The ‘Jo Cox Wheel of Appeasement’ Game. A pictorial representation of the late MP’s overly favourable attitudes towards the ideology of Islam and its followers.

The 'Jo Cox wheel of Islamic appeasement' game graphic


Although it’s tragic that the MP Jo Cox lost her life in a violent attack, that doesn’t mean that we should shy away from telling the truth about Jo Cox’s politics. We should also not be scared of mocking her politics as to be quite frank, they deserve to be mocked because they were potentially dangerous. In other words we should not be afraid of saying that Jo Cox’s politics stank.

The main reason in my opinion why Jo Cox’s politics stank was precisely because it was grossly biased towards Islam at a time when a growing number of non Muslims can see for themselves the threat Islam poses, not only to the societies that we’ve all built, but in some cases is a threat to the very lives of non-Muslims. If you had to pin one dominant political current to Cox then it was a naïve Islamophiliac view of Islam. As I stated in a previous article about Ms Cox and her politics, an examination of her utterances in Parliament and elsewhere shows that Jo Cox didn’t seem to find an Islamic cause that she didn’t like. This is not only shown in her voting and speaking record in the House of Commons but also how she chose to be pictured and represented.

A brief search of the web turned up loads of pictures of Jo Cox hobnobbing with Muslims or backing Muslim causes. There’s Cox with Muslim constituency workers, Cox at a mosque, Cox with at ‘Palestine’ flag, Cox at various Islamic community events, Cox with dodgy Muslim activists and so on and so on. There is a striking preponderance of images showing Cox glad-handing Muslims or backing their causes. What I unfortunately can’t find is any evidence of Cox speaking up against the epidemic of Muslim Rape Gangs that are terrorising town after town in the UK, including the next door constituencies to her Batley and Spen one.

It is highly likely that Islamic Rape Gangs are operating in her area but there seems little or nothing to show that Cox could be arsed to even enquire about the problem, let alone speak up. Maybe she genuinely didn’t know what was going on in her area and in neighbouring constituencies to her? Or maybe, as some may say, the situation was much more sinister and Cox was so biased towards Islamic causes that she refused to believe that the Islamic Rape Gangs even existed, let alone that they may be operating in the area that she had political responsibility for? We’ll never know, but what we do know is that Cox went out of her way to call for more Syrian ‘refugees’ despite the problems that they bring, supported the Jew hating nutjobs of ‘Palestine’ and was quite happy to pander to various Islamic interests.

There is such an astonishing preponderance of images of Cox juxtaposed with various Muslims and Islamic groups that I felt it called for some sort of visual illustration of just how pro-Islam Jo Cox’s politics really was. There had to be some way of saying to people this is what today’s Labour Party has become and this is the sort of Islamopanderer who flourished within it? Therefore ladies and gentlemen I give you the ‘Jo Cox Wheel of Appeasement of Islam’ game. This will give you some idea just how closely Jo Cox identified with local Muslims and with Islamic causes.

The 'Jo Cox wheel of Islamic appeasement' game graphic

The ‘Jo Cox wheel of Islamic appeasement’ game graphic

From top clockwise the images are: Jo Cox with Fiyaz Mughal of the disgraced Tell Mama organisation. Jo Cox at an anti Islamophobia gig, Jo Cox with Muslim women, Jo Cox with a ‘Palestine’ flag, Jo Cox with a constituency worker and Jo Cox at a mosque.

In order to play ‘The Jo Cox Wheel Of Appeasement’ You first have to create your ‘Jo Cox Wheel of Appeasement’. first print out the image above (you may have to resize it). Paste the printed image, using glue, onto a sheet of suitable card. Then, when the glue is dry, using a craft knife on a cutting mat, cut around the six sided shape. Pierce the centre of the black dot in the middle and pass through a suitable spindle, for example a pencil. Secure the spindle with blutack or similar adhesive so that the spindle doesn’t wobble about. Put the device together in a similar manner to the illustration of a spinning top below.

Your 'Jo Cox wheel of appeasemet' should look a little like this.

Your ‘Jo Cox wheel of appeasemet’ should look a little like this.

To play the game the wheel is spun on the spindle and players can bet which of the examples of Islamopandering or Islamophilia the Wheel of Appeasement will eventually end up on. Will it be Cox with the mosque men or Cox with Fiyaz Mughal or Cox with the ‘Palestine’ flag-rag etc. The winner of the game is the one who gets the most right answers at the end of the time that the players have agreed beforehand the game will go on for. The game can go on indefinitely or at least until every player is heartily sick of seeing images of Jo Cox’s Islamopandering.

As I said in my earlier article on the matter of Jo Cox. Hers was a tragic death and one that should not have happened, but let’s not have any illusions about her politics or what she stood for. Her politics were that of that of the appeaser of Islam and that’s something that is extremely dangerous for civilised societies. I personally don’t care about whether or not she was helped this person or that person with their welfare or their housing or whatever, all MP’s should do that, it’s part of their job. What I do care about however is the fact that this person that the Left has ‘sanctified’ saw nothing whatsoever wrong with hanging round with and backing those whose ideology is plainly and starkly at odds with free, open and democratic societies like that of the UK.

Jo Cox saw nothing wrong with being nice to the followers of an Islamic ideology that is both your enemy and mine, an ideology that at its heart, wants you and I either dead or oppressed. Therefore despite the horrific manner of her death, this sort of attitude needs to mocked, criticised and argued against. Islamophilia and appeasement of Islam should be attacked wherever it raises its ugly head and from whatever particular individual or political party .

It needs to be said that Jo Cox’s Islamophilia was not a one off problem. You could quite easily replace the pictures of Cox in the Wheel of Appeasement with images of other MP’s, such as Stephen Timms of East Ham South, or Simon Danczuk of Rochdale or Stella Creasy of Walthamstow or Sarah Champion of Rotherham. These are just some MP’s among many who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time busying themselves with various Islamic interests and causes, sometimes to the detriment of their non-Muslim constituents.

Jo Cox and her pandering to Islam was not an aberration, she was merely one symptom of the disease of appeasement of Islam that seems to have fatally infected British politics and the Labour Party in particular. If that disease is not treated then it will not only kill the Labour party but will kill off our nation as well, something no sensible person would want to see.

I would like to conclude this piece by saying that these Quislings such as Timms, Danczuk, Champion etc do not deserve the sort of fate that befell Jo Cox, but they should not escape censure by the citizenry for their dangerously pro-Islam attitudes. It is hoped that some time in the future these Islam appeasing politicians and public servants face the courts to answer for their destructive and treacherous pro-Islam views. At the very least most of these panderers to Islam deserve public opprobrium and mockery for their attitudes or actions and that disgust should apply whether the the panderer is alive or dead. Jo Cox supported some truly appalling causes ranging from dodgy Islamic grievance-mongerers of questionable honesty such as Tell Mama, through to the genocidal Jew-hating ‘Palestinians’. The terrible manner of her death should not prevent us from feeling disgust at her support of such causes.


Previous story from the Fahrenheit211 site with an examination of Jo Cox’s notably pro-Islam parliamentary record, along with some information about the causes she supported and her background.

Stephen Timms MP who can fairly be described as one of Labour’s ‘Hamas huggers’.

Simon Danczuk MP arse-licks local Muslims and attends birthday celebrations for the Muslim’s paedo ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

Stella Creasy quickly jumps to the defence of the ‘Jihad Family Mahmood’ when they were refused air travel to the USA for security reasons.

Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham who is the least suitable person to oversee the shadow cabinet ‘prevention of abuse’ portfolio.

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    • Fahrenheit211 | November 6, 2016 at 4:57 pm |

      Part of the Batley and Spen constituency came from Dewsbery so yes, these Islamic savages are operating in the Batley and Spen area. However even if the Islamic Rape Gangs are or were operating in consituencies bordering that of Cox’s then she should have spoken up or at least asked pointed questions on the lines of ‘is this happening here?’ Unfortunately Cox seemed to be far, far too busy campaigning for more ‘Syrian refugees’ or the murderous ‘Palestinians’ than to bother wondering if her Islamic mates were raping girls in Batley and Spen just as they are in other consituencies across the North.

  1. Don’t forget her awful husband who was at the forefront of politicizing his wife’s death. It made me sick. The charities that benefited from the fundraising that took place included the White Helmets, who are terrorist first responders linked to Al Nusra, as well as other Islamic causes. I’m sorry she died I really am, but as you righly say her politics stank to high heaven. The worst type of cucked, Dimmi politician – and very very dangerous.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 8, 2016 at 6:12 pm |

      Agree there. Brendan Cox was very quick off of the mark when it came to politicising Jo Cox’s death. I’m also suspicious of the ‘White Helmets’especially if the growing number about their connections with Jihadist groups including Al Nusra, such as outlined on this French news site are proven to be true.

      It shouldn’t also be overlooked that money from the Jo Cox fund is also going to the dodgy ‘Hope Not Hate’ group which is an organisation that never seems to let an opportunity to politically fellate Muslims or Islamic causes psss them by.

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