British Neville Chamberlain Award for September 2016 – West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson sees nothing wrong in police officers wearing burkhas.


Britons are sadly getting all too used to police officers who pander to Islam. There seems to be no indignity or idiocy that British police officers will not countenance when it comes to appeasing the followers of the savage ideology of Islam. Whether it’s hiding Islamic rapes as in the case of South Yorkshire Police or classing as ‘no crime committed’ attacks on women in East London by the Met police, there’s no limit to how far our police officers will crawl up the arses of Muslims.

But in a cavalcade of treasonous police officers and forces there is one force that stands out as an exemplar of the type of disgusting and dangerous appeasement of Islam that puts us all in danger and that force is West Midlands Police. This blog has published quite a few stories about the sort of Islamopandering that goes on in the West Midlands force but today’s example of this force pandering to Muslims really shows how far down West Midlands Police has sunk.

Under the former Chief Constable of West Midlands, Chris Sims, the force got a terrible reputation for pandering to Muslims and in some cases even allowing certain ‘communities’, most notably Muslims, to ‘police themselves’, something that never should have been allowed to happen. When Chief Constable Sims left his post and a new Chief Constable Dave Thompson took over, many people expected to clean house and deal with the problem of Islamopandering that exists in the West Midlands Police force. Sadly we’ve all been let down by this new Chief Constable and Thompson has turned out to be just as enthusiastic about pandering to Muslims as was his little lamented predecessor Chris Sims.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson of West Midlands Police or the 'Burkha Berk' as he should be known.

Chief Constable Dave Thompson of West Midlands Police or the ‘Burkha Berk’ as he should be known.

In a spectacular incident of treasonous knobwittery, Chief Constable Thompson said that he was open to the idea that female Muslim police officers should be allowed to wear burkhas. This is taking the idea of cultural sensitivity, which is one thing, into it’s most illogical and dangerous conclusion.

Here’s the left of centre Independent news website which covered the story of Chief Constable Dave Thompson’s abject surrender to the Islamic death cult. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Independent said:

One of Britain’s largest police forces is considering allowing Muslim officers to wear the burka while on duty in an effort to boost diversity.

Disgusting appeasement there’s no other way to describe this. This is not ‘diversity’ this is surrender to a death cult.

West Midlands Police Chief Constable, David Thompson, said the force would not rule out allowing female officers to wear the outfit which includes a long flowing outer garment from head to toe and an Islamic veil, or niqab, that covers all facial features except the eyes.

To even put the idea of police officers wearing burkhas on the table shows that Chief Constable Dave Thompson is the sort of police officer who gives the police a very bad name. He’s also one of those officers who are probably more likely to be found licking the arses of local Imams instead of behind his desk at West Midlands Police headquarters.

One female officer currently being trained by the force reportedly already wears a hijab, a headscarf that covers the hair and neck.

But West Midlands Police said no officer has yet applied to wear a burka.

At a recent meeting during which diversity in the force was discussed, Chief Constable Thompson refused to rule out allowing female officers to wear the controversial veil.

Dave Thompson is a prime example of the sort of disgusting Britain hating individual who since the late 1990’s has been a fixture among senior British police officers. He is a law graduate who joined Greater Manchester Police in 1990’s (another force that has been implicated in the cover up of and inaction against Islamic Rape Gangs) as a police constable and rapidly rose up the ranks, mostly during the time of the Blair/Brown governments. Another frightening aspect of Thompson’s biography is the fact that he was appointed in 2010 to review counter terror procedures. An appeaser like this should never be placed in the position where he can influence the policies formulated to oppose and counter Islamic terror.

He said: “We would need to consider our own rules and cultural sensitivity. Clearly we don’t have any barriers relating to that (the burka).

Sensible or moderate ‘cultural sensitivity’ towards those of religions that are compatible with the culture of the UK is one thing, but allowing police officers to wear a burkha a garment that represents Islam which is incompatible with British society, is blatant appeasement of Islam. There are differences between cultural sensitivity and appeasement and allowing burkha wearing police officers goes way way beyond anything that could reasonably be described as ‘cultural sensitivity’.

As it stands we have not had any approaches from potential recruits asking to wear the burka, but if such an approach was made it is something we would have to consider.

Serving the people of the West Midlands is at the heart of what we do and I would need to carefully consider anything that could be seen as standing in the way of that relationship.”

Chief Constable Dave Thompson is unfit for office and his favouring of the idea of burkha-clad police officers will raise many questions about his policies and his personal probity. One question that will most definitely be asked is just who is Chief Constable Thompson actually serving, because from my position and that of others of a similar view, Chief Constable Thompson looks like he’s primarily interested in serving Muslims and Muslims alone and to hell with everyone else.

Because of this appalling statement by the ‘Burkha Burk‘ Chief Constable Dave Thompson and his willingness to crawl up Islamic backsides, I have no hesitation in awarding Chief Constable Thompson with the September 2016 British Neville Chamberlain Award for appeasement of Islam.

Here’s Chief Constable Thompson’s ‘Neville’ Certificate appeasement and treachery.






If you are as disgusted as I and many others are by Chief Constable Thompson’s debauchery of his office and his policing role then you may wish to contact Thompson directly and tell him so. You may even want to send him a copy of the ‘Neville Certificate’ in order to emphasise your disgust at his actions. Here is a link to a printable pdf document of the certificate above.  september-neville-certificate

If you do contact Chief Constable Thompson then of course keep your communications with him legal, decent, honest, truthful and of course non-threatening, but do make sure you register your disgust at Chief Constable Thompson’s actions he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this without a significant degree of opprobrium from the public at large.


Chief Constable Thompson can be contacted via the methods below:

Postal address:

Chief Constable Dave Thompson QPM LLB (Hons)

Police Headquarters
West Midlands Police
Lloyd House
Colmore Circus
B4 6NQ


There are two email addresses that you can use. One is the normal ‘contact’ address and the other is one that might get to Chief Constable Thompson. Obviously if you are communicating with Chief Constable Thompson then of course take the appropriate security procedures to avoid being too easily traced.

Here’s the ‘general’ one

Here is one that may just be one that is more ‘target specific’



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