How close are Britons to thinking Islam should be dealt with ‘By any means necessary’?

Police confronting English Defence League protesters who demonstrated in Woolwich, South East London following the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013


Without a shadow of a doubt, the United Kingdom is under great threat, and in fact it is already being stressed by the ideology of Islam and its followers. Britain is also being stressed by the actions of those who, under the guise of policies promoting ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’, are acting as Quislings for Islam.

Just take a look at three random stories concerning Islamic problems in the United Kingdom and you may get just an inkling about what the ordinary person is facing. Unlike any other group of people who have made the United Kingdom their home, Muslims are almost uniquely extremely problematical. Every group that’s come here has had wrong ‘uns contained within them, that’s natural, it’s part of the human condition, not every member of every group is a good person, but Muslims seem to engage in some of the most bestial crimes in the most enormous levels.

First there’s this story about Somali Muslims accused of exploiting children and young women

YOUNG girls were abused, raped and trafficked for sex by seven Somali men, a court has heard.

Some of the alleged victims were as young as 12 and were forced into sexual abuse that was “degrading, violent and horrible” in inner city Bristol.

The Sun newspaper 26th September 2016

or this case from Sunderland where more Muslims are accused of spiking a woman’s drink before brutally raping her.

…The 26-year-old from Sunderland says she woke up in a stranger’s house with cuts and bruises and believes her drink was drugged on a night out before she was sexually assaulted. 

The men are all said to be migrants from Syria, Iraq and Bahrain. 

Daily Express newspaper 26th September 2016

It is doubtful that these migrants are anything other than Muslims.

Then there’s the case of another Islamic rapist who managed to evade justice for ten years before he was finally caught and sentenced to 13 years for his part in a gang rape

Rashid Abdilah Jama, aged 39, was today (Monday 26 September) sentenced to 13 and a half years which will be extended for three years on licence at Birmingham Crown Court for raping a woman in Alum Rock in 2005.

Jama, together with a number of other men, had originally been arrested in November 2005 by officers investigating a gang rape attack on a woman at a house in Bowyer Road.

The woman, aged 35 at the time, had gone back to the address with a friend, where she had been attacked multiple times by a number of men over a prolonged period. Her friend managed to escape and raise the alarm by calling police.

Due to complex forensic enquiries, the men arrested were bailed by police while investigations took place, during which time Jama fled and failed to answer his bail.

Two other men were charged and convicted of rape in 2008 following the attack- Yusuf Jama was convicted and jailed for life, while Jamal Yusuf was convicted of rape in 2008 and jailed for ten years.

Meanwhile detectives continued to follow a trail for Rashid Jama, following up leads and making enquiries across the country and abroad. 

In October 2015, he was arrested in Sweden and detectives had him extradited to England to face charges.

West Midlands Police press release 26th September 2016

These are just three random Islam related sexual offence cases from September 2016. There are many, many more should you care to look. It’s not hyperbole to say that Britain is suffering an epidemic of Islamic sex crime.

But it’s not just Islamic sex criminals who are stressing the majority UK population. There’s the electoral corruption that goes on and is rampant in Islamic communities which degrades our democracy and robs others, mostly non-Muslims of their rights. Muslims are also to be found over-represented in fraud cases, street violence, and incidents of aggressive behaviour such as praying in the street in an intimidatory manner. Then there’s the dishonesty that comes from Muslims and from Islamic organisations such as Tell Mama or the Muslim Council of Britain and others. Finally there is the ever present threat of Islamic terror. On top of the problems that we are having with Muslims themselves, Britons are also having to deal with Quislings who pander to Islam’s demands at every turn and who promote Islam even when even the most dense of people can see that Islam and liberal attitudes to such things as LGBT rights or religious freedom are completely opposed to one another.

We have two enemies at the present time, the Muslims themselves and the non-Muslim Quislings who promote Islam and lie about it, which includes lying about the nature of Islam to our children. There are also far too many British police forces who make outrageous concessions to Islam such as amendments to uniform rules and providing ‘reassurance patrols’ in Muslim areas. These patrols are put on whenever a Muslim has been caught out in a terror plot in order that the police can defend the Muslim community from which the terrorist came, from justifiable public opprobrium. It should be noted that such patrols are not put on in areas where non-Muslims live when Muslims rape non-Muslim children, or commit other appalling crimes.

Our justice system is, like the police, infested with apologists for Islam and by the political correctness which Islamic groups and activists use to push an Islamic agenda. This has resulted in some appalling miscarriages of justice in the form of overly lenient sentences for Muslim offenders. For example: Six years for a the rape of a child is not long enough and many would suspect that a non-Muslim who committed a similar type of offence would get a sentence approaching 8 years or more. The justice system and especially the state prosecutor, the Crown Prosecution Service has also been infiltrated by some pretty questionable individuals, most notably organisations such as Tell Mama and its founder Fiyaz Mughal. Mughal even seems to be using the Crown Prosecution Service to pursue petty personal vendettas, such as the one he seems to have against the Liberty GB Party candidate Tim Burton.

Taken as a whole, and taking into account that the examples I’ve given above are only a small selection of incidents and actions, this illustrates there is a far greater problem of Islam in the United Kingdom. Many would agree with me, after seeing these examples and others that they may themselves have seen, that Britain is under severe stress from Islam and its followers. That stress, as it may well be imagined is causing anger.

At present this anger is a slow burning, grumbling sort of anger, expressed quietly between friends family and trusted acquaintances. More overtly I’ve noticed a greater willingness for people to take to social media to criticise Islam, mock its theology and culture, along with voicing disgust and revulsion at some of the things that Islam has brought to the UK. This includes, but is not limited to such things as FGM, women encased in mobile canvas prisons, Islamic crime, the disruption caused by the presence of mosques, hatred for Christians and Jews and the Islamic penchant for terror. Britons are doing this in spite of living in a country where there is no longer a guarantee of free speech and where any ‘offended’ Muslim can complain about their ‘faith’ being criticised and cause police to take an interest in those who utter the, often highly accurate words of offence.

In the UK we have a populace that is getting increasingly angry at the presence of Islam and angry at those who should know better, who appease it or worse facilitate it. We have the dual problem of the Muslims themselves and the trouble they cause (a surprisingly large amount of trouble bearing in mind the relatively small size of the population) and Quislings in our governmental, administrative and security systems. Such Quislings pander to Islam to such an extent that if this was France in mid 1945, they would be on street corners having their heads shaved by the Resistance for acts of collaboration with the enemy. ‘Collaborators’ and ‘Quislings’ are really the only appropriate words for such people.

Currently, this anger is a seething anger and expressed in mostly peaceful ways but this could quite easily change. I’ve often warned on here that failure by the State to deal effectively with the enemy ideology Islam, is likely to benefit only the hotheads who see no chance of success by using legal and political routes to solving our current problems with Islam. Such hotheads will chose violence to stop their areas becoming Islamised, or to punish Muslims who commit crimes and are likely to get derisory or unduly lenient sentences if brought before a court. Personally I’d prefer a legal and political route taken to solve Britain’s problems with Islam, but I’m realistic enough and worldly-wise enough to understand that this may not happen. I’ve changed my views about Islam a lot over the last 20 years. I’ve gone from someone who would, without doubt, have said that Muslims have the same rights as everyone else, to someone who sees Islam and its followers as something that needs to be both controlled and if possible removed where necessary. Others have also made this attitudinal journey and have come to see Islam not as one of many religions that exist peacefully side by side in the UK, but as a monstrous cancer eating away at the rights of everyone else.

In the UK we may well be on the verge of some form of civil strife because of Islam and the State’s failure to deal with it in an appropriate manner. There may also come a time when the State finds that it is unable to bully the few people who speak out about Islam because the anger has spread, eyes have been opened and a far greater number of people refuse to believe the ‘religion of peace’ bullshit that entities, such as the BBC, pump out on a daily basis.

Although, and I must stress this most strongly, a peaceful, legal and political solution to the troubles that Islam has brought to the UK would be preferable to me, I do see trouble and serious trouble at that on the horizon. I’d like to ask my readers a question and that question is this: How close do you think that non-Muslim British citizens are to the point of dealing with Islam in the words of Malcom X and Jean Paul Sartre, ‘by any means necessary‘? I fear that this point is much closer than I would like, within ten years in my opinion if not less, and I’m saddened and troubled that things have come to this situation. The scenario I fear is this: Firstly that there is a critical mass of individuals who have been maddened into violence against Islam, by Islam. Maybe their daughters have been raped or they’ve been forced out of the towns and cities that their families have lived in for generations and the prospect of a mosque being dumped on their new town, with the assistance of Quislings, enrages them. These stressed and maddened individuals then attack Muslim individuals or Islamic property. The state then comes down hard on the perpetrators but it doesn’t have the desired effect. What if those who do such acts get to be classed as heroes by other anti-Islam Britons and others are inspired to emulate them? What if a State crack down on anti-Muslim activity, even violent activity, doesn’t work, after all some may say ‘the state cannot jail us all’? There is also the possibility that such actions will further open people’s eyes not only to the problems of Islam, but also to the level of State collaboration with the enemy. This will further divorce the citizen from the State as it will be seen as ‘not on our side’.

The scenario that I paint is not one that I wish to come to pass, since it will fracture British society for many generations. The fighting and bloodshed will be bad enough, but the people will end up dividing themselves into ‘patriots’ and ‘collaborators’. Just as with ‘The Anarchy’ that occurred in the 12th century or the aftermath of the Civil War, such divisions will poison not just our children’s futures but that of future generations as well and will rob the nation of much that is true and good. It would be much better for there to be a government that listened to the people on the subject of Islam rather than to ‘cock a deaf ‘un’ to people’s concerns and risk future strife.


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  1. The only signs of htings changing for the better is the increasingly frequent outspoken remarks of the Eastern European leaders to call out the obvious problems that mass Muslim immigration brings. This in turn may embolden our western leaders to finally start calling a spade a spade, especially if they see how Merkels lunatic way of dealing with Islam is going down in Germany…. Even Sarkosy has publicly said that discussing negative aspects of immigration and respecting your own culture does not make you a racist.
    The obvious appeal of the “right wing” to many normal people may push mainstream politicans into shifting right..
    First excise the cancer of political correctness, then we can effectively deal with Islam.

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