A declaration of war against the rest of us?

The Walthamstow hate Mosque Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania where the death to apostates pamphlet was handed out


The news that a group has been handing out pamphlets at an East London mosque, calling for those who offend or blaspheme against Islam to be killed, should worry us all. It should especially worry us when this sort of thing is happening in the United Kingdom. We expect these sort of calls for the death of blasphemers to happen in the savage lands that Islam hails from or has conquered, but it should not be happening here. Although this pamphlet is aimed at Muslims who commit what could be seen as blasphemy, we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that there are not Muslims out there who’d extend this call for death to anyone else who insulted, or rather, accurately described Islam.

In a way, the act of calling for the deaths of those who criticise or mock or blaspheme against Islam is a declaration of war against all of us, our nation and most of all our values. This sort of statement marks all of us for death, since these calls can easily be interpreted by Muslims to mean anybody, not just those from within Islam, who reject Islam. Calling for the deaths of those who criticise Islamic ideology and encouraging reverence for those who murder disbelievers, should not be tolerated, not by the state and not by any of us. In addition, this is in print and was distributed in a very public way. This is not the action of a religious minority, this is the action of a group of thuggish political fifth columnists. Here’s the Daily Mail report on this very worrying story. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Mail is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Daily Mail said:

Extremist leaflet s ordering Muslims to kill those who offend Islam were handed out outside an east London mosque.

Although this is being touted as a new and shocking development, showing how alien and troublesome Islam can be, I doubt whether this is the first time that literature calling for the deaths of heterodox Muslims or unbelievers has been circulated round a British mosque.

Metropolitan police is launching an investigation into hate crime after worshippers were given the booklets during a gathering by the Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania mosque in Walthamstow.

I doubt whether either the Metropolitan Police nor the CPS will do anything meaningful about this or any other incident of Islamic incitement to violence. Both these entities have been heavily penetrated by representatives of various Islamic groups and Islamopandering of varying degrees is sadly the rule, rather than the exception, within them. I suspect that this case will be quietly dropped when the fuss dies down and the police can get back to the political rimming of various Islamic ‘community leaders’, which sadly seems to be their speciality these days.

It has been claimed that Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani was responsible for distributing the literature, because his name appears on the front cover, although he has strongly denied this, reports the Evening Standard.

Mr Jilani is imam at the mosque and owns the place of worship.

Does anyone truly believe this denial from this Jilani character? I don’t. After all he owns and works at the mosque and must have extensive contact with those who work and worship there, surely he or those close to him had some inkling of what this pamphlet may contain and that it was being published? This denial seems all too convenient to me and many people will suspect that this denial is all so much taqiyya or lying for Islam.

Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani the Imam of the Walthamstow hate mosque. He's denied any involvement in the death threats but this could be complete bullshit taqiyya. Would you buy a used car from this man?  I would not.

Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani the Imam of the Walthamstow hate mosque. He’s denied any involvement in the death threats but this could be complete bullshit taqiyya. Would you buy a used car from this man? I would not.














It has been reported that the booklet was given out to more than 100 people and focused on fanatic Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer in 2011.

That’s a lot of people getting this pamphlet, especially as it’s alleged to be ‘unauthorised’. You’d think an unauthorised pamphlet like this would be stopped far earlier. Also another question, which is how many other times has this or similar pamphlets been given out and it has not become public knowledge? I would not be surprised to find that this may not be the first time such a pamphlet has been handed out.

Qadri was serving as Taseer’s bodyguard when he shot him 27 times with an AK-47 rifle, in Islamabad.

It is believed that he assassinated the politician because he had dared to speak out against the country’s blasphemy laws as part of reform of the country’s strict Islamic laws.

This is typical of what goes on in Islamic societies, not just Pakistan. We have a situation here where someone in politics tries to make a place like Pakistan very slightly less of an oppressive shithole and they get murdered for it.

The booklet says ‘all Muslims’ should support Qadri and that being an apostate, someone who does not believe in religion, means you ‘deserve to be assassinated’.

That threat doesn’t just apply to those who leave Islam, that applies to all of us no matter who we are, this pamphlet marks us for death.

One worshipper who received the leaflet told the Standard: ‘Two or three people delivered the leaflet. Unfortunately, I am shocked. I think it gives a bad impression. 

Good man (or woman, it’s not made clear)! At least you recognise that the sentiments are wrong. Unfortunately they are deluded if they think that it’s only this pamphlet that gives a bad impression of Islam. I think Islam gets a bad image for all the raping and killing and oppressing that its followers do in diverse places in the world. The pamphlet is only the tip of a very large iceberg of reasons why Islam is disliked.

‘Islam teaches when you live here you obey the law and the rule of law, but this is not doing that.’

A teaching that is increasingly seen to be one of those that are more often than not breached, rather than observed. It also may be yet more taqiyya.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘We will be assessing the contents of these leafletss to establish whether any criminal offence has taken place.

Empty words from Scotland Yard. Although they should be pursuing this, as it could be taken as a credible threat to kill, I doubt they will. In order to preserve ‘community cohesion’ the police will probably drop this case and sweep it under the carpet, something they do all too often.

‘We are committed to tackling hate crime in all its forms and have long since recognised the impact of hate crime on communities.’

Yet more empty words. They do very little about incitement to violence by Muslims. They dragged their feet over the anti gay posters in Tower Hamlets, for which the offender got a slap on the wrist. They turn a blind eye to Islamic anti-Semitism. Met officers allegedly dropped a complaint by a woman in Walthamstow who said she had been harassed by Muslim men and, of course, nothing was done when preachers at the East London mosque in Whitechapel hold sermons ranting about the ‘evils of the Jews’. I’m afraid I have very little confidence that either the Met or the CPS will do anything about this pamphlet. It seems that in Britain today we have a situation where incitement to violence is illegal, except when a Muslim does it.

Mr Jilani said that he had no knowledge of the booklet being distributed.

He also said he did not give permission for his face to be used on the front, that it has been falsely attributed to him and that he does not agree with its content.

Mr Jilani told the Standard: ‘I am not aware of if, why or how, the booklet was distributed in Dar-ul-Uloom Qadria Jilania.’

Seriously, can you put your hand on your heart and say that you believe him? I find I cannot. The denial looks too ‘off pat’ and polished for one thing and secondly anybody who has been around the counterjihad scene for even a little while, will have come across the concept of lying to non Muslims to protect or promote Islam or Islamic institutions. It could be that this is yet more taqqiya from a mosque which has been exposed teaching or allowing to be promoted a core ‘value’ in Islam, which is that those who are apostates from Islam deserve to be murdered.

This case, where naked Islam has been exposed for all the world to see, shows us just why Islam is a clear and present danger to our rights to speak about ideas freely. This is an example of Islam and its followers publicly rising up in order to command to kill, and it begs the question, what are we going to do about that threat to kill non Muslims and ex-Muslims? I’m afraid, for the reasons I gave earlier, that we can’t leave this matter to the police. We should take all necessary legal steps to protect ourselves and to make others aware that Islam wants you dead if you don’t like Islam.

This mosque and it’s allegedly unauthorised pamphlet has upped the ante, it’s a gauntlet thrown down to the rest of us. It’s a declaration of war by Islam on our freedom to reject Islam, for being the retarded ideology that incidents like the publication of this pamphlet, show it really is. Unfortunately, all that pamphlets and other Islamic literature of this type achieve, is to feed the beliefs of those who look at Islam and perceive that it’s ‘kill them or be killed by them’ time. These sort of inflammatory communications from Muslims damage the very ‘community cohesion’ platitudes that Islamic community leaders often mouth. If nothing else, this pamphlet, and the questionable and mealy mouthed response to it by the Imam, leaves us with more questions than answers about what is going on in this mosque. This incident has also shown people, including those who still cling on to the ‘religion of peace’ fantasy, the true, ugly and violent face of Islam.



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  1. The police are apparently more worried by the “racist” attack in the Islamic Republic of Haringey, Londonistan where one of the chosen had her scarf pulled off by two white males. Unusually for a “racist” attack, full descriptions have been provided because of course only white people are capable of racism etc. Unlike those crazy “mentally ill, Norwegians”.

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