Bataclan one year on

The Bataclan Theatre in Paris where Muslims murdered 89 innocent people.


A year ago today Muslim terrorists entered the Bataclan theatre in the French capital city Paris and tortured and murdered 89 innocent people who were on a night out to watch the band Eagles of Death Metal. A further 41 people were killed by other Islamic savages elsewhere in Paris that day bringing the total death toll for this particular set of attacks up to 130. The Bataclan attacks were particularly brutal, even by the obscene standards of the savage ideology of Islam, with torture and pre-mortem mutilations being inflicted on a large number the victims by the Muslim savages.

We are now a year on from this horrific attack and the killings, maimings and rapes by Islamic savages have not stopped. Since then we’ve had a wave violent and murderous attacks across Europe including the Bastille Day attack in Nice that resulted in the deaths of 86 people and the attacks on Brussels which killed 32. This appalling death toll is augmented by the ongoing Islamic rape crisis which has afflicted thousands of women and children across the continent, including in the UK where not a day seems to go by without reports of Muslims being arrested or accused of rape, sexual assault or child abuse. Over the last year the citizens of various European nations have had to see the true countenance of Islam and not the false ‘religion of peace’ image that all too many of the politicians use in order to paper over the horrific truth about Islam.

It’s right that at this point in time we bow our heads and remember those who died in various Muslim atrocities, especially today when we remember those who died or were injured in the Bataclan attacks. However, despite our justifiable grief and the necessity of mourning, we also need to continue to be angry at what Islam is doing to our nations. We also need to be angry at the mainstream politicians for whom propping up the failed ideology of multiculturalism appears to be far more important than dealing harshly and effectively with the threat posed by Islam.

The weak response made by various governments to Islamic aggression could be described as laughable were it not for the fact that these responses will do nothing to prevent further tragedies. The French government has made a bit of a start by closing four extremism linked mosques but it’s not enough. Instead of merely going after the more high profile extremist mosques, ALL mosques, Islamic community centres, madrassas and similar organisations should be treated by the authorities with suspicion, should be subject to 24/7 electronic surveillance and if necessary forced to close. In the UK the government of Theresa May has not done enough to counter the threat posed by Islam even though there are, according to ex MI6 chief John Sawers, ‘thousands’ of jihadis and potential jihadis in the UK. The response of the government to this threat has not been to do the right thing and start kicking Muslims doors in or to disrupt seditious Muslim activity, but instead to send the police after those brave individuals who speak out against the destructive effect the ideology of Islam is having on Britain. In Scotland the appeasement of Islam is so palpably outrageous that you can almost taste it and the police among others are even giving out grants to those who want to help make Edinburgh an ‘Islamophobia free city’. This is an action that will have dire effects on the freedom of speech of those who wish to merely to say that ‘Islam is not a religion of peace’ In places such as Germany and Sweden the response of the liberal/ Left, especially when that liberal/left is in government, has been to attack the phantom enemy of neo-Nazism whilst doing little or nothing to tackle the genuine fascism of Islam. The governments of Europe are not tackling the problem of Islam as it needs to be tackled, which is with harshness, a realistic view of Islam and even with violence, instead they are taking steps that although in some instances are to be welcomed, will ultimately prove ineffective until the politicians can say the words ‘Islam is a problem’. Closing four mosques in Paris that should have been closed years ago or putting armed troops on the streets or declaring states of emergency is no different from moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic. This security theatre is worthless unless those in authority start to treat Islam wit the disgust and disdain that it truly deserves.

As we quite rightly grieve for the lives cut short and the survivors who were traumatised by the Islamic savagery that afflicted Paris one year ago today, we should not forget about those who have helped to create a situation where Islamic savages are free to plot death and destruction against the rest of us. We should neither forget or forgive the ‘refugees welcome’ activists who have played a major part in bringing in hundreds of thousands of violent Muslims many of whom are adherents to the worst forms of violent Islam. We should not forget or forgive the government agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service in the United Kingdom which goes out of its way to pander to Muslims and to Muslim grievance mongers whilst simultaneously ignoring Muslim crimes such as female genital mutilation. We should not give a free pass to our religious leaders who erroneously see the Muslim minority as ‘the new Jews’ and the victims of persecution instead of speaking up against the savagery of Islam. This is because Muslims are not the ‘new Jews’ but are instead the ‘new Nazis’ who kill and maim and rape wherever they damn well go.

At this time when we remember the dead and injured of Paris we should not forget who murdered and maimed these innocent people. Until our anger and disgust at Islam and its often violent followers is at an equal level to the grief we all feel for the victims of Muslim crimes then things will not change. Unless we counter Islam by whatever means necessary including by State violence against Islam and its followers, then the situation will not improve. I fear that this time next year we will be grieving yet more deaths at the hands of Muslims unless something very drastic is done to counter this foul and murderous ideology.

To those who read this and say that all hate is wrong I will tell you this: Not all hate is unjustified. Not all hatreds are baseless and not all hatreds are morally wrong. It’s morally correct in my view to hate that which is hateful and Islam most certainly can be described as a hateful ideology and one that should play no part in or be welcomed into civilised societies.

Remember the dead but also remember that although it’s a Muslim who so often pulls the trigger on a firearm aimed at innocent non-Muslims, it is the policies of the liberal/left which has chambered the round in the weapon that the Muslim is holding. At this time of grief when we remember those murdered and maimed in Paris we should not cease from our hatred of the ideology of Islam that murdered them or the leftist ideologies that assisted them in killing.

Islam is evil and on today of all days we should remember that fact.

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  1. And that simpering, has-been, left wing apologist for all thing multicultural opens the place by singing “Inshallah,” calling it “a magnificent word.”

    Why didn’t he just go and piss on their graves?

    When European youth worship and fawn over idiots like Gordon Sumner then they neither have, nor deserve, a future secure from the muslim hordes.

    Wake up, toughen up and tool up!

  2. Tell Mama has done a piece on the Paris attacks, referring to “suicide bombers” and “gun men”. Not a single reference to the M word.

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