Another case of Muslim savages allegedly preying on children

Bristol Crown Court


It seems there isn’t a week or even a day that goes by in the United Kingdom without yet another case against Islamic rapists, paedophiles and other sex criminals coming before the courts. The children and young women of the UK are experience an epidemic of sex crime committed by Muslims who often see non Muslim women as slightly less than human and under Islamic law permissible to use and abuse in the most monstrous ways.

Now there is yet another case where Muslims are accused of some of the most bestial behaviour towards underage British girls this time in the city of Bristol. In this case seven Somali Muslims are accused of 46 charges, including rape, rape of a child under 13, sexual assault, trafficking for sexual exploitation and false imprisonment. It should be noted that this isn’t the first nor will it be the last case of this type of Islamic savages attacking our women and children. Muslim men seem to be raping and abusing British women and children up and down the country. Those who think that these Islamic crimes are confined to only a few places such as Rochdale or Rotherham are deluding themselves. Islamic Rape Gangs are to be found wherever there are Muslim men.

Here’s the court report from the Daily Mail on this latest Islamic outrage to come before the courts.

The Daily Mail said:

A GROUP of seven girls were raped, trafficked and used for sex by a gang of Somalian men, a court has heard.

The vulnerable youngsters, some who as young as 12, were allegedly subjected to “degrading, violent and horrible” abuse and coaxed with drugs and alcohol, where the men pestered the girls “again and again” for sex.

Anna Vigars, part of the prosecution, told the court some of the girls believed they were in a relationship with the men and were deemed vulnerable.

he rapes became part of a regular routine, with the girls being viewed as “cheap and easy” by the men, according to prosecutors.

The gang of seven Somali men are accused of 46 charges, including rape, rape of a child under 13, sexual assault, trafficking for sexual exploitation and false imprisonment.

Sakariya Sheikh, 23, Abdirahman Galal, 26, Mohammed Osman, 29, Mohammed Dahir, 24, Nuridin Mohamoud, 22, Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23, and Nasir Mahamoud, 23, deny all charges

The court heard that Mr Sheikh systematically raped one of girls with another man in the flat.

Mr Galal allegedly raped a girl who had just had her 12 year old birthday the month before, leaving the youngster feeling “dirty”, the jury heard.

The bulk of the alleged offences took place between 2011 and 2012 against girls who travelled to Bristol to meet the men.

Ms Viggers added that the group of girls “suffered sexual abuse, some of it violent, degrading and horrible, some of it less so”.

The majority of the alleged offences had been committed on one girl.

Ms Vigars said some of the men “gave her drugs and alcohol and used her again and again for sex” and broke the young girl down “into submission and sometimes by using physical violence”.

The trial continues.

Please read the rest of the court report here:

The horrific details of this case are not that unusual, they are common in nearly all of the incidents where Muslim men have targeted non-Muslim children and young women for abuse. There is nearly always the plying with drugs, the pretence at a ‘relationship’, the violence and the gang rape. As all too many Britons are finding out to their cost, this sort of behaviour is not perversion of Islam but is a normative part of Islam. For centuries Muslims have enslaved and raped many thousands if not millions of non Muslim girls and young women and as we can see from these current cases of Islamic Rape Gangs, they haven’t stopped such bestial behaviour. This is Islam in all its gory and abusive detail. It’s becoming more and more obvious to those British people who care to look that wherever there are Muslims, there are Muslim nonces, rapists and slavers. It’s consistent behaviour like this by a large number of Muslims that make people hate Islam and when you read the details of cases like then you can begin to realise that such hatred is justified.

Such savages and their equally savage behaviour is no longer wanted in the United Kingdom.