Here’s a useful tool. An Islamism map


Technology has given the world some wonderful tools to manage and examine data. This particular tool looks like it could be very useful to those wishing to fight against the ideology of Islam. Someone, I know not who, has put together a very interesting ‘Islamism map’ with locations and details of many of the world’s most troubling Islamic organisations, political parties and mosques.

The section on the United Kingdom should worry residents of this country. According to the map there are no less than 67 dangerous mosques, Islamic political organisations, fake acacemics pushing Islamic apologetics and mosques. This in my view is 67 of these entities too many.

The map can be found via this link

This map shows the sheer extent of Hamasniks, Muslim Brotherhood front groups, extremist far right Mosques and other problematical organisations and institutions. It should be a valuable weapon for those engaged in discussions with those who refuse to believe that Britain is both a home for Islamic extremists, and a fifth column of Muslims who hate us and want us dead. I quick caveat I wish to give is although it looks comprehensive there are a few groups and organisations missing from the list, however I expect these gaps to be filled in over time.

This map is well worth a look.

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  1. Just look at the number in London!!! London seems to be a world-wide leader…

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