An easy and practical guide to tell if your local police force is bent or not.


Unfortunately there are in the United Kingdom a number of police forces who have surrendered to a form of moral corruption when it comes to the matter of Islam. We’ve seen forces who send out officers to act as cleaning skivvys to pick up bacon that’s been thrown at a mosque. We’ve seen forces who have arrested and charged people for ripping up their own personal copies of the Koran. More seriously we’ve also had a rash of forces that seem to think that burying the bad news about Islam, including the news that Muslims commit a great number of sex crimes, is a greater priority than protecting the rest of the citizens whom these forces are tasked with protecting.

It used to be difficult to find out which forces are spending an inordinate amount of time and resources pandering to Islam and which ones are not. However, thanks to information supplied by the mendacious grievance mongering mountebanks of Tell Mama, that job has become a whole lot easier.

The disgraced ‘Islamophobia’ monitor Tell Mama have been boasting about the number of police forces that have foolishly allowed this group in and allowed Tell Mama to advise them on ‘Islamophobia’. This gives the observer a pretty good idea which forces are up to their eyeballs in Islamopandering and which are not. Basically, if a force is willing to work with a group like Tell Mama, which is an entity with a long and undistinguished record for exaggerating the number of ‘hate crimes’ committed against Muslims, then they will more than likely be willing to pander to Islam in all sorts of other ways. For those who don’t know the backstory, Tell Mama are a group with a deep disregard for what normal people call ‘the truth’ and their website contains stories that are not only untrue, but which have bee proven to be untrue in the Courts. One of these was the infamous Birmingham ‘hijab pulling’ case. In this case the Muslim woman who made the complaint was eventually found out to be lying about the alleged attack. However, despite this case being shown to be false that has not stopped Tell Mama from continuing to run this story on their website and continue to treat it as if it was true.

Tell Mama’s boasting about their police contacts and the list of the forces that they claim to ‘work with’ is a useful tool for sussing out which forces still retain a little bit of probity and which forces are so in thrall to the idea of pandering to Islam that they should be treated with suspicion, disgust and disdain. Tell Mama have even provided a helpful graphic to identify which forces are as bent as a fork when it comes to Islam and which are not. This graphic has been reproduced below.

The list of British police forces where the disgraced 'Islamophobia' monitor Tell Mama has undue influence.

The list of British police forces where the disgraced ‘Islamophobia’ monitor Tell Mama has undue influence.

If your force is listed above then you can rest assured that this forces priority will not be protecting you and your family or your community, but instead will be pandering to the followers of Islam in your area. The forces listed above will also be extremely relaxed about having a policing double standard when it comes to Islam. They will not only jump whenever some Muslim comes in with some complaint, whether it’s a bullshit complaint or not, but will ask ‘how high shall we jump?’ Woe betide the citizen who has the misfortune to have a force that is wedded to Islamopandering because to them, you the non Muslim, will be automatically be seen as a type of second class citizen. If, for example, there is a dispute between a Muslim and a non Muslim and the Muslim makes a false claim that the non-Muslim said something disparaging about Islam, then they will almost certainly take the side of the Muslim.

If you want to know which police force can be trusted and which ones cannot then just consult the graphic above. If your force is listed there then I’m afraid that they cannot be trusted to look out for you and yours as the officers will be far too busy looking after the Muslims than anybody else. It’s a sad state of affairs that trained police officers, people whom we should be able to trust have the intelligence to discern fact from fiction decide to involve themselves with such a questionable group as the Tell Mama organisation. But unfortunately, that is the current state of play with all too many of Britain’s police forces.

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  1. Philip Copson | November 23, 2016 at 12:29 am |

    Better watch yourself – don’t want to end up in the back of an “Islamopanda car….”

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 23, 2016 at 7:13 am |

      ‘Islamopanda’ car’.LOL. I feel a graphic coming on. Seriously though what is happening to our police forces is appalling. Of course no civilised society wants to see people physically attacked for no real reason merely because they are black or white or gay or Polish or Jewish or whatever, but the way that the police are sucking up to Islam and its followers goes way way beyond the normal duty of care that a police force owes to all the citizens who they police. I used to happily work with police officers on a professional basis but now, after seeing their abject appeasement of Islam and pandering to Muslims, I can hardly stomach looking at them. In fact I despise them for what they’ve become. I’m noticing that I’m not the only person who feels like this and there seems to be a growing current of disgust at police behaviour.

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