Islamic groups playing the ‘community centre’ and ‘tuition centre’ game again.

The latest stealth mosque to be imposed on the people of Barking and Dagenham with the connivance of the Labour council


A while back there was an excellent post on the Ambush Predator blog about the continual attempts by Islamic groups to impose mosques on the people of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. These Islamic groups are resorting to stealth and sometimes downright dishonesty in order to impose these mosques on a local population that is dead against them. In one case the proposers of the mosque, the Ummah Welfare Trust, are blatantly lying to both the local council and to local people about the nature of their activities. They are playing the ‘community centre’ card in order to force this mosque on the area.

Just as we saw with the case of the former workingmans club at Jacques Hall in a neighbouring borough, the Ummah Welfare Trust is playing up the ‘community centre’ aspect but dishonestly denying that property concerned is going to be used as a mosque. These are the same lies as we saw regarding Jacques Hall, almost word for word. In the Jacques Hall case the council gifted the building to the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association on the understanding that they would run the building as a community centre for all. It didn’t take long however for the Muslims to start turfing out the non Muslim groups and imposing Shariah Law conditions on the building. They drove away children’s groups, pensioners bingo and many other users of the centre. Despite promising the council that they would not use the building as a mosque, this is what has happened.

In the UK there are lies, damned lies and the completely dishonest crap that comes out of the mouths of the spokesmen (and it’s usually men) from Islamic organisations.

Here’s the complete Ambush Predator post on the subject of the latest mosque to be imposed on Barking and Dagenham. Please visit the Ambush Predator website for the source and comments on the article and other similar articles. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Ambush Predator said:

Peter Harris says he and his supporters “absolutely reject” a pending retrospective planning application which would allow a shop in Hewett Road, Dagenham to become a tuition centre with community welfare activities.

What ‘retrospective planning permission’ really means is ‘use building illegally, whine about it when caught out so much that the local council or the planning inspectorate cave in an impose the mosque. We seen this happen before in East London in Woodford where a shop was used illegally as a mosque, the local council quite rightly refused permission for this mosque to stay open but the Muslims went whining to the Planning Inspectorate who overruled the council and imposed the mosque. Knowing how often Muslims have been teaching their kids to hate the rest of us and having seen the example of the Trojan Horse problem with Islamic schools, if I was a local person or the council I’d be extremely worried about what sort of dangerous guff will be taught in this mythical ‘tuition centre’?

What sort..?

It has been running in this capacity under the Dagenham Ummah Welfare Trust since 2009.


What I’m against is that a shop will be lost to a community centre or place of worship,” Mr Harris said. “I think the council should be doing more and should have a more robust process to protect local businesses.”

Mr Harris is correct. A building that could be used for a local business and to employ local people is going to be permanently lost. In place of something that is useful will be something that is not only useless, a mosque, but something will bring zero benefit and more than likely trouble to the area. Many people would agree with Mr Harris that the council should be doing more to protect local businesses, especially those business that will be adversely affected by these sort of mosque impositions, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope from the Labour Party Islamopanderers who control Barking and Dagenham council and have done for all too many years.


The controversy comes just a fortnight after Mr Harris demanded a judicial review over an application to convert a former post office in Dagenham to a mosque.

Good luck with that, Mr Harris. I think we all know how much success you’ll have. As Fahrenheit 211 pointed out, we’ve indeed not heard the last of this case, but I’ll be astonished if you win in the end.

It makes me weep to see good people like Mr Harris who do the right thing and take the legal route to stop these unwanted Islamic excrecenses being imposed on their areas getting shafted by the system. People are having their rights to object to the imposition of Islam on their areas comprehensively trampled on by judges, planning inspectors, politicans and others who don’t see Islam for what it is, a dangerous death cult, but who have a completely unrealistic view of Islam which is as a religion of peace.

There is, as I’ve said so often before on here, a great danger in the state stopping people from effectively saying ‘No Islam Here’ and that is a loss of faith in the legal and planning systems. When that happens the anger about non-Muslims being treated like dirt in this manner will not only rise but may also embolden those who see the legal route to stopping Islamic impositions as pointless. Such individuals who see no chance of success against these impositions by peaceful and legal means will instead reach for the brick, the baseball bat or the combination of a box of matches and a gallon of unleaded, in order to solve the problem. This is not a situation we should either hope for or relish, as it would be a sign that the legal and political situation has broken down, become untrustworthy and that it has become hopelessly corrupted by Islamic interests. I hope the legal routes that the people of Barking and Dagenham are taking are successful as the alternatives which are either submission to Islamic demands or violent conflict are not ones that should be welcomed.

A spokesman for the trust denied that it was being used as a place of worship. “DUWT does not intend to use the premises as a place of worship, accordingly, the planning application is only for a community and tuition centre,” he added.

Good intentions, eh?

There’s no ‘good intentions’ at all here on the part of the Ummah Welfare Trust, they are liars plain and simple. Of course they are wanting to turn it into a mosque and the denials are just so much taqiyya or lying for Islam that they are using in order to get their own way. It’s a great shame that the authorities cannot bring themselves to wake up to these sort of theologically and culturally approved liars. If they did then things may be a lot better for hard pressed working class communities like that of Barking and Dagenham who are facing an onslaught of unwanted Islam.

In the recent past, some users of the centre have utilised the premises for Friday prayers, however we are working with the council on it and, under their guidance, use of the premises for Friday prayers is being discontinued.”

So….you were using it.

How long are you going to discontinue it? Until the glare of publicity is off you, I’ll bet…

I think Ambush Predator is correct in their judgement here. These Muslims are more than likely to only abide by this agreement until the fuss dies down a bit. I certainly don’t trust either the Ummah Welfare Trust or the local council to behave with any honesty over this. What we have in this situation is a case of Muslims who lie and councillors and council officers who are all too willing to naively believe these lies or are too cowardly to call out the lies.

Labour in Barking and Dagenham are turning the area into one big hell hole and the council are doing this one mosque at a time. This case goes some way to proving the adage that it’s not people in shitholes that vote Labour because the area is a shithole but that places that vote Labour become shitholes, because of Labour party policies.


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  1. During the ‘grand’ opening of the Hainault ‘community centre’ I was told to use a different door – the door for women. I also met an elderly English lady who was so happy thinking that she would be able to meet someone there and have a cup of tea and a chat there. I very much doubt that she will be meeting anyone there.

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