The Leftie drugs just don’t work any more


For many years the Left has had some powerful weapons in their hands such the personal slur or the ‘snarl’ word that is hurled at opponents along with the ability to exclude those with whom the Left disagrees from public debating platforms. The Left has used these and other weapons to dominate the political and cultural spheres and has pushed out those individuals who disagree with Leftist thinking. Leftists have shouted ‘racist’, ‘bigot’, ‘Islamophobe’, ‘far right’ at anyone who disagreed with them and have treated these words like a magic pill that shuts up all and any opposition. Normal people don’t like to be thought of as ‘bigots’ or ‘racists’ or whatever the hateful word hurled at them by the Left. Most decent people don’t hate other people because of the colour of their skin or because they’ve got a foreign sounding name and therefore being called ‘racist’ when you are not is hurtful and disturbing. Therefore shouting ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ or ‘Islamophobe’ or whatever at people who are not these things has been a very effective tactic for the Left.

However there are signs that this is beginning to change. The Left has for decades hurled accusations at people as if these accusations were ‘magic drugs’ which could win the Left the debate. But there are a growing number of indications that these drugs are no longer working as well as they once did. The Left’s overuse of the word ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘far right’ or any other the other ‘snarl’ words is robbing them of much of their emotional power. The Left often reach for powerful emotional arguments when they are challenged by contradictory data or views. It’s a character trait of many Leftist debaters to make an emotional appeal rather than answer hard questions. This habit has been called ‘point and shriek’ by the writer James Delingpole and it is a pretty good description of Leftist emotive arguments.

But there are some changes that are starting to be noticed by myself and by others. People, normal genuinely non-racist people seem to be more willing now when being called ‘racist’ by lefties to either shrug their shoulders or tell the leftie to ‘F**k right off’. Ordinary people are starting to realise that these words such as ‘racist’ or ‘far right’ when aimed at those whom are mostly or entirely innocent of being so, are just empty words. Of course these false accusations are hurtful, any sort of false accusation is horrible but many of us are starting to take the view that these false accusations say more about our accusers than they do about us. If we know in our hearts that we are not what the Left accuse us of being then the accusations have less effect and we know that the Leftie is talking out of their hat or trying to shut down a debate that they are losing by smearing.

Do I get annoyed when mendacious Islamic grievance mongers smear me as ‘far right’, of course I do and I consider such accusations dishonest and slanderous. However I don’t take them at all seriously. I know I’m not a jackboot-licker, those who understand where I’m coming from know I’m not a jackboot-licker and that’s all that matters. Such accusations say a lot more about the accuser than it does about me.

I’ve seen a growing number of people who have ceased to take to heart accusatory words that once would made them shut up or cower in fear of the consequences of the accusation. The Left have so overused and inappropriately used ‘snarl’ words that such words should now better considered to be merely emotive mouth noises rather than responses in a debate about a subject. The best response to these Lefty mouth noises is to say sod off I’m not buying what your selling and to recognise that these words are meaningless and are just the phonic tics of ‘Lefty Tourettes’.

The Left’s weapons of accusation and smear are not as potent as they once were. I’m seeing far more people both on social media and real life who are not caving in when being called ‘racist’ for wanting controlled borders or ‘Islamophobic’ because they distrust an ideology that kills people in enormous numbers. This in my view is a good thing. For too long Leftist ideas have not had enough challenge and I’m very glad to see that Leftist ideas are getting some intellectual challenge at last.

The empty words, smears, snarls and emotive mouth noises of the Left are like the Emperor’s New Clothes in the children’s story. Like the naked Emperor who was seen as being clothed only by the most sycophantic of courtiers, the Left’s nakedness and it’s nasty cynicism is displayed for all to see every time Leftists parade their ‘snarl’ words about these days. The only people who take the Leftists accusations at all seriously these days are fellow Leftists in their echo chambers, normal people outside of this bubble on the other hand are starting to see that these accusations are brimful of dishonesty in the majority of cases in which Leftists use them.