The shifty, unpatriotic, democracy spurning Liberal Democrats strike again.


What is it about the British Liberal Democrat party? Is there no anti-British cause or campaign that they are not associated with or which they would not consider as beyond the pale? In the light of recent news about the association of one of the Judges who ruled that Parliament needs to vote on Brexit with a former Liberal Democrat MEP, Diana Wallis, then it certainly seems that this is the case.  When it comes to selling Britain to the EU then the Lib Dems are a master of that particular political art.

The Liberal Democrats, despite their name are neither supporters of classical liberalism nor are they respecters of the democratic will. The Lib Dems are the epitome of the nanny-statist, controlling prod-nose and the party often takes positions, such as support for the European Court of Human Rights that are greatly at odds with the opinion of much of the general public. They are also a party that the term ‘Janus-faced’ could have been invented for. They’ve had a long and sometimes successful history of being all things to all men and appealing to left leaning voters in Labour areas and right of centre and centrist voters in Tory areas. This two faced behaviour by the Lib dems served them quite well when they were a party of protest or a party that thrived on their presence in local government. Then it was possible to ignore the fact that the Lib Dems said one thing to one person and quite a different thing to another person. Then the Coalition Government happened and the spotlight shone on the Lib Dems once they were in government showed up the highly duplicitous nature of the party.

One thing that many more people became aware of once the Lib Dems entered government was the party’s extreme Europhillia. For the Lib Dems support for the European Union is not so much a political position but something more akin to a religious belief. To give but one example of the Lib Dem’s shiftyness and pro-EU attitudes we need to look at the attempt by David Cameron’s Coalition government to reform the Human Rights legislation. When in Coalition the Lib Dems did all they could to push the pro-Brussels line and even prevented the government from fixing the problems caused by Labour’s Human Rights Act and deal with the interference in strictly UK affairs by foreign activist Judges in Strasbourg. Nick Clegg the Lib Dem leader and the Lib Dem party as a whole blocked any attempt to reform the HRA or restrict the degree to which foreign judges could meddle in Britain’s internal affairs.

If you needed to name one British party that unquestionably worships the EU and will stop at nothing to tether Britain to it, then it would be the Lib Dems. Therefore knowing the background of the Lib Dems and their love affair with all things EU I’m not surprised to see a former Lib Dem MEP calling for Brexit to be blocked by the courts and by Parliament. Yes, we should be concerned that a senior judge is a member of a pro-EU legal group is connected with such a rabid Euro-enthusiast as Wallis and that is something that should be criticised but we should not be surprised to find a Liberal Democrat arselicking the EU in the manner that was displayed at an anti-Brexit demonstration in York earlier this year.

The Lib Dems are excessively pro-EU and they are also completely unsympathetic to the cries of the ordinary British citizen who has often suffered because of intrusive EU regulations and because of massive amounts of sometimes inappropriate types of immigration especially that from the EU. The Lib Dems have also been deaf to the genuine and well founded concerns of the populace that the Human Rights Legislation that incorporated the ECHR into British law. This many Britons believe has resulted in a legal culture that on many occasions has appeared to put the rights of the criminal above that of victims and the rights of the terrorist above those of their victims or potential victims.

Haranguing people at a demonstration about being opposed to the democratic decision of the British people and wishing to undermine this decision to leave the EU is behaviour that could not be called liberal and most certainly not be called democratic. But, it’s behaviour that is par for the course for the Liberal Democrats. Appearing at a demonstration like the anti Brexit one in York is something that can be expected of a party that really doesn’t live up to its name, hates Britain and will not think twice about selling the nation to Brussels.

If you wanted to name the political grouping that not only is the most pro-EU and which is most in hock to EU interested but also which has also done the most actual damage to the country, then I’d be hard pushed to name any other party apart from the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats and their attitude to European Union are if not what could be strictly defined as treason, but it certainly shows that this party the chosen home for those who wish to give away Britain’s sovereignty. The Lib Dems are also the party for those who wish to place large swathes of British life and culture outside of the citizen’s direct democratic control and into the control of the EU.

It is difficult to find a mainstream party that is so hostile to the concept that Britain should govern itself and so wildly enthusiastic about an undemocratic superstate as the Lib Dems. They really are the party of Brussels and not the party of Britain. The Lib Dems are plainly not a party that we can trust with the nation’s best interests as they will favour Brussels over Britain every time.


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