Show your ‘non-T**tishness’ and wind up the ‘snowflakes’ with this T-shirt


I appeared on the Red Fox Blogger radio show last night where we talked about the persecution of counter Jihad activist Geert Wilders by the Dutch state. We also had a wide ranging and lively discussion of a number of other things including the results of the US and the effect it has had on ‘Generation Snowflake’.

Kel, the host of the show highlighted this blog’s piece on the ‘safety pin’ phenomenon where various flavours of left wing virtue signalling twats are wearing safety pins in order to show ‘solidarity’ with those who they perceive will not be as indulged by a Trump administration as they were under Obama. Tim Burton who also appeared on the show suggested that there needs to be a way of showing a large amount of ridicule to said virtue signalling twats and suggested that this blog put out a t shirt to that effect. Tim sent me a design and I’ve used that as the basis for this new ‘No I’m not a virtue signalling Twat’ T-shirt. Many thanks to Tim for the initial design and for the suggestion of the shirt.

It certainly will wind up the snowflakes, especially those who are labouring under the mistaken belief that the views expressed in the snowflake bubble are views that are universally held.

It’s available from the Fahrenheit211 shop which can be found on the right hand side of the main page of this blog.



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  1. BRILLIANT!! Just fantastic, lets get them printed up!

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