to defend them as they pupate. Eventually, the wasps hatch. The caterpillar, meanwhile, is left to die.

Such is the fate that Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as leader seems to portend for the Labour party. The hard left faction that has seized control of Britain’s main progressive party has every prospect now of devouring it inside out. That this is bad news for anyone who wants to see a Labour government goes without saying.

Among the numerous reasons why the incompetent, incurious and pharisaical Corbyn will never be prime minister, the most copper-bottomed is surely this: that British voters will never elect as their leader a sympathiser with the IRA. Corbyn himself can blame this on false consciousness all he likes. If he genuinely cared about securing a Labour victory at the next election, he would have stood down long ago.

The reason that he has not, I can only assume, is because – like the zealot he is – he believes in a higher cause. Bad for Labour, and bad for those who would best be served by a Labour government, Corbyn’s re-election is bad as well for the very fabric of our parliamentary democracy.”

Tom Holland is a journalist and author


Original story from the Guardian newspaper