Video – So how many real Syrians are there in the Calais Jungle camp?

The Jungle Camp at Calais


The answer, as contained in this excellent and informative video from the Canadian video journalist Lauren Southern may surprise you a lot. If you’ve had to endure the sort of biased pro-migrant reporting from the likes of the BBC, or you have been exhorted by your Vicar, Priest or Rabbi to help the ‘poor Syrians’ living in the Jungle camp at Calais, then prepare to be enlightened and surprised.

This second video shows Ms Southern quizzing migrants about their journey and their plans. It’s plain to see from the video that the residents of the Jungle camp are not genuine refugees but are instead economic migrants. The migrants are also ‘country shopping’ and are heading for places like the UK where they can get the most benefits or welfare help. These people in the camp are not genuine refugees but are ponces, chancers and more than likely to be criminals.