The Muslim rapists are arriving in Britain by Kayak now, or so it seems.


An article by Virginia Hale on the centre-right news website Brietbart gives us a very clear illustration not only about the type of ambulant, or in this case aquatic, human sewage that are posing as refugees, but also about the mentality of some of the ‘refugees welcome’ lunatics. It shows that not only are those who hail from Muslim majority nations more than willing to rape and abuse those who are trying to help them, but that those in the ‘refugees welcome’ movement are quite happy to lie to the authorities to protect those ‘refugees’ who have attacked them. What is frightening is if these lies if not uncovered in time it could result in some seriously nasty sex offenders and other low life getting into the UK.

Here’s an excerpt from the Brietbart article by Ms Hale telling the extraordinary story of the kayak borne Iranian, the alleged rape and the cover-up of the rape allegation by those in the ‘refugees welcome’ movement. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from Brietbart is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

Brietbart said:

Immigration officers will question a migrant who paddled to Britain in a kayak over claims he raped a British aid worker in the Calais “Jungle” camp.

The attack, which is said to be common knowledge among aid workers, reportedly took place eight months ago but was covered up because the alleged victim fears news of the incident could “stigmatise” migrants.

This is a little inking into the mindset of these ‘refugees welcome’ tossers. They think nothing of hiding a rape by a migrant for fear that people may dislike these fake refugees even more than they do so already. Such reasoning is the sign of a diseased mind or someone who has lost their moral compass. What these ‘refugees welcome’ types have done is keep quiet in order that this savage and those like him can get to the UK more easily. The ‘refugees welcome’ types don’t seem to care that rapist savages could affect your daughter or sister or wife or other female relative and care only for those like these fake refugees who are by any reasonable judgement undeserving of care. Keeping quiet about this alleged rape will endanger many other women and for what, for a bit of halo polishing or virtue signalling by the ‘refugees welcome’ clowns?

However when news that the man — who was picked up by border control eight miles from the UK coast — had reached Britain, an aid worker alerted the authorities over the alleged assault.

At least someone from the ‘refugees welcome’ movement has a conscience, which makes a change.

The volunteer says the rape was “effectively covered up” by fellow aid workers as they were worried it would undermine their advocacy for the migrants, who squatted in Calais attempting to break into Britain.

How morally corrupt does a person have to be to keep quiet about a rape in order that this alleged rapist and no doubt others can slip into the UK?

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the volunteer said: “It became clear from discussions the woman hadn’t reported it because of concern it would undermine all the great work that had been done to help refugees.

But rape is rape and I was deeply uncomfortable with that.”

Are we seeing the scales fall from the eyes of some of these ‘refugee’ workers as they learn about the true nature of the sort of scum they are assisting to get to the UK? I can only hope that this is the case.

Detectives in the UK were alerted when the Iranian, who claims to be a software engineer and is in his thirties, arrived in the UK on October 29.

‘Software engineer’ my arse. I do hope that the Home Office has someone on hand with advanced knowledge of software to check whether this invader is telling the truth? He could be telling the truth or he might be yet another Muslim ponce travelling across Europe searching out the best welfare deal he can get. He might indeed be a ‘software engineer’ but that doesn’t mean he should be allowed into the UK no more than a householder would allow a burglar with a degree in physics to continue to reside in their home.

Police said last night that information on the man has been “shared with the relevant authorities” but that there was “insufficient information to proceed with an investigation”.

This is probably because the alleged victim is so in thrall to the false idea that these invaders are deserving refugees that she refuses to co-operate in bringing the case. Maybe if this invader had thrown some bacon at a mosque things may have been different and the police would have thrown all their resources at resolving the case.

Sources at the Home Office confirmed that the migrant will be questioned about the rape, but stressed the attack would be just one of many factors being considered while examining his asylum claim.]

He arrived illegally, he’s making a dubious claim so tell him to ‘Sod right off’. It’s not exactly rocket science is it?

The man is reported to have said he was persecuted in his homeland for converting to Christianity, a tactic figures in the Church of England have warned is often used by migrants to exploit immigration rule loopholes, as it “can significantly enhance” their prospects of being granted asylum.

Sadly there are now so many Muslim liars claiming to be persecuted ‘Christian’ converts that the time has come to be mightily suspicious of these claims of religious persecution.

Currently the Iranian migrant is living in a “segregated” shelter for asylum seekers, from which he is free to come and go.

Free to come and go and do who knows what. If I was a near neighbour of this ‘asylum shelter’ I’d start to get worried, especially if I had a family or had female relatives. The reason why people object to ‘asylum shelters’ is not because those who object are heartless, it’s because they know full well that they and their inmates often bring nothing but trouble. Also what’s to stop this invader just disappearing into one of our cities? Nothing from what I can see.

Thought to be the first successful attempt at making the 20 mile crossing in a kayak, the man was spotted off the Kent coast by a ferry. Around halfway in his journey across the English Channel he was picked up by the UK Border Force and delivered to immigration officials.

I know it may sound harsh but maybe the Border Force should have just let this alleged rapist invader drown? By picking him up at sea and putting him in accommodation they have merely encouraged other invaders to try the same trick. Although it may seem to be the humane thing to do having the Border Force act as migrant taxis in the English Channel increases the likelihood that other invaders will do the same. Now that this invader is here it is highly unlikely that the UK will be able to be rid of him as one of the legions of Human Rights lawyers and groups will do all they can to keep him here even though there are serious questions about his suitability to be in the UK or any civilised nation for that matter.

Unfortunately having read and seen so much about the incompetence and naivety of the Home Office civil servants who administer Britain’s border security I find I have zero confidence that this a particular savage, who is making the dubious claim of ‘persecution’ for conversion to Christianity, will be removed. This particular shady character is but one of thousands upon thousands of other shady characters that the Home Office allow to stay in Britain even though their claims of oppression are unfounded or unable to be properly investigated. Whether or not this Iranian has or has not committed the sexual offence in question he should still be kicked out owing to the manner in which he entered the UK which was to kayak part way across the Channel and get picked up by Her Majesties Migrant Taxi Service aka the UK Border Force.

Those agencies such as the Border Force should be turning these invader boats around and sending them back to France or wherever but the very last thing they should be doing is bringing them to the UK. I predict that this particular invaders success will have the effect of encouraging more invaders to cross the Channel in small boats and that is something that is going to bring nothing but harm to the people of the UK.


Original story from Brietbart