A form letter that you can use to write to your MP with your concerns about the Tell Mama organisation.


If you are as angry as I am about the mountebanks of the Tell Mama organisation and you want to do something about it and hopefully do something to get this troubling group’s public funding removed then you may wish to write to your Member of Parliament about the issue. Writing to your MP may not immediately solve the problem of these mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artists but may go a significant way to help.

To this end I’ve drafted up a form letter that people may wish to use and adapt that can be sent to your MP. As an aside I would also advise people to write to Baroness Cox at the House of Lords to let her know about the problems associated with Tell Mama. Baroness Cox has a long and distinguished record in humanitarian work and in fighting for freedoms including academic freedom and the right of people to be free from the oppression of Shariah Law.

The text of the letter is below and I’ll also attach it as a .pdf file that people can download and adapt.

<MP name>

The House of Commons




I am writing to you to draw your attention to what may be a serious waste of public money and also which may encompass issues of probity within the Department of Communities and Local Government.

It concerns the Islamophobia monitor Tell Mama. This organisation was caught out by journalists manufacturing and exaggerating anti Muslim hate crime back in 2013 following the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London in that year. The DCLG informed journalists that Tell Mama would have their funding removed for this. However subsequent investigations, including a Freedom of Information Act request bya member of the public, uncovered the information that this troubling group is still being funded by the DCLG to the tune of £182,000 for the financial year 2015/2016.

As my constituency MP I’d like to ask you if you could look into this matter as it seems odd that the DCLG could remove funding from this group but still continue funding it. Furthermore examination of the publicly available accounts of Tell Mama’s parent organisation shows no sign of this funding being declared as being received or being transferred to the Tell Mama organisation. Also, there do not seem to be any publicly available accounts for Tell Mama itself. That strikes me as very odd indeed. Public money should not be going to organisations that do not have easily and publicly accessible accounts.

This continued funding of an organisation that is giving many ordinary members of the public a great deal of concern. This concern is enhanced because of the behaviour of this group and its supporters online and the significant influence that Tell Mama has on police forces whom they advise on matters of hate crime.

There are in additional concerns about the probity of civil servants at the DCLG funding a group that has a previous record for exaggeration and that this funding could only be found by way of an FOIA request. Surely if the funding had been removed because of allegations of dishonesty then it should not have been reinstated and especially in not such a way that it took a bit of digging to find out?

I attach a print out of a blog post from the Fahrenheit211 politics and culture website ( www.fahrenheit211.net ) that has already brought these concerns about the activities and funding of Tell Mama to a very wide audience.

Yours sincerely


If you need the original article from this site which examines the scandal of Tell Mama’s funding then it can be found via this link:

The saga of the Tell Mama group and taxpayers’ cash. A public finance and probity scandal of monstrous proportions.


You can locate your constituency MP via the link below:


If you want to write to Baroness Cox and inform her of your concerns about the funding, nature and activities of the Tell Mama group, either using your own text or the text above, then please substitute the House Of Commons address for her House of Lords address which is:

Baroness Caroline Cox

House of Lords,



I’ve attached an .pdf version of this document below