From Elsewhere: Bedfordshire Police and the Islamic ‘crazy gang’


There is an excellent piece on the Concrete Milk Shake site about the Islamic and policing goings on in the Luton area of Bedfordshire. In the wake of the scandal where Bedfordshire Police were caught out using a well known ISIS related finger gesture as part of an ‘Islamophobia’ Awareness Month’ campaign attention has been focused on the behaviour of Bedfordshire Police.

Here’s a short excerpt from the extensive Concrete Milk Shake piece that I would advise all to read as it exposes just how bad the Islamic extremism problem is in Bedfordshire and also how ineptly the police there have dealt with this problem.

Concrete Milk Shake said:

Unfortunately for them, this campaign to “raise awareness of Islamophobia” is an event named Islamophobia Awareness Month which uses as its logo, the one fingered salute of Tawheed. This is a gesture used by Muslims to signify their belief in the “oneness” of God, and the supremacy of Islam over other religions that they deem to be polytheistic. It’s a gesture that has gained notoriety in the last few years as the people that most often pose for photos performing this salute with one hand tend to be clutching a Kalashnikov or a decapitated head in the other.

In other words, it’s a symbol that has been co-opted by Islamic State and various other jihadist groups, and one which is well on its way to becoming an Islamic variant of the Nazi salute.

Amazingly, Bedfordshire Police had no idea about any of this. That’s right: a police force who control a borough which has been described as a “hotbed of extremism” and a “breeding ground for terrorists, did not know that the one fingered salute is a symbol of ISIS. Simply gobsmacking.

Bedfordshire Police were swiftly derided on social media for legitimising the jihadist salute and quickly deleted their tweet as well as the article on their website promoting this initiative.


What they did not do, however, was to publically disassociate themselves from Islamic Awareness Month altogether. Rather, since deleting their initial article, they have republished it on their website (albeit without the embarrassing ISIS logo) and restated their support for Islamophobia Awareness Month. This is yet another catastrophic blunder in a long line of catastrophic blunders made by Bedfordshire Police.

As it happens, one of the founding members of Islamophobia Awareness Month is a “research and advocacy group” named MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development). The Head of Community Development & Engagement is listed as a man named Azad Ali. A quick Google search confirms that this is the same Azad Ali who has publically endorsed Hamas and Hezbollah, who was suspended from his position as a civil servant for praising Bin Laden’s mentor, who has fawned over a number of al Qaeda operatives and who made sinister, threatening remarks towards the undercover reporter who exposed his proclamation that Sharia takes precedence over democracy. In his extensive expose of MEND, Sunday Telegraph journalist Andrew Gilligan concluded that the organisation was nothing more than a “front group for Muslim extremists.”

The official Facebook page of Islamophobia Awareness Month has also promoted workshops by jihadist apologist group CAGE UK and conferences featuring spokesmen for the group Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic fascist organisation whose aim is the establishment of a global caliphate.

I’d suggest Bedfordshire Police could do with providing an explanation as to why they feel it is acceptable to team up with Islamic extremists for the purpose of promoting disingenuous Islamic euphemisms like “Islamophobia”.

Read the rest of this excellent and highly informative piece here: