Thomas Mair given a whole life tariff for the murder of MP Jo Cox.


Now that the trial of Thomas Mair, the lunatic who murdered Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox, is over and I am freed from the constraints of sub judice and of any problems that could have been posed by the Contempt of Court Act; the time has come to make my comments on the trial of Mair. They are comments that some are going to agree with and some are not; if you like the comments, fine, if you don’t, well that’s also fine by me. Free countries should have freedom of speech and it’s my freedom of speech that I’m exercising.

Firstly let me say that it’s nearly always a tragedy when someone is killed and I say ‘nearly always’ because there are some out there, jihadi terrorists for example, who deserve death, and whose deaths I refuse to waste time grieving for, but Jo Cox didn’t deserve to die and she certainly did not deserve to die in this manner. Yes, Cox’s political views were, in my opinion, questionable to say the least and as I’ve said in a previous article, they were notably biased towards Islamic causes, but these views should not have resulted in her death. The right and proper way to remove those Parliamentarians who act or speak in ways that are objectionable, or who pander to alien and dangerous ideologies like Islam, is at the ballot box and not through the barrel of a gun.

Secondly Mair was not a patriot, he was a lunatic thug who, according to the information released to the court, was a real ‘jackboot licker’ with a bit of an obsession with Hitlerism. In my view supporting Hitlerism is the complete opposite of being a British patriot. Those individuals who call themselves ‘patriots’ or ‘British nationalists’ and who support Hitlerism are failing to take into account that Britain expended an Empire along with a great many UK citizens lives defeating Hitlerism. Thomas Mair’s claim to be a patriot is an insult to the real patriots who lost their lives fighting Hitlerism and who lie in graves in Europe, North Africa and elsewhere or those who have no grave but the sea.

Thirdly, Thomas Mair may have been one of those people who may have felt that they were pushed beyond endurance by the Islamopandering policies of Cox and by similar politicians. He may well have been mightily angered, as I and others are, by Cox’s support for the import of dangerous Muslim ‘child’ refugees or by Cox’s hobnobbing with various Muslim groups or backing Islamic interests. He may have been disgusted at the actions of the Islamic Rape Gangs that plague the whole region of the country in which the Batley and Spen constituency sits, which neither Cox nor any other of the MPs who occupied that or nearby seats appeared to do little or nothing about. But the actions that Mair took were wrong, very wrong.

They were wrong in themselves because he has taken a life unnecessarily and they were wrong politically, as all that has happened is that the anti-patriots of the Left have used this murder to tarnish and smear the image of all patriots and decent and honourable patriots and nationalists should condemn Mair. The sort of political exploitation by the political enemies on the Left is something that any sensible person would have seen as the outcome of a murder like this but Mair cannot really be described as ‘sensible’. Mair can only be fairly described as a mentally disturbed nutcase. Following this terrible murder, we had the gross and disturbing spectacle of both the Remain camp in the Referendum and various Lefitst extremist groups like Hope Not Hate exploiting this murder, even before Jo Cox’s body was cold. At least I had the common decency to wait ten days or so before trashing Cox’s highly questionable political reputation, many on the Left didn’t even bother to do that. For the Left it seems that there is no tragedy too great or too raw to exploit and no shroud too big to wave. For me the behaviour of the Left following this murder, along with the behaviour of the Remain Camp, blew away any last vestige of respect I may have had for the politics of the Left and for Leftists themselves. The Left lost no time in engaging in incidents of mass emoting about this murder when they should have shut their gobs and just let the law take its course.

A whole life tariff for Mair is justified and he joins the small band of killers who hopefully will never be released. Mair isn’t a patriot or a freedom fighter, he’s just a common murderer and his name will not be counted among those who can genuinely be called patriots, but will be mentioned alongside those of Hindley and Brady, Sutcliffe, Nilsen and the Wests, individuals who are now bywords for violent savagery. Mair deserves most definitely to be completely condemned for this terrible murder of an MP, which was one of only 47 cases of an MP being murdered since the year 1300.

Whatever faults Cox may have had in her politics, and I believe that her politics did have faults, faults that are shared with many others in the Labour Party, she did not deserve death. In particular, she did not deserve such a horrible violent death at the hands of a deranged lunatic with a troubling fascination with Hitlerism.

There was no justification for Mair’s actions, none whatsoever. This is not Vichy France, where there were both moral and political justifications for taking out those public figures and functionaries who collaborated with the Nazis. This is Britain, a Parliamentary democracy, and it must be by purely democratic and peaceful means that change is accomplished. Apart from among those who occupy the tiny and often insignificant band of genuine neo-Nazi jackboot lickers, Mair will not be seen as any sort of hero, but will instead be seen by the majority of decent people as the violent mentally ill murderer that he truly is.


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2 Comments on "Thomas Mair given a whole life tariff for the murder of MP Jo Cox."

  1. Philip Copson | November 23, 2016 at 3:53 pm |

    Good account; the way in which the Remain campaign – Cameron / Kinnoch etc – even her own husband – turned her death into a “Lady Di” style festival of revolting sentimentality in an attempt to strong-arm the electorate into voting to stay in the EU was – (together with the afore-mentioned Lady Di Royal send-off and general blub-fest for a dim, self-publicising, unfaithful, embarrassment…) – just a revolting cynical spectacle. Would there have been speeches in Parliament, mass attendance by MPs wearing white roses, a wreath in her empty seat, rallies in Trafalgar Square, calls for the referendum to be called-off, flag at half-mast on Buckingham Palace (for God’s sake !) had Jo Cox campaigned for Brexit ? No, of course there bloody wouldn’t.
    Thomas Mair deserves life imprisonment – as do all murderers – but I have the suspicion …, let’s call it a certainty – that had it been Nigel Farage who had been murdered, his murderer would be feted by the Left-wing and would be back outside in under ten years.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 23, 2016 at 8:43 pm |

      Thank you for the compliment on this piece. I like you was disgusted by the shroud waving that the Left and the Remain campaign indulged in following this woman’s violent and tragic death. I certainly agree with you about the difference between how the Left have behaved following this death than how they would not have behaved had it been Mr Farage who had been assassinated. The way the Left behaved following the death of Margaret Thatcher should give some idea of how the Left would have behaved if Mr Farage had been killed.

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