The ‘safety pin’ movement. A really good way of recognising virtue signalling T**ts

At last! Something I've wanted to see for a while. A 'Twat Badge'.


I’m so pleased that there is this new fashion among people of the Left to wear safety pins on their clothes in order to show solidarity with Muslims and other groups who might find the new United States President Donald Trump less amenable to them and their causes than was the Obama administration. The main reason I’m pleased is that normally, upon meeting a new person for the first time, it can take some time to work out whether the individual is a grounded, normal person or a merely a virtue signalling twat.

The ‘safety pin’ movement allows me to ascertain almost instantly whether the person I’m meeting is an intelligent, open minded, patriot who is willing to have a sensible conversation with me, or whether the person is a twattish virtue signalling Lefty. The safety pin motif is a vital tool that allows me to tell the difference between those who I can have a reasonable intellectual conversation with, or if the person is one of those who will regale me with utter nonsense slogans such as ‘love Trumps hate’ or ‘no bigotry’ or who will whine about ‘Islamophobia’.

I really must commend most highly the Left wingers who came up with this safety pin idea. I can now go to the pub safe in the knowledge that I can instantly know which people in the bar may have minds of their own and which ones are liable to be an adherent of some variant of Marxist or socialist clap-trap.

I never thought that the leftists, the spoiled brat students, naïve non-Muslim Islam-fans and other types of ‘wankerarti’ would be so helpful as to distinguish themselves in such an obvious visual way.

Well done Leftists, at last you’ve created something that actually works, unlike so many other socialist ideas. Self-labelling wankers, who ever would have thought it could be done? What a time to be alive.