Another mosque being imposed where it is not wanted, this time at Altrincham, Cheshire.


Apparently Muslims are trying to impose, possibly with the connivance of the local authority a mosque in Timperley  near Altrincham in Cheshire in the North West of England. The Altrincham Muslim Association are planning what campaigners against this latest ‘mosque-strosity’ are calling a ‘massive development’ which will rob the area of precious greenbelt land. Local people opposed to the mosque are also quite rightly concerned about the security problems that this mosque will bring along with greatly increased traffic problems.

There is precious little detail about this planned Islamic monstrosity from the website of the Altrincham Muslim Association (surprise, surprise) but local press is covering this story and the proposed mosque looks very worrying indeed. It’s going to be a huge and dominating 20,000 square foot monstrosity that will bring zero benefit to the people of the area and will without doubt bring huge problems.

Here’s the local press report from the Altrincham Today website. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Altrincham Today said:

Plans for a 20,000 sq ft Islamic Community Centre on Green Belt land in Timperley are set to be submitted to Trafford Council.

Another ‘terrorism, sedition and paedophilia centre’ that is much unwanted by the local people. Note well that the ‘mosque-e-teers are trying to play the ‘community centre’ game in order to disguse what this building really will be which is a mosque.

The Altrincham Muslim Association (AMA) has told members that after “several years of discussion and consultation” with Trafford, a detailed planning application will be submitted “soon”.

I’d love to know what form these ‘discussions and consultations’ with Trafford council entailed? Were there bribes, threats, lies or promises of the whipped mosque vote by the AMA made for assenting councillors involved? I wouldn’t like to say but there are sometimes very murky dealings in the UK between councillors, council officers and mosque promoters.

The “simple and elegant structure” would be located on Green Belt fields off Thorley Lane, close to the World Of Water Aquatic Centre.

‘Simple and elegant’ my arse. It will be yet another unwanted and dominant Islamic excresence.

An AMA newsletter said: “The inspiration for the project was to conceive and capture a simple and elegant structure that would sit quietly in the landscape and would encourage contemplation and reflection.”

There are lies, damned lies and the guff put out by mosque promoters to make their plans seem not so horrible. This statement appears to be one of them.

It says the two-storey development would “complement its rural content” and resemble a “Pavilion in the Park”.

The centre would include two main community/prayer halls over two floors, a “garden of contemplation”, a cafe and gallery space

The Altrincham Muslim Association currently operates from the Islamic Cultural Centre on Grove Lane in Hale, having bought the former St David’s Church in 2003.

Any planning application relating to the scheme has not yet appeared on Trafford’s online planning application portal.

It wouldn’t surprise me if pro-Islam councillors and officers on Trafford Council may try to move this case through the planning process as quietly as they dare.

An illustration of what this unwanted mosque will look like

An illustration of what this unwanted mosque will look like

Two years ago, Trafford’s planning department refused an application to build a detached bungalow on a site on the junction of Thorley Lane and Wood Lane, not far from the proposed location for the Islamic centre.

In its decision notice outlining the reasons for the refusal, head of planning Rob Haslam said the development was “located within the Green Belt where there is a presumption against inappropriate development and where development will only be allowed if it is for an appropriate purpose or where very special circumstances can be demonstrated”.

He added that the proposed development “would harm the openness and character of the Green Belt and would be detrimental to the visual amenities of the area”.

So if a small bungalow is considered as inappropriate how much more inappropriate would be this mosque? Something really smells bad about this application and how it seems to be being handled behind the scenes by the local authority.

Quite rightly the local people are up in arms about this proposed monstrosity and the effect it will have on the area. Posters have started springing up warning people about the plans and the negative effects, including security effects, that the mosque will have on the area.

Poster that has been put up by campaigners against the new mosque in Altrincham

Poster that has been put up by campaigners against the new mosque in Altrincham

As well as informing people about what these mosque-e-teers are planning this poster has also managed to get up the noses of the mendacious grievance mongering liars of the Tell Mama organisation, who have had a fit of the vapours over the idea that people may not want a mosque screwing up their area. Therefore the posters have served too good purposes, they’ve informed people of things that their local council may not want them to know too much about, and they’ve wound up the dishonest grievance mongers of Tell Mama, well done. People are quite right to be worried about security and I see nothing wrong with those campaigning against this mosque imposition in pointing the potential security problems out to local residents.

The people campaigning against this mosque know that it will bring no benefit to local residents and they are quite rightly fighting against this imposition. Any of those in the area who are concerned both about these plans and possible shenanigans about them involving the local councils should get behind the anti-mosque campaign. If they do not then there is a fair chance that this mosque will bring similar sorts of trouble and ruination that other mosques have brought to towns and cities elsewhere in the UK.


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