12,000 missing ‘asylum seekers’ could quite easily translate into 4,000 rapists, criminals and jihadis


The news as reported by the UK Daily Express that the Home Office has managed to lose track of 12,000 alleged ‘asylum seekers’ should shock British citizens to the core. These 12,000 individuals, who often have failed to turn up to even their first asylum appointment, represent a serious risk to Britain’s security. If the levels of serious criminality that have so far been found among the ‘Syrian refugees’, where 1/3rd of them have been arrested by police for offences including threat to kill and child sex, are similar in this cohort of missing ‘asylum seekers’, then we have a serious problem on our hands.

If these ‘asylum seekers’ are as similarly criminal as the Syrians are, then we could be looking at 4,000 (at least) rapists, paedophiles, thieves, thugs and more than likely those engaged in Jihad. It is a monstrous dereliction of duty by the Home Office to lose track of so many potentially violent and dangerous people. The Home Office, which is tasked with dealing with crime and disorder seems to be completely incompetent when it comes to protecting the British citizen from foreign criminals. It is utter madness to allow those who have either entered the country illegally or who are claiming asylum to rely on the honesty of such people to turn up for appointments and not go missing like this. These ‘asylum seekers’ should have been held in some sort of custody whilst their claims were processed and allowing them to walk free among us is stupidity of the highest order. Of course those who are trying to blag their way into the country will disappear at the first opportunity you’d have to be an utter fool or a social justice warrior not to see that.

Here’s part of the article from the Express newspaper with their report on this appalling and disgraceful cock up by the Home Office.

The Daily Express said:

An investigation has shown that of 77,440 asylum cases in progress, one in six skipped their first meeting with border chiefs and vanished.

The 11,988 include migrants seized and held while trying to sneak into the UK but who have subsequently given authorities the slip.

A rise in numbers trying to cross the Channel from northern France has seen border security stretched to breaking point.

Many of those intercepted are thought to have been set free to join illegal immigrants already here.

The alarming Home Office statistic released to the Daily Express under Freedom of Information laws may even be the tip of the iceberg.

There was anger last night at the laxness of Charlie Elphicke, the Tory MP for Dover, said: “It is very concerning that some 12,000 asylum seekers failed to turn up for interview.

We need to know if the Government has lost track of them. We must be sure we don’t have a situation where vulnerable people are dragged into the black economy and become victims of slavery. “This is why it is so important these people are found.”

The UK’s booming black economy is estimated to be worth £150billion, supporting at least 1.1 million people who could be here illegally.

The scale of those who have disappeared from under the noses of immigration officials emerged after the Daily Express asked to know the whereabouts of five Iranians who sailed here in a dinghy.

They were held after being caught in Winchelsea, East Sussex, in July. Almost two months later no one has been able to officially confirm where they are.

Border officials released the men, aged between 18 and 44, but ordered them to report in regularly.

Read the rest of this extremely worrying story here:


Of course no immigration system is perfect and occasionally mistakes can be made but these figures show that Britain’s border control agencies are really not fit for purpose. The very last people that we should be allowing to roam unchecked and on their own recognizance are those, such as the Iranians who came in on a small boat. It’s obvious that such people will disappear and meet up with others who will shelter and shield them from the authorities. We now have five Iranians whom the government knows little if anything about who are now at large doing who knows what. They could be plotting terror, raping children or committing other crimes when they should have been locked up and then removed from the UK.

Illegals should not be allowed to run free just because they’ve spouted some probably false sob story to border agency officials, they should be locked up before deportation.

This story shows that the lunatics really have taken over the madhouse and the name of that madhouse is the Home Office. It makes me wonder just what Theresa May, now our Prime Minister was doing for all those years when she was Home Secretary and responsible for the UK Border Agency? She certainly wasn’t making it an effective organ of defence which it really should be.

It could be your house burgled, your business defrauded, your child raped by these illegal entrants to the UK, but those to blame for this outrageous error in letting them in and losing track of them will almost never face any form of meaningful sanction. Those who’ve made the decisions to let these illegals go free will probably not be prosecuted or even sacked for what they’ve done and worse that that they will probably be promoted or moved sideways.

This is a truly appalling indictment on the Border Agency and the Home Office and shows why root and branch reform of this agency and department are sorely needed.