From Elsewhere: The Muslim ‘fake hate crime’ epidemic in the United States.


Never in the course of modern post World War II history have so many ‘hate crimes’ been alleged by Muslims with so so few of them being shown to have any substance whatsoever. The number of fake hate crimes that have been alleged to have been targeted at Muslims since the recent US Presidential election is high, but so few of them have any corroboration for them and a great deal of them are shown quite quickly to be false.

There’s a really informative article on the conservative leaning online publication Front Page Magazine about both the number of fake anti-Muslim crimes and the eagerness of leftist groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Centre to promote these lies as truth. It seems that as very few complaints to police have been made by those Muslim women claiming that they’ve had their hijabs ripped off or that they’ve been verbally assaulted, the likelihood is that the vast majority of these allegations are bogus. In a large number of these ‘assault’ and ‘hate crime’ cases there are no credible witnesses, no CCTV footage or other evidence that would point to the claims of these Muslims and the Leftists who support them, being true. These allegations are lies designed to make Islam look less like the aggressor that it really is and more like a victim of aggression.

Here’s part of the article, written by Ann Coulter from Front Page Magazine on the fake hate crime wave that seems to be sweeping America. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from FPM will be in italics whereas my comments are in plain text.

Front Page Magazine said:

Has there been one (1) documented hate crime committed by white people against any hue in the Rainbow Coalition since Nov. 8? That’s out of the 9,456,723 hate crimes alleged by America’s leading hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). 

I’ve read through dozens of SPLC “hate crimes” and they are all lies. The Muslim girls in particular seem to be very spirited liars.

Since the election, there have been vivid stories from across the nation of Trump supporters tearing off Muslim girls’ hijabs — at the University of Michigan (since retracted), Louisiana State University (also retracted), San Diego State University (that too was retracted), the New York City subway (again: retracted), and the University of New Mexico (no witnesses, won’t reveal attacker’s name or report the incident for investigation).

The main take-away from all these stories is: We sure have taken in a lot of Muslims! They seem to have trouble assimilating to American laws about not committing mass murder, but the good news is, when it comes to America’s culture of victimhood, they assimilate like fish to water!

This isn’t mass psychogenic illness, like when cheerleaders at the same high school all develop tics. It’s not even the Salem witch trials. At least the Salem witch-hunters believed in witches. The Muslim hoaxers are lying, and they know they’re lying.

Otherwise, they’d leave the country. 

Ms Coulter than raises the very interesting question about these fake hate crime claimants and that is if America is so bad and so hostile to Muslims then why have they not left yet? I don’t know about you but I would not stay in a country where I could not leave the house because of fear that I would be assaulted for my religious beliefs yet these hate crime claiming Muslims seem to have no problem with living in America despite the alleged ‘rash’ of hijab pulling. Ms Coulter then went on to say that out of all the alleged hate crimes against Muslims not one Muslim seems to have left the USA because of it. Doesn’t exactly sound like there is an American Pogrom going on against Muslims does it? These claims of hate crimes are just all so much dishonest guff.

Ms Coulter added that maybe there should be some central organisation to collate data on these fake hate crimes and tongue in cheek said maybe such an organisation, the antithesis of the Southern Poverty Law Centre, should be called the Northern Poverty Law Centre. She also said that in the absence of any organisation to keep an eye on the massive number of fake hate crimes being alleged then journalists should look out for signs that a particular alleged hate crime is fake.

Ms Coulter continued:

At this point, any claim of “hate” directed at Muslims, blacks, gays or Hispanics by Trump supporters should be treated as if it’s a UFO sighting: presumed false, unless documented with irrefutable evidence.

But until the NPLC is up and running, here are some tips for journalists:

— Real hate crimes do not begin with laughably implausible scenarios. Try to use a modicum of common sense.

— They are almost always captured on videotape or at least are seen by actual witnesses who give statements to the police. Lachrymose accounts posted on Facebook do not constitute evidence.

— They generally result in medical treatment and arrests. 

These are pretty good guidelines on how to not get caught out by fake hate crime stories promulgated by Muslims for political reasons. There have been so many dishonest Muslims claiming to be victims of anti Muslim hatred that it’s probably wise to be a little cynical when confronted with these stories. There are also a great number of Islamic grievance mongering groups out there both in the United States and in the UK. Groups like CAIR in the United States and Tell Mama in the UK have made a damn good living, sometimes in the case of Tell Mama off of the British taxpayer, promoting thoroughly dishonest stories about hijab pulling or ‘verbal assaults’.

There have now been so many of these fake hate crimes alleged by Muslims that every time I hear one now I take what I hear with not a pinch of salt but a whole bucket full. So often there’s never any corroborating evidence for these ‘hate crimes’ and there is often a similarity in detail with each story. For example: Following the murder of Lee Rigby in South Woolwich in 2013 I heard with my own ears and read many accounts by Muslims saying that a pregnant lady of their acquaintance or a member of their family had been assaulted in an ‘Islamophobic’ attack and had lost her baby. This story turned out to be completely bogus and I noticed that the same story was told by different people in different parts of the country and even told by Muslims overseas. However there were no arrests or charges brought for offences against the person and there was no record from what I could discern that was alleged to have happened did really happen. There were to my knowledge no police complaints made about these allegations by anyone and therefore yet another seemingly shocking ‘Islamophobia’ story was shown to be complete and utter bullshit.

So many Muslims in so many places tell so many lies about ‘Islamophobia’ and anti-Muslim attacks that the time has come to treat most if not all of these complaints about ‘Islamophobia’ as the rubbish that they so often turn out to be. Muslim grievances are so often so lacking in foundation that the default position that we should take when confronted with them is to disbelieve them and see them for what they are which is a political strategy designed to take advantage of the systems of civilised societies that try hard to be much more fair than many societies based on Islam often turn out to be. They are a cynical tactic and nothing more than that.


Original piece from Ann Coulter published in Front Page Magazine