George Gabriel of CitizensUK spins for open borders again. Are he and his organisation producing more ‘porkie pies’ than a pork pie factory?

A collection of 'Porkie pies' that are slightly less in number than the amount of 'porkie pies' told about the 'refugee crisis' by the Citizens UK group


Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with a man called George Gabriel. Mr Gabriel works with and for an organisation called CitizensUK which, despite the name, seems to have sod all interest in working for the betterment of UK citizens. Their primary campaigns at the moment seem to be around pushing for a policy of open borders and giving free passage to the tens of thousands of fake and highly dangerous Islamic ‘refugees’ that have been afflicting Europe.

George Gabriel has been tweeting out ( @GLGabriel) about the ‘refugee’ situation in Greece and has been in that country hobnobbing with Lord Alf Dubs along with spinning for the UK to take more dodgy ‘refugees’. Lord Dubs, for those who are unaware, is the foolish former Labour MP who is afflicted by the delusion that the violent thugs, rapists, welfare ponces and jihadists, who make up all too many of the current wave of ‘refugees’, are the moral equivalent of the Kindertransport children who were rescued from certain death at the hands of the Nazis. Dubs and his history of being one of the Kindertransport children has been mercilessly exploited by the Leftists and open borders obsessives of CitizensUK and similar groups, including far Left Vicars and Rabbis, many of whom are under the misapprehension that Islam is a religion of peace.

Lord Dubs who is being used by Leftist groups to promote open borders and the entry of dangerous ‘refugees’ into the United Kingdom

Now Lord Dubs is a bit of an idiot for being involved in this campaign to let in many thousands of people who are, as likely as not, going to be a problem to the UK, rather than the assets to the nation that many on the Kindertransport turned out to be. Lord Dubs is driven by an emotional response to the ‘refugee’ issue because he himself was once a refugee. Unfortunately this emotional response seems to have led Lord Dubs to abandon any sort of critical thought on the matter of refugees and migration. Lord Dubs is an old man and should in fairness and with deference to age, be excused some ‘old man foibles’, such as cleaving to foolish views that the current lot of ‘refugees’ are not a danger to the rest of us.

But there are others such as George Gabriel, on the other hand, doesn’t have the excuse of age that Lord Dubs has. George Gabriel and more specifically the CitizensUK organisation he works for, are much more dangerous and appear to have a flexible relationship with political honesty to such an extent that when he says that conditions are bad in these ‘refugee camps’, then I’m not inclined to believe him.

George Gabriel of Citizens UK who falsely claimed that the fake children being brought in with the assistance of Citizens UK were ‘interpreters’

The reason for my view that George Gabriel’s statements on the ‘refugee’ issue are not to be trusted is that he was one of those associated with the CitizensUK group who made dishonest statements about the nature of the Calais ‘child’ ‘refugees’. When the first ‘child’ ‘refugees’ arrived and were photographed by the press, there was public uproar because it was obvious that these individuals were not by any stretch of the imagination ‘children’. George Gabriel made a statement that his organisation ‘thought the individuals were interpreters’ when in fact they were the fake children themselves. This statement turned out to be incorrect and a further statement by the Home Office revealed that the adults pictured were indeed not ‘interpreters’, but the ‘children’ themselves. I didn’t buy this explanation from George Gabriel and CitizensUK even before the denial from the Home Office. This is because CitizensUK have had such a close involvement in the cause of bringing in these fake children that I find it difficult to believe they were not aware of the nature of the individuals who were being brought in to the UK under the guise of ‘children’.

Now, to be charitable, it may be the case that George Gabriel may not have decided on his own to utter a deliberate falsehood, he could have panicked and said the first thing that came into his head or he may have been ‘following orders’ from his CitizensUK bosses. In any event, he and Citizens UK made a misleading statement about the nature of the individuals that were brought into the UK on the grounds that they were ‘vulnerable children’ and were revealed to done so. CitizensUK have a long and undistinguished reputation for open borders and ‘refugee’ activism and some of those associated with CitizensUK seem to have no moral problem with associating with Islamic extremists. The record of open borders and ‘refugee’ activism along with the close associations with questionable Islamic groups and individuals should be borne in mind whenever CitizensUK makes a statement on ‘refugees’, ‘community cohesion’ or even if it raining outside or not.

The completely counterfactual statement made by George Gabriel and Citizens UK about the nature of the ‘children’ coming in from Calais has made me trust less an organisation that I had little enough trust in before. CitizensUK and its employees will say anything at all, no matter how outrageous, in order to protect their ‘refugee’ and open borders projects and because of that they should not be trusted in any way, shape or form. I certainly don’t trust CitizensUK to tell me the truth about what is going on in Greek ‘refugee camps’.

If an organisation and its employees can utter such outrageous falsehoods regarding the age of alleged child ‘refugees’ then it begs the question: “What other dishonesties are they promulgating?” My guess, based on their previous record, would be quite a few more truths are yet to emerge.


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