Britain is now a nation where you can be arrested for satire. Give now to protect free speech

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The likes of Peter Cook, Hogarth, David Frost, Swift, Chaucer and others must be spinning in their graves at what has happened to the United Kingdom. We have gone from a nation that produced some of the greatest general and political satirists of all time, to one where modern day satirists are jailed or harassed by the police. What’s worse is that the modern day humorists and satirists are being targeted by a police force that seems to have forgotten that they are our servants and have become the gaolers of the British mind. Instead of protecting our rights, including the right to say ‘sod you’ when necessary, our police have instead have put an enormous amount of resources into pandering to Muslims and making sure that the poor little violent darlings feelings are not hurt. Maybe the police are worried that if a Muslim is ‘offended’ then they might explode, either figuratively or just as likely, literally.

The reason for this article is to draw attention to a fund raising campaign that has just started up to raise money for the legal defence of a man who decided that it was time to satirise the wrongly named ‘religion of peace’ aka Islam.

The person in question produced a hilarious batch of fake ‘Pokemon’ cards that went by the name of ‘Pakemon’. These cards mocked prominent Muslims and although these cards mock Muslims of all racial types, the originator was arrested for ‘inciting racial and religious hatred’. Below you will find an example of one of these cards that mocks London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq ‘Saracen’ Khan for his previous associations with some quite unsavoury Islamists.


For those who are interested you can find the complete list of ‘Pakemon’ in downloadable and printable JPEG form at this blog’s USA site which can be found HERE, a site I might add that is for the moment out of reach of Britain’s disgraceful and increasingly distrusted Islam-appeasing police forces.

Below is the text from an online appeal to raise money for the legal defence of this martyr for free speech. It’s not long gone up but let’s all club together and make this an appeal to remember and do your bit to protect your rights and your children’s and grand children’s rights to speak freely on political and religious matters without fear of arrest or imprisonment.

The Go Get Funding page said:

Do you believe in the right to criticise?

This campaign aims to assist with the funding of an upcoming case to defend a prosecution of Sections 18 and 19 of the Public Order Act, which relates to race and religious hatred. The crime? It’s not race or religious hatred as you might expect. The crime is actually for criticising Islamic terrorists and Islamic cultural extremism.

In the UK we have a right to freedom of expression and that allows us to criticize, mock, ridicule, insult etc**. That is it seems unless the subject of the criticism is Islamic extremism, then there is a risk that the criticism might incite racial hatred towards the whole of the Islamic community – according to the British Transport Police that is.

The crime itself was posting around 25 humorous stickers at around 10 locations in London and the Home Counties. A crime which resulted in a 5 hour long raid, imprisonment and interview before being bailed conditionally until late January 2017 under the threat of prosecution and likely jail time.

Do you believe in the right to criticise? Do you agree that we have a right to point a finger at things that are bad and say so? If you believe this then please support this cause as if this fails there is a serious chance that a dangerous precedent will be set where UK citizens can no longer have freedom of expression.

You can contribute to this worthwhile campaign by going to the link below

Contributions towards a criminal defence to defend a case about the right to criticise Islamic terrorism and cultural extremism.

If you want to see the images that have caused all the fuss and is taking up an enormous amount of police and Crown Prosecution Service resources then follow the link below

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