More presumably Muslim terror in Brussels.

Schaerbeek, Brussels Belgium


The Belgian capital of Brussels is suffering immensely from the effects of Islamic terror. The Belgians are also paying the price for being so tolerant of an Islamic ideology that has made it very clear that it wants the rest of us either dead or enslaved.

In Brussels today an attack occurred which the police are saying was ‘terrorist related’ and is most likely to be one carried out by Muslims who have a reputation for going on ‘stabbing sprees for Allah’.

The UK radio station LBC said:

Two police officers in Brussels have been stabbed in a suspected terrorist attack, Belgian prosecutors have said.

According to reports, the knife-wielding man stabbed one officer in the neck and another in the stomach in the city’s Schaerbeek area.

He fled the scene before being stopped by a second group of officers. 

He broke the nose of a third policeman, who shot the man in the leg. 

Police said the officers, who were wearing plain clothes, did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Eric Van Der Sypt, a spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office said: “We have reason to believe the incident was a terrorist attack.”

Belgium has been on high alert after bombings in March killed 32 people at the city’s airport and subway.

I wonder if the Islamic war cry of ‘Allah hu Akbar’ was shouted by the savage during this attack? I would not bet against this being the case. In fact I would not be surprised at all to find out that the ‘reason to believe’ that the attack was terrorist related was either the demographics of the perpetrator or the fact that ‘Allah hu Akbar’ was shouted out during the attack. Although not all Muslims are terrorists, it is becoming apparent that the vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims.

This latest assault on Belgian citizens shows the utter folly of civilised nations treating the followers of Islam as members of ‘just another religion’. Islam isn’t ‘just another religion’, it never has been and until it undergoes root and branch reform to bring it into line with other religions and the modern world, it never will be. Islam is savagery and the Belgians, just like other European nations, are beginning to painfully find this fact out.


Original story from LBC radio