Video – It appears that some Britons are correct to fear the influx of ‘Syrian children’.

Faith Goldy of Rebel Media


The idiot middle class Left, along with the ‘holy fools’ of various religious organisations, have been campaigning tirelessly for the UK to import what they call Syrian ‘children’ and also ‘children’ from the Jungle camp in Calais. They’ve appeared on our televisions and in our newspapers spouting off about how we in the UK have a moral duty to take in these ‘children’. They seem to have given no thought whatsoever about what will happen to our British children in our schools, should these ‘children’ be brought in.

Unfortunately the prospects for our children’s safety and security, should these Syrians and other Muslim migrants be brought in, does not look good. To back up this claim that these migrants will not bring anything good, we have to look elsewhere in the world to see what has happened once these Syrians have been brought into ordinary schools. Let’s take Canada for example. In Canada schools seem to be at breaking point because of the injection of these Syrians. Schools there are reporting violence, bullying, religious conflict, death threats and intimidation from quite young Syrian children, along with the problem of adult men posing as children being placed in classrooms. All the problems that they are reporting, which have been exposed by journalists by the use of freedom of information requests, were virtually non-existent or at normal levels in these schools prior to the imposition of Syrian children.

The Rebel Media journalist Faith Goldy has produced a remarkable but worrying set of videos showing just how bad things are in Canadian schools, following the Canadian government’s decision to allow in hordes of Syrian ‘refugees’. The influx has turned schools into undisciplined battlegrounds, which has brought vastly increased risks of sexual predation, violence and bullying into the lives of Canadian children.

Sadly I don’t think the Canadian situation is at all unique, because these problems are often religiously and culturally driven. Therefore when Syrian children are settled in British schools, it’s possible that the same culture of violence, intimidation and sexual predation caused by the Syrians in Canada will end up afflicting our children as well. Those who have campaigned for the entry of these ‘Syrian refugees’ into Canada have, by their actions, directly put the lives and security of Canadian children at risk of harm. Similarly those who have shouted very loudly that we should ‘let the children in’, or who have made disgustingly dishonest false comparisons with the children who came to Britain on the Kindertransport, will bring danger to our children in the UK.

I watched the videos below recently and I was absolutely horrified to see how bad things have got in Canadian schools, because of the decision to put these Syrian ‘children’ into schools with normal children. These videos are an eye-opener and are carrying a story that much of the mainstream media in Canada is refusing to run. Instead of telling the truth about what is happening in Canadian schools, the mainstream media is putting up pro-migrant puff pieces about how well the Syrians are settling in. The reality of the situation, as opposed to the fantasy that the Left and mainstream media are peddling, is that putting these Syrians in Canadian schools is putting both the children and the staff at these schools in dire peril.

I fear that when the Syrians and the ‘children’ from the Jungle camp in Calais reach British schools then our children will be at similar risk of harm to that in which Canadian children have been placed. This story is one of how a naïve adherence to the concept of multiculturalism can have dire and dreadful effects on the most innocent and vulnerable in our society, namely our children. As usual, it is most likely to be normal working class communities which will have to bear the brunt of the sexual predation, violence and intimidation that these Syrians may bring. As is also all too usual, I would guess that those who have campaigned for the entry of these troublesome and sometimes savage Syrians will be insulated from the trouble they will cause, mostly because their children probably go to either private schools or to schools in the sort of areas which will not be afflicted by these Syrians. The children of those who have said ‘refugees’ welcome’ will probably never have to live in the sort of violent and fearful school environment that these Syrians will create. It’s the children of the rest of us who will pay the terrible price for the virtue signalling of the middle class left and by naïve religious figures.

The experience that Canada has had with these Syrians should worry every parent in the UK because what has happened in Canada is very likely to happen here when groups of Syrian ‘children’ are dumped on British schools. We should all be vigilant about the possibility of Syrians being placed in our schools because the presence of these Syrians could be a threat to the safety and well-being of our children. We should also take whatever action we can to protect our children, should these Syrians be placed in our children’s schools and should they cause the sort of trouble that they have caused in Canadian schools.

We need to do this because if there is one thing we can learn from the Canadian experience, it is that we can’t trust the schools to protect our children. Schools, not just in Canada but also in the UK, are mired in a culture of political correctness and overseen by an educational establishment that is left-leaning and heavily politicised. It is very likely that in any conflict between the Syrians and our children, teachers and others in the schools and the educational establishment are likely to either side with the Syrians or make lame excuses for their behaviour. Therefore we need to take responsibility for our children’s safety ourselves as concerned parents and not leave it up to the schools. If Canada’s experience is anything to go by, then British schools and British children are in for a rough time.

Please click on the links below for these truly disturbing videos of the problems which the Syrians are causing in Canadian schools. They are placed roughly in order with part one at the top of the list

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  1. I think that this may be the last straw.

    • Fahrenheit211 | October 19, 2016 at 6:32 pm |

      Amdrew. you could well be correct. Many parents are going to quite rightly be up in arms in the UK about the sort of violence that these Syrians are bringing and also the fact that fake children will be being placed with real children and therefore endangering them. Many parents will quite rightly sadly assume that the school’s primary concern will be. good little leftists that they are, the Syrians and not our children. For me I think the last straw was the Home Office blatantly lying in British people’s faces and claiming that the adults that have been decanted from the Jungle camp to the UK are ‘children’ This is such an obviousl example of the government taking the piss that it is highly likely to produce both cynicism and conflict.

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