Fake ‘Syrian children’ being dumped on rural county

Hereford Cathedral the centrepiece of a county having expensive and unwanted fake 'child refugees' dumped on it


For several years now the world’s media has been flooded by whining virtue signallers telling us to ‘welcome refugees’. Government’s and local authorities have fell over themselves in their haste to open the country’s doors to what they’ve been told are people in distress. Unfortunately it’s a policy that is starting to be seen to be one that has little bearing on or grounding in reality. It’s being noticed by many people that once these ‘Syrian refugees’ or those claiming to be ‘Syrian refugees’ get to safe European countries, their behaviour ranges from bad to downright appalling. Anti-social behaviour, the making of outrageous demands, along with terror and sex attacks have been a hallmark of the current ‘refugee’ wave that has afflicted Europe. This is not the behaviour of genuine refugees who, grateful for their lives, don’t engage in anti-social behaviour or acts of rape, terror and sedition. In Britain alone in 2016 it was revealed that 900 out or approximately 3,500 ‘Syrian refugees’ given shelter in the UK had been arrested for offences ranging from rape to child abuse. These do not strike me as being genuine grateful deserving refugees and look more like violent Islamic ponces to me.

Across the country local authorities are, because of decisions made by the Cameron government, having possibly dangerous ‘Syrian refugees’ dumped on them and this dumping is being assisted by various virtue-signallers in local politics, religious organisations and leftist activists. It’s a situation that is not going to end well for those communities that find themselves lumbered with these ‘Syrians’.

Now it seems it’s the turn of the Herefordshire area to suffer the effects of having possibly violent and destructive ‘Syrian refugees’ dumped on them. Some of this blog’s contacts in the Herefordshire area have alerted me to a story about virtue-signalling, waste and the possible endangerment of local people by dumping ‘Syrian refugees’ on them. It seems that the local authority has issued a contract for the housing and support of at least six and possibly more ‘unaccompanied Syrian children’. The contract, worth £63,000 of taxpayer’s money has gone to a group called ‘Youthlinx’ who will supply housing and support for these alleged ‘refugees’. It’s obvious from reading the article quoted below from the Hereford Times that Youthlinx are not exactly expecting an influx of babies and toddlers as Youthlinx appears to be admitting that those 16 years old or greater will also be housed and supported under the guise that they are ‘children’.

I and probably you the reader, will be able to think of a great many things that are worth spending £63k of taxpayer’s money on, money that is being wasted on feeding, housing and clothing members of groups whose previous record has to put it mildly not been good. It looks like the people of Herefordshire are going to have to tolerate the sort of ‘junior jihadis’, troublemakers, sex offenders and thugs that have sadly characterised these ‘Syrian refugees’ in other parts of Europe and the UK where they have been housed.

Here’s the Hereford Times article that this blog’s contacts pointed me towards regarding the housing of ‘Syrian refugees’. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from the newspaper is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text.

The Hereford Times said:

A CONTRACT has been awarded for a support service to enable up to six unaccompanied asylum-seeking children to be given a place in a shared home in the county.

Herefordshire Council has awarded the contract, worth a total of around £63,000, to Youthlinx.

The commissioning enabled a shared house to be available to meet the needs of three children (UASCs) in December 2016, with a further three to be placed in spring 2017.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the virtue-signallers and do-gooders felt that they should spend this sort of money setting up a shared house with support for our own young people in distress. Unfortunately our own people have to go to the back of the queue whilst a council that has had to make cutbacks in a number of areas waste money like this. The fact that this money is being spent on a ‘shared house’ for three ‘children’ will give rise to suspicions that those being housed are not children at all but young men in their 20’s or older posing as children. After all you’d hardly create a ‘shared house’ for a group of toddlers would you?

Under the national transfer scheme, Herefordshire has agreed to accept responsibility for up to 25 UASCs, in addition to the 20 already in the care of the council.

That’s a total of 45 potential serious problems dumped on an area that doesn’t deserve the trouble that these ‘Syrian refugees’ may well bring.

While work was being carried out to develop placement options for UASC – including foster and supported lodgings placements – the council said it was unlikely that enough suitable people would be approved as carers to meet the need, even in the medium and long-term.

If I was a foster carer and I had children of my own I’d be very reluctant to take in these ‘Syrian children’ because of fears for my own children’s safety. There have been cases where so called ‘children’ have turned out to be violent scum. In one particular incident a foster parent took in a ‘refugee child’ only to find out later that in reality the boy was a 21 year old Afghan with jihadist and terrorist sympathies. Would you want to welcome such a creature into your home? I know I would not.

In a report, the council said: “Looked after children who are aged over 16 can be placed in independent accommodation. For those UASC who are 16 years old or over, shared accommodation is preferred as long as there is a robust support service in addition to the support available from social workers and personal advisors.

It seems that an awful lot of money, money that should be better spent on making our own children’s lives better, is going to be wasted on these ‘Syrian refugees’.

“In order to successfully maintain independent living in shared accommodation, suitable support services must be in place. The support plan will be based on an assessment of individual need to establish a routine and promote life-skills.”

More waste

The council added that the effectiveness of the support model would be evaluated so that longer term decisions regarding commissioning of housing and support could be made.

Let me translate that last sentence for you. What the council mean is that if, or more likely when, the ‘Syrian children’ turn violent, anti-social or even treasonous, then they will try to shove the problems under the carpet and shout the word ‘racist’ at anybody who brings up the matter of problems caused by these ‘Syrian children’. I don’t think the council are using the word ‘evaluated’ in the manner that many normal people would use the word.

It looks like Herefordshire is another county where the locals are going to be endangered by the import of dangerous ‘Syrians’ and who are going to see resources that could have been spent on something worthwhile or useful wasted on potentially troublesome interlopers.

No good can possibly come from importing these ‘Syrians’ or anybody else from majority Muslim cultures. It’s exasperating to see local councils who must be aware of the problems caused by these ‘refugees’ queuing up to play Lady Bountiful with our money and supporting those who are likely to be problematic at the expense of everybody else.




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