Let’s take a closer look at Ms Holly Kal-Weiss. She wants to rescue ‘refugees’. Even the ones that want you and I dead.

Holly Kal-Weiss who was stopped by UK border guards from taking aid to the invaders of the Calais Jungle camp.


Holly Kal-Weiss is the very model of a modern social justice warrior. She’s also a pretty stereotypical representative of the ‘refugees welcome’ type. This is why I’ve picked her to be the subject of this article. Many of the characteristics she displays are also displayed by others involved in the dubious ‘refugees welcome’ movement. In my experience, it doesn’t matter whether the ‘refugees welcome’ wally is coming from a religious or a non-religious political background, if they are active in this field then they have a few things in common: woolly-headed thinking, herd mentality and rabid commitment to a very questionable cause.

I’d just like to add that Ms Kal-Weiss may be a pleasant person, kind to animals and good with children and all that, but one thing is for certain and that is that the political views and actions expressed by and undertaken by Ms Kal-Weiss stink to high heaven. Her actions have been in my view counter-productive and could play a part in endangering Britons in the future. Her views are incredibly naïve and justifiably unpopular. She has blatantly used emotional and emotive appeals to garner support for this classic example of a campaign that can be fairly described as ‘the compassion and justice of fools’. She is also a supporter of the open borders campaign by the leftist and increasingly Muslim-influenced group Citizens UK, an organisation that this blog has a lengthy article about, explaining who they are and why Citizens UK should not be trusted. This article can be found in two parts here and here.

An issue that personally concerns me is also that the actions of Ms Kal-Weiss, and her public association with a synagogue, have the potential to tarnish the image of the British Jewish community as a whole. Her actions disgust non-Orthodox Jews of the political Right such as myself and may give the false but dangerous impression to some non-Jews, that all Jews are gung-ho about opening Britain’s borders up to these dangerous invaders. I can assure all my readers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, that this is not the case.

I first encountered Holly Kal-Weiss, or at least became aware of her when she managed to get herself stopped from taking supplies to the invaders (I refuse to call them ‘refugees’ as decent genuine refugees should not be conflated with the scum of Calais) resident in the Jungle camp in Calais. According to a London-based newspaper, The Jewish News, the border staff at Folkstone prevented Ms Kal-Weiss, who was driving a car load of aid donated to the invaders in the Jungle camp, from boarding a Euro tunnel train. She then travelled to Dover and tried to board a ferry but was also stopped from travelling. She was stopped, quite rightly in my view, by border staff on the instructions of the French authorities as a danger to the public order and internal security of France. This naïve and foolish person seems to be good at persuading kind people to donate aid to what are in reality a bunch of violent thugs, ponces and jihadists, but who are convincing the likes of Ms Kal-Weiss that they are needy refugees.

Here’s the Jewish News article in question. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Jewish News is in italics whereas this blog’s text is in plain text.

The Jewish News said:

Jewish special needs teacher has been prevented from delivering aid collected by Jewish donors to migrants in Calais.

Some may think that when it comes to the matter of the truth about the nature of the Calais Jungle camp residents the person in greatest need of special education here is Ms Kal-Weiss herself. Anyone with an ounce of common sense and the ability to undertake their own researches on this issue, or even those who have to travel back and forth through Calais for work, knows that the Calais camp is not full of desperate toddlers or peaceful people who are fleeing the immediate and deadly effects of war. I know that, you know that and the questions that this raises are why wasn’t Ms Kal-Weiss aware of it and if so why didn’t she divert her admirable sense of moral duty to something more worthwhile? If someone like the Rebel Media reporter Lauren Southern can do a random survey of the Camp and find few genuine ‘Syrians’ and that the bulk of the residents of the camp are economic migrant country shoppers then why couldn’t Ms Kal-Weiss do the same? I feel sorry for the people at Finchley Reform Synagogue and local schools, probably after being persuaded to do so by Ms Kal-Weiss and those of a similar ilk, who have contributed goods and money to what is in reality a most unworthy cause. Contributing to these fake ‘refugees’ in Calais is at best foolish, at worst it is an act which feeds those who, if they had the chance, would kill us.

Holly Kal-Weiss was turned away by border officials on Friday, with authorities claiming she is “a danger to public order or internal security.”

A sensible decision by the French authorities and the British border staff. The French police were trying to get to grips with a very dangerous and volatile situation viz a viz the Jungle camp. The very last thing that the French authorities needed at that time was either deluded ‘Lady Bountiful’s’ like Ms Kal-Weiss, violent ‘open borders’ activists or Leftist thugs posing as ‘aid workers’. The decision to exclude Ms Kal-Weiss from France at that time was in my view very justifiable.

She told Jewish News, she “was refused entry both at the Euro tunnel and at Dover and told by the British Police that I was most likely banned for the weekend so suggested I did not try again.”

It looks like this person was quite properly flagged up as a potential problem by the French security forces.

Kal-Weiss, 51 said the “only explanation given was that there was a ‘demonstration today’”, which prevented her from making her way across the channel to deliver aid including tents, sleeping bags and food.

Exactly! There was a major demonstration, probably a violent one involving far Left open borders activists along with violent migrants and by allowing in Ms Kal-Weiss the situation could quite conceivability have been inflamed. I’m pretty disgusted that she was taking food and shelter to a group of people who were showing themselves on a daily basis to be violent thugs and very much not the sort of person who any of us would like as a neighbour. I applaud the desire to do good, to be charitable and to do acts of tzdakah, but this impulse must be tempered by the use of a bit of good judgement. Sadly Ms Kal-Weiss and others who’ve got behind the ‘refugees welcome’ movement, have so often displayed a monstrous lack of such good judgement. If people want to help genuine refugees then the best way to do it is to send aid to the immediate area of the conflict not to campaign to bring such people to the UK and certainly not to feed and clothe the bunch of violent thugs who were resident at Calais and have now been spread around France, much to the chagrin of many rural French communities.

The aid, she told the paper, was collected by her synagogue Finchley Reform, Jewish primary schools Eden and Alma, and non-community groups like the Jamie Oliver Foundation.

As I said previously, I applaud the impulse to do good, but surely people could have found a better outlet for their altruism than the fake refugees of Calais? They could have helped genuine refugees in Africa or Asia. They could have donated stuff to a food bank in the UK. They could have, as to my knowledge at least one British synagogue did, adopt the veterans Mental Health charity Combat Stress as a chosen charity for one particular year. I also think that it’s sometimes right to help the desperate stranger in distress but we also need to make a judgement as to whether the particular desperate stranger in question is going to chop our heads off when they get back on their feet. I take the view that yes the Bible says: ‘Do not oppress the stranger because you were once strangers in the land of Egypt’ but I’m afraid that when the stranger is carrying a big stick or who belongs to a tribe that has a reputation for carrying big sticks and using them, then all bets are off.

Holly added that she has been to Calais at least a dozen times in the last year  without problem. “I have never broken the law and have never been banned or refused entry from any country ever. I am hardly a danger to anyone.”

Ms Kal-Weiss may state that she has never ‘broken the law’ but she has certainly come to the attention of the French authorities because of her hobnobbing round with the very people whom the French need to get rid of and whom their government and people must now regret were let in to the country in the first place.

Calling the refusal of her aid delivery “disgraceful”, the mother of two who teaches dyslexic children added that “I’m trying my best to help innocent people who have fled war.”

It’s not a ‘disgraceful’ refusal of an ‘aid package’ as Ms Kal-Weiss says, it’s the judicious interdiction of a person who is part of the reason why the Calais camp existed for so long. Those like Ms Kal-Weiss have helped to sustain and enhance the camp which has increased its viability and fed and clothed those who were indulging in near deadly attacks on British lorry drivers among others. She’s also very much mistaken in her statement that the residents of the Calais camp are ‘innocents’ who have fled war. The way the residents of the camp have behaved among one another and how they’ve behaved to British and other European citizens, does not scream ‘innocents’ to me nor to many others. They are also not refugees by any of the current definitions. For one they’ve crossed the borders of a number of safe countries in order to get to the Calais area. If they were genuinely in fear of their lives, and such people do exist, then they would have settled at an intermediate safe destination, kept their heads down, worked hard and done their best to both be and appear grateful for their lives. If they were genuine, proper refugees then they would not be attacking people, raping women in the camp nor would they be whining about not being able to get to the welfare nirvana of the United Kingdom.

Reading this story gives me the impression that Ms Holly Kal-Weiss has made a really poor choice of campaign in which to become involved. Furthermore it’s a dangerous as well as a foolish choice. What’s worse is that she’s managed to draw other people, good people many of whom may have come from refugee backgrounds themselves, along with other groups, into a plot to feed the dangerous individuals, many of whom are hell bent on coming to the UK and bringing their potential danger here.

There is a terrible and tragic irony about this particular case and about those involved in it. Neither Ms Kal-Weiss nor those who have been hoodwinked and persuaded, in good faith, into supplying aid to the Calais camp residents, seem to be aware that a large number of those whom they have been feeding come from cultures that are very obviously some of the most Jew-hating on earth. It’s right that synagogues should continue to help people in distress and help people in need but there needs to be an end to this foolish practise of this sort of ‘scatter-gun tzdakah‘ that could end up supporting or importing to the UK those who will one day behead Jews merely for being Jews.

Although this article concentrates on the foolishness of Ms Kal-Weiss, we need to remember that she is not alone. There are a large number, although thankfully not too huge a number I might add, of equally foolish people. Their backgrounds are various. Some come from the secular political Left, some like Ms Kal-Weiss come from a synagogue and others come from Church-based groups. Some others are merely what the entertainer Noel Coward once referred to as ‘excessive humanitarians’. However what they do have in common is an overbearing sense that they should ‘do good’ but by appalling judgement they end up doing bad by backing causes like ‘refugees welcome’. For such people it’s the act of doing good that matters but sadly this act is not tempered in any way by any considerations about whether what they are doing is correct, right, just or sensible. For the committed ‘refugees welcome’ activist, any questions about whether what they are doing could result in disaster is hardly, if ever, considered.



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I tried to politely engage with Holly Kal-Weiss on this issue but just like so many other Social Justice Warror types she has blocked me on Twitter. SJW’s really don’t like their views challenged. Colleagues who’ve seen her Twitter feed at @holly_kal tell me that it’s stuffed full of guff about the ‘poor refugees of Calais’ and shows zero consideration for those who may end up as victims of the ‘refugees’ that they are supporting. My colleague tells me that he was particularly tickled by the photograph below that Ms Kal-Weiss retweeted containing with the author of the Tweet described as ‘children’. I looked at the image and saw no ‘children’, just a bunch of thuggish looking, possibly dangerous Middle Eastern men aged I’d guess between late teens to late 20’s. It seems that these ‘refugees welcome ‘ types are now lying to themselves as well as to the rest of us about the nature of the people they are helping.

Some of the fake 'children' of Calais whose picture has appeared on the Twitter timeline of Ms Holly Kal-Weiss.

Some of the fake ‘children’ of Calais whose picture has appeared on the Twitter timeline of Ms Holly Kal-Weiss.

11 Comments on "Let’s take a closer look at Ms Holly Kal-Weiss. She wants to rescue ‘refugees’. Even the ones that want you and I dead."

  1. probably one of the Calais groupies who think their kind words to be true but they would rob her in an instant.Who does she think commits the rapes,sexual abuse,theft ect in these camps?The people who live there!

  2. “…may give the false but dangerous impression to some non-Jews, that all Jews are gung-ho about opening Britain’s borders up to these dangerous invaders.”

    I’m completely non-religious, and not from a Jewish background, but I’m very aware that Jews are near the top of the long list of people under threat from Islam.

    It’s difficult to imagine that anyone even half-sentient thinks that any more than a deluded handful of Jewish people would welcome an increase in the Muslim population.

  3. Nicole Davidoff | November 1, 2016 at 11:16 pm |

    Excellent article, as always. Sadly, I met a bunch of such deluded fools – who are, I hope, not a bad people but badly deluded and thus dangerous. I have to swap synagogues because of these “bleeding hearts” but my concern is that these people are trying to lead their misinformed congregations right into another – this time Islamic – Holocaust…

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 6, 2016 at 5:21 pm |

      Thank you for the compliment. Like you I’m also getting cheesed off with the naive bleeding hearts who are doing great wrongs even though they themselves think they are doing right.

  4. Some foolish Jews prefer Muslims to Christians believe it or not… That’s what they say. But would they go to a predominantly Muslim area wearing a kippah or would they cover it up just like the Chief Rabbi did when he visited a refugee camp?

    • Nicole Davidoff | November 2, 2016 at 12:58 pm |

      Doubt they would, seems like all these rapefugee “mitzvot” are for show only…otherwise how can that many people be THAT stupid?..

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 6, 2016 at 5:19 pm |

      I think the reality of the situaiton as excelently explained by Ben Shapiro in his video ‘why Jews vote leftist’ is that these Jews supportive of the Left and by extension things like the ‘refugees welcome’ movement are not really Jews at all but instead are leftists who are only Jewish by ethnic identity and are not connected to Judaism in any way. They use the lable Jew and the association with Judaism as a tool to push their left-wingery. They often have very little to do with observing the Mitzvot or commandments in any meaningful way or valuing the Torah or any other aspect of Judaism. As a non-Orthodox Jew myself I find the gobby minority of Jewish secular leftists, who’ve managed to gain influence in Britain’s Reform and Liberal Jewish movements, a serious embarrassment. As the Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro said ‘Judaism is inherently conservative’. These leftists try to hammer the square peg of secular leftism into the round hole of the Torah and all that results from such an activity is an utter mess.

      Ben Shapiro on why Jews vote Leftist

  5. Nicole Davidoff | November 6, 2016 at 9:49 pm |

    I belong to Reform Judaism but have been Ben’s fan for quite a while! I’ve met some bright young Jews in this country – who are capable of thinking for themselves and not zombified by leftist propaganda…I hope they would not be outnumbered for self-hating morons who call themselves Jews and slag of our culture and heritage..

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 8, 2016 at 6:15 pm |

      if my social media experience is anything to go by then I’d say that the normal sensible politically aware Jew outnumbers the Leftist self hating social justice warror clowns who seem to back ever more lunatic causes including the ‘refugees welcome’ guff.

  6. One thing I’m interested in, genuinely, is how you know they aren’t ‘proper’ refugees? Did you spend months talking to them and finding out their case histories?
    Only because that runs contrary to all the info provided by everyone who was there long term, including major NGOs, politicians including Tory ones etc etc – I’m not just talking ‘what activists said’ but sources that are surely credible?

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 19, 2016 at 6:02 pm |

      Firstly, I don’t need to spend months talking to these ‘refugees’ or listening to their possibly dubious case histories. All I really need to observe in order to classify these ‘refugees’ as fakes is to see how many of them have refused to claim asylum in the first safe country that they encountered. Secondly, there is the demographic and age make up of the alleged ‘refugees’. They are in the main fit young men, many of fighting age and from cultures that often have problematic views about freedom, democracy, Christians, Jews and the rights of women. This cohort is not what many would refer to as a group i ndanger they are not the more vulnerable women and children oto whom some degree of assistence should rightly be given and who make up the bulk of real refugees worldwide. Thirdly there is the behaviour of these alleged refugees once they’ve gained entry to our countries. It’s often bad and sometimes appalling. The behaviour of these ‘refugees’ is completely at odds with the experience that many nations have had with previous refugee waves and to compare these illigal migrant country shoppers, because that is what the are (as discovered by the journalist Lauren Southern when she visited the Calais camp) with groups like the Kindertransport, the Ugandan Asians or the Vietnamese boat people, is a gross insult to the members of these groups who have inthe main worked hard, fitted in and contributed greatly to our nations. The fake refugees on the other hand seem to promise nothing but higher welfare bills and are unlikely to make anything like the sort o positive contribution to our societies that has been made by other refugee groups,and individuals, indluding I need to add my sons late grandfather who came to the Uk as a refugee from Hitler and along with other relatives joined the British army and contributed to the war effort. I’m all for helping those in distress and of course ‘helping the needy stranger’ but we need to recognise that there are some strangers who we should be more wary of than others.

      I’m afraid that have to dismiss the ‘appeal to authority argument’ that you make about the NGO’s and politicians. Just because an NGO makes a particular statement doesn’t mean that the statement is true. Although the NGO’s themselves may be relatively honest, they may be basing their statements on lies told to them by these illegals who will say just about anythign in order to gain entry to places like the UK. Also some NGO’s are more favourable to the idea of open borders than others adn this may influence the reports that they give our and also the credence that they give to the stories told to them b the migrants. As regarding some Tories foolishly backing the ‘refugees welcome’ movement, then all I can say to that is that the Conservative Party is a very broad church encompassing rightists of the Monday club variety right through to the Red Tories. Just because an individual Tory says these are genuine refugees doesn’t make it so.

      I’m in favour of assisting genuine refugees with humanitarian aid but this help should preferably be given to them as close to where their original homes are as possible. It is not morally or politically acceptable for hoardes of people to trek across the continent of Europe searching out the best welfare deal which is what most of these ‘refugees ‘ appear to be doing. A uncritical attitude to these ‘refugees’ is getting ordinary people killed as we can see from the numbers of jihadist outrages that have been linked to the ‘refugee wave’.

      To conclude: The failure to claim asylum in the first safe place, along with the ungrateful behaviour and attitudes of many of these migrants, leads me to beleive that they are not genuine refugees. I’ve met genunine refugees and refugees make up part of my wife’s family and I know the difference beteween them, and the dangerous, welfare seeking thugs who are often duping decent humanitarian people into thinking that they are really deserving of help.

      ‘Do not oppress the stranger because you were once strangers in the Land of Egypt’ is a commandment that I can really get behind, but it’s one that should not be observed when the stranger is not only carrying a big stick but is using it on innocent people.

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