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The founder of the disgraced ‘Islamophobia’ monitoring group Tell Mama, one Fiyaz Mughal, may be derided by many people as being the founder of this group of laughable ‘hate crime charlatans’, but I have to admit he’s been really good at prising public ie taxpayers money out of the purse for his projects. Mughal a man known to a growing number of people as ‘that mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artist‘ or ‘old Fizzy Bollocks‘, has been spectacularly successful in getting hold of our hard earned cash in order to fund his various Islamic causes. In fact he’s been so successful in getting money for things like a ‘mosque directory’ and ‘caring for converts’ project that I can almost admire the bloke for his ability to cling so tenaciously to the public sector funding teat. I’ve seen limpets that are slightly less able to cling to a rock than Fiyaz Mughal’s organisations are able to cling to public funding.

Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters / Tell Mama who is laughing all the way to the bank to the tune of £750K

Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters / Tell Mama who is laughing all the way to the bank to the tune of £750K

It seems that up until when Tell Mama had its core funding removed by the Coalition government in 2013 for being ‘ economical with the truth’ and classifying unpleasant but often true things about Islam as ‘attacks’, Mughal and his various projects were virtually swimming in taxpayer largesse, as the quoted article below shows.

The article is from the excellent counterjihad writer Kafircrusader (who also by the way produces a very disturbing map of Islamic sex crime in the UK) shows just how much money was sloshed towards Fiyaz Mughal and his organisations and projects between the years 2008 – 2013. I’m indebted to a certain person who I shall not name but who has reminded me of this matter (which I believe I featured on here a few years back) and to whom I will say ‘thank you’.

I do hope that Kafircrusader will not mind but to avoid any confusion or incompleteness I have quoted the Kafircrusader article in full. The source for this piece, which is based on Freedom of Information Act requests, can be found via the Kafircrusader website and is also included in the links section at the bottom of this post.

So here it is, the Kafircrusader article that lays bare the full extent, up until 2013, of what Fiyaz Mughal and his projects managed to screw out of just one UK government ministry, the Department of Communities and Local Government. The total that Fiyaz Mughal has managed to get out of the DCLG is around £750,000, which many people may think is cash that could be far better spent elsewhere on more important stuff that this. As regards the article below it is normally the policy of this blog to put in italics anything that is quoted and have any comments from me in plain text. However, as there is a lot of text in the quote and there are formatted boxes, all the quoted text is on this occasion in plain text.

Kafircrusader said:

Every day my email inbox receives countless mails from random’s around the world wanting to tell me how i can be rich. I look at them thinking if only it was that simple its rubbish as i press delete. Until now that is as I have finally discovered the path to the promised land, untold riches, the ultimate get rich scheme for little effort. That path is called Islam.  Start a  Muslim group in the UK, register as a charitable organization and hey presto various government departments and  local authorities will throw large sums of money at you to fund your lavish lifestyle. If your really lucky you can even employ a few of your mates as paid advisors. Hell, mention Islamophobia or community cohesion in your mission statement  and get even more £££££. Its even recession proof as the funds keep being handed out to Muslim groups show despite the government making cuts everywhere else

After yesterdays FOI Exposé when it was revealed Bolton Council have been bank rolling The Bolton Council Of Mosques with grants totalling over £1.1 million. Now following another FOI request, Kafir Crusaders can reveal that Muslim storyteller and fixer of figures Fiyaz Mughal (via TellMama and Faith Matters) has received over £750,000 in the last 5 years from the Department for Communities and Local Government in funding

For background info on Fiyaz Mughal, Tell Mama and Faith Matters i recommend this eye-opening post from fahrenheit211

Freedom of Information Request Relating to Funding for Faith Matters

You requested information for the last 5 years of any funding allocated to the following organizations Faith Matters and Tell Mama. You wanted it to include the date, how much funding, and a description of the project.I have considered your request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I confirm that the Department holds the information that you have requested, and I am able to supply it to you. The information that you have requested is as follows. Tell MAMA is a project managed by Faith Matters so it is included in the list of other projects. The payments from DCLG to Faith Matters, the relevant dates and project descriptions, are as follows:

Financial Year Project Description
2012-13,2011-12 &


£397,000 Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (Tell MAMA)
£22,331 Role model for Muslim Women project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£33,750 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Compilation of Mosque directory for Muslim women
£22,332 Role model for Muslim Women project
£33,600 Cohesive Communities Programme
£6,922 Living Islam out Loud project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£25,870 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Mosques Directory compilation
£14,888 Role model for Muslim Women project
£35,000 Cohesion and Faiths Funding
£990 Living Islam out Loud project

As you can see Mughal’s TellMama and Faith Matters ventures really are like an Islamic money making machine. WTF  £37k for a Mosque directory (which are plentiful on-line) in 2008-09 then the same amount again the next year for a directory of Mosques for women ! This is little more than a list of the 100 least sexist and most woman friendly UK mosques. Fiyaz Mughal OBE is certainly in the running to be awarded a BOTD to go alongside his OBE….Bullshitter Off The Decade 

Quotation ends.

I think many people will agree that this is a monstrous amount of money, that has been squeezed from you and I, for the government to give to Fiyaz Mughal and his groups. Do we really need to be spending £50K on a ‘caring for converts to Islam’ or something even more vague like a ‘living Islam out loud’ project? I happen to think that we should not be spending this cash on such dubious Islamic causes. In any case we should definitely NOT be spending such cash on organisations run by Fiyaz Mughal, especially after his Tell Mama group was revealed by the journalist Andrew Gilligan to be manufacturing ‘hate crimes’ following the Islamic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013.

Fiyaz Mughal’s groups should be no more trusted with public money than the TV character Arthur Daley should be trusted to sell you a fully functioning and road-legal car. £750k is an awful lot of money and it seems to have been thoroughly wasted on various Islamic vanity projects created, run by or overseen by Mr Fiyaz Mughal. 

As it is our money that Mughal and his projects have been spending then maybe it’s time that we the ordinary citizen asked Mughal and his organisations to account for just what that money has been spent on?  



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