Malmo, Sweden erupts in flames and Islamic violence


Although mainstream media reports on what is happening in the city of Malmo, Sweden are currently sketchy and in some cases subject to censorship by entities such as the BBC, what we do know is this: A once relatively peaceful city is being rocked by violence that didn’t afflict Sweden before it opened its doors to hordes of Muslims posing as ‘refugees’.

Following a widespread spate of car burnings, that have been happening for several months, that the Swedish police say were the result of a ‘crackdown on organised crime in the city’, the city has been shaken by gunfire, bombs and rumours of other explosive devices. Those reports that are coming out of Sweden paint a picture of a city that is rapidly turning into a ‘no go zone’ for police.

The UK Daily Express is reporting that Malmo, where there have been recent grenade attacks, has been engulfed in violence and it is only because there was a local football derby going on that there were more police than usual in the city. Automatic gunfire was said by some eyewitnesses to have come from an Audi motor vehicle that loosed off 20 shots in three bursts before speeding off. However some other sources state that the shooter was on a moped. Shortly after the shooting an explosion was heard in a Malmo suburb which the police are putting down to ‘fireworks’. Later on a suspicious device was found outside a primary school in the city of Gothenburg.

The police seem to be admitting that that they are losing control and have made statements to the effect that they ‘don’t know what is going on because we are in the middle of it’.

Another media source, the Nordic News, quoting the Swedish outlet Kvalls Posten, said that the people injured in the gunfire incident were not big league criminals but were ordinary Malmo residents.

The Russia Today website, a source that I do not take on trust or without corroboration, has linked this violence with ongoing problems in a city with some of the ‘notorious refugee ghettos’ that have been created since Sweden decided on their current suicidal political path.

Russia Today said:

Police have been deployed to the scene of the alleged explosion but have found nothing so far, the paper reports, adding that it is unclear if there is any connection between the two incidents.

Malmo, the third-largest city of Sweden, has suffered a wave of violence this summer. More than 70 cars were set on fire in the city since July 1.

In the meantime, it was reported that the number of so called “no-go zones” in Swedish cities, where the police have significant problems in tackling crime, rose from 50 in February to 55 in September. At the same time, Swedish media reported that police are facing a major crisis of self-confidence, with as many as three officers on average asking to resign on a daily basis.

The city, which is infamous for high crime rates, multi-ethnic and gang-related violence also saw numerous shootings, explosions and arsons in 2015.

Police linked the July 2015 attacks with the court sentencing of three young men on July 10 for their roles in the Christmas Eve bombing in Rosengard – the city district which has been dubbed by media as Sweden’s “most notorious refugee ghetto.”

Although many of the reports coming out of Malmo are subject to harsh censorship ( I’ve seen rumours that even many Swedes are not being told the truth about what’s going on) , confusion and even misinformation, what is plain is that the police seem to be losing control of the city. Sweden has imported many thousands of people from some of the most violent, destructive and hate-filled cultures on earth and this is the result. What’s happening in Malmo looks to me like it has gone way beyond violence between organised criminals and could be example of Sweden’s imported Muslims setting up their own zones and making war on the Swedish state.

No matter how the Swedish government and policing authorities describe this incident and related incidents, it’s plain to see that Sweden has an Islam problem and it’s an armed and dangerous one. Even if the police manage to get the Malmo situation under control I fear that we will see much more violence in Sweden, violence that has been brought there by foolish politicians and their inability to see that Islam along with its violence, hatred and misogyny, has no place in civilised societies. The only way for Sweden to recover is for the nation to cease importing Muslims immediately and embark on policy of forcibly deporting all those Muslims who are criminals or who are not contributing economically or otherwise to Swedish society. By importing so much dangerous Islam the Swedish government have made a gallows for the Swedish people and they are being slowly hanged upon it.

I’d like to close this article by aiming my scorn at the BBC who are studiously ignoring the Malmo story and there is no sign of any mention of it on either their World News or Europe News pages, which is odd to say the least. The BBC was not so reticent when it came to reporting back in 2012 on the case of a Swede who was accused of shooting at immigrants. This is disgraceful behaviour from the BBC who every Briton who has a TV set has to pay for. We the customers of the BBC deserve and demand a much better and more honest news service than we are currently getting.


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