I told you this would happen Anger and vigilantism in the Netherlands

A stereotypical angry mob from one of the Frankenstein movies


It gives me no pleasure at all to say yet again, I told you this would happen. I predicted that the dangerous and suicidal policies of pandering to Islam, coupled by rampant and unsustainable levels of Islamic immigration would cause social disturbance and local collapses in confidence in politics and policing.

Unfortunately this is what appears to be the situation in the Netherlands these days. Local communities are in political revolt at the prospect of having thousands of mostly Muslim fake ‘refugees’ dumped onto or near to their towns and villages. Vigilante groups are also being set up to protect Dutch citizens from assault from violent migrants and to punish the invading migrants for crimes attributed to them.

According to press reports vigilante groups are doing the job of monitoring and patrolling that was once the preserve of the police and other security agencies. This sort of vigilante activity where it occurs is for me a clear sign that public confidence in the police to keep the citizen safe from assaults by violent migrants has started to disappear. This reasons behind this type of vigilante activity and the growing anger expressed by some in the Netherlands about the country’s Islamic problems are, as in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, not being properly addressed by the mainstream politicians.

The politicians of major parties are seen by those disturbed by the growth of the oppressive ideology of Islam as being part of the problems. The solutions that the mainstream politicians have offered, such as more political correctness, more ‘hate crime’ laws and more Islamic appeasement have only made things worse. I can well see why Dutch people are growing angry at the way that they and their communities are being treated. How many people with more than half a brain who lives in a rural or semi rural area would actively want thousands of young men from cultures that treat women like shit, inculcate hateful views of Christians, Jews and Hindus into their children and have a very well deserved bad reputation for criminality? I don’t think you’d find many people who’d be happy with having thousands of such people with such incompatible cultural baggage dumped on them.

As a person who considers themselves a constitutionalist, it bothers me greatly to see the Dutch having to resort to vigilantism to keep themselves safe. This sort of vigilantism is as well as being a sign of loss of public confidence in the authorities is also an indication that a significant number of Dutch people are starting to see their police as ‘not on their side’.

Below is part of a Daily Express article on the situation in the Netherlands. It makes sobering reading and makes me hope that this situation can be resolved for the benefit of the Dutch not the invaders of course, before it explodes. Maybe the election of Geert Wilders or a good showing for his party may encourage other parties to see, hear and understand the anger that pro-Islam and pro-migrant policies are causing. At the moment these politicians who promote pro-Islam and pro-migration policies never have to live with the problems that these policies cause and are often shielded from the effects of it, The rise of explicitly anti-Islam political parties and currents may at last pierce the bubble of isolation, group-think and ideology that too many politicians live and work in. These politicians need to hear our anger at what has been done and maybe people like Mr Wilders are the ones to do it.

Here’s the excerpt from the Daily Express piece. As is usual policy for this blog the original text is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Daily Express said:

TENSIONS are bubbling over in a small Dutch town after an influx of migrants rocked the community leading to protests and sparking the creation of vigilante groups.

Oude Pekela, in the Netherlands, has been the scene of heated demonstrations as locals struggle to adjust to the number of Syrian migrants being housed there. 

As cities were overwhelmed with the number claiming asylum, the Dutch government was forced to house applicants far away from built-up areas.

Shelters were hastily set up in suburbs where their presence caused friction among residents, fearful immigration was impacting their small community. 

I think that readers will find that it’s not just Oude Pekela where tensions are rising, it will be in many small towns and villages that are having fake ‘refugees’ dumped on them.

The Daily Express added:

Close to the German border, the village has a scant population of just 8,000, and is seeing rise to organised groups patrolling the town.

The country has seen the number of protest groups skyrocket from 124 in 2012 to 661 this year, raising fears of vigilantism. 

One such group, Kameraadschap Noord-Nederland, which describes itself as a “national-minded people with a socialist heart,” has organised several protests in the area. 

Another, United We Stand Holland: Protecting Our Citizens, sprung up after locals banded together to apprehend a migrant, following claims he “behaved inappropriately” toward a 12-year-old girl in a supermarket, though did not commit a crime. 

It’s plain to see that there has been a large jump in the number of groups opposed to dumping Muslim migrants on their areas. Members of these groups must have seen what’s happened elsewhere in Europe when these fake ‘refugees’ have been settled and I don’t blame them for not wanting what’s happened in other places to happen in or near their homes. I don’t agree with the Express saying there is a ‘fear of vigilantism’ as the vigilantism stage seems to have arrived already. Also I don’t think that these issues of anger and vigilantism are confined to the village in question, I think the fear and anger at the dumping of dangerous migrants on small vulnerable towns and villages is more widespread than that. The conditions to create vigilantism and social upheaval exist elsewhere and these conditions will get worse until the main stream politicians are forced to start to undo the damage that their migration policies and policies towards Islam have done. Yet again we have a situation where anger and vigilantism is rising and it’s a situation that could so easily have been avoided. It could have been avoided by having realistic and honest policies that treated Islam and not the ordinary non-Muslim citizen as the major cause of problems. These vigilante groups and the angry demonstrations are the creation of politicians who ignored ordinary citizen’s concerns and said to the people they were tasked to represent and protect ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity’.


Anger and vigilantism on the rise in the Netherlands