Another night of New Years Eve Islamic sexual savagery in Germany from Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem.

Migrant violence flares up in Dortmund, Germany


When I first saw the source article for this piece in the Daily Express I had to double check the date at the top of it to make sure I wasn’t looking at a piece from last year’s New Years Eve in Germany. When I saw ‘Migrant sex attacks on New Years Eve’ at first I thought I was reading a piece from last New Year when Chancellor Merkel’s imported Muslims committed hundreds of sex assaults and indulged in acts of violence at Cologne’s New Year celebrations.

Sadly I was wrong. I was not mistakenly reading a year-old article as it was an article from this New Year. It seems that although an increased police presence in Cologne has prevented Muslims from assaulting and raping in that city to the extent that they did last year, that doesn’t mean that a number of other German towns and cities have been spared from Islamic sex offending and violence.

According to a report in the Daily Express there have been reports of violence and sex offending by Muslims in a number of cities including Hamburg and Augsburg. There was also a report of violent Muslims kicking off in Dortmund as well.

It appears that although the German authorities may have prevented a public relations embarrassment of disastrous proportions in Cologne by flooding the city with hundreds of police officers, that has not saved other innocent German’s elsewhere from sexual and physical assault. Other Germans in other cities have got a dose of what the citizens of Cologne got last New Years Eve.

Here’s part of the Daily Express report on how the problem of Islamic migrant criminality and sexual violence has afflicted cities in Germany. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the Express is in italics whereas this blogger’s comments are in plain text.

The Daily Express said:

A CROWD of more than 1,000 men shot fireworks at riot police and women were attacked by migrants as New Year’s Eve celebrations spiralled out of control across Germany, despite heightened security due to terror fears.

In Hamburg, 14 women were the victims of sex attacks, as more than 45,000 people celebrated New Year’s Eve in the city. 

Police said the suspected attackers, including migrants, grabbed their victim’s crotches. Ten people have been arrested in connection with the sexual assaults. 

Officers said three Syrians, three Iraqis, two Afghans, one Eritrean and one German were arrested in connection with the sexual assaults in Große Freiheit and Beatles Square. 

Firefighters and police were called out to more than 2,000 incidents during the celebrations. 

Police Officer Timo Zill said the mood at the banks of the Binnenalster river was aggressive mostly because of people “with migration background”.

A number of troublemakers were spoken to by police and banned from certain areas of the city. 

Elsewhere in Germany, police in Augsburg launched investigations into several sex attacks as chaos ripped through the Bavarian town on New Year’s Eve. 

Around 150 people celebrated the New Year in Augsburger Königsplatz with police reports of migrants firing rockets into the crowd. 

Police arrested a 22-year-old Syrian for firing a rocket toward people standing next to him. 

Three young men from Iraq and Syria were banned from the square after firing rockets at several people, police said. 

Police launched an investigation after a rocket hit a woman, 30, on the head and a police officer was injured when a firework hit his patrol car. 

Eyewitnesses accused three Syrians of being behind the incident, police said investigations are ongoing. 

Afghan nationals, aged 19, 21 and 37 were accused of repeatedly groping two 18-year-old girls. 

Sex offences, violence, aggression are just par for the course when it comes to Islam. How anyone with more than half a functioning brain can think that these sort of savages ‘enrich’ a civilised nation like Germany is beyond me. Although German governments have done terrible things in the past and has twice in a century plunged the continent of Europe into war, that doesn’t mean the modern peaceable German citizen deserves to be landed with these awful destructive savages who follow an equally savage ideology called Islam. These sort of piss taking Islamic imports are not ‘refugees’, they shouldn’t even be classed as ‘migrants’, they are invading thugs and deserve to be treated as such. With ongoing piss poor behaviour like this and more is it any wonder that the ordinary German citizen is getting more and more angry at the sort of ambulant human sewage that their government has thrown open their nation’s doors to?

The Daily Express added:

A gang of around 1,000, which included groups of migrants, crowded in front of Dortmund’s main train station and Leeds Square. 

Officers set up no-go zones near the station and town’s main square with reports of drunk men aggressively approaching police. 

Photos and video from the mayhem show smoke flares being thrown into the crowd as troublemakers ignored police warnings from the square’s town speakers. 

Police said suspects threw pyrotechnics with bare hands at officers and families with young children. 

Riot police armed with shields and helmets watched on as gangs shout “Allahu Akbar” as Syrians celebrate Turkey and Russia brokering a ceasefire for Syria. 

It can be seen even from this one report that the instances of disturbances and crimes committed by Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem are quite widespread. I would be completely unsurprised to find that in the next week or so more stories come out about the violent and sexually deviant behaviour of Muslims in other parts of Germany over the Christmas and New Year Period.

The German government has by importing so many savage Muslims, gifted their own citizens a political, social and cultural situation that is rapidly spiralling into disaster. The German government needs to make an abrupt volte face regarding how they deal with Germany’s Islamic problems effectively and with necessary harshness before these problems become too great to handle. The situation needs to be stabilised as soon as possible even if it means Germany throwing human rights niceties out of the window if that is what is necessary to deal with Germany’s imported savage problems. If this situation can be stabilised and the unwanted Muslims removed or interned prior to ultimate removal then those German politicians who have gone so far out of their way to import so many problematic Muslims need to be made to answer to the courts for their crimes. These crimes have been committed against German citizens by the foolish politicians inserting so much dangerous and unwanted Islam into a German nation whose citizens do not deserve their current fate.


More migrant sex offences and violence mar Germany’s New Years Eve celebrations