Morris Dancers chased out of Birmingham by ‘Asians’

Border Morris dancers similar to the ones who were chased out of Birmingham by 'Asians'


When areas of the UK become ‘shariah shitholes’, the rights of non-Muslims in those areas to practise their faiths or for ordinary Britons to express aspects of their culture, rapidly disappear. We’ve seen this in places like Tower Hamlets and Newham in London where Islamic political control or influence has not been good for non-Muslims and where non-Muslims are now de facto second class citizens. A few days ago we saw similar Islamic cultural arrogance on display in Birmingham where a group of Morris Dancers were chased out of the Bullring centre by ‘Asians’ (by that read Muslims as these incidents are very rarely the fault of the much better integrated Sikhs or Hindus ) angered at the traditional black face paint worn by dancers following the Border Morris tradition.

In the latest incident the dancers from Alvechurch were celebrating Plough Monday the traditional start of the British agricultural year by dancing at the Bullring shopping centre. The dancers found themselves being shouted at for being ‘racist’ for wearing black face paint despite there being a wealth of information available to show that the black face paint of Border Morris is absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with the historical applications of various vagrancy acts.

Here’s part of a Breitbart article on this latest assault, presumably by Muslims and their leftist enablers, on a long established aspect of British culture.

Breitbart said:

A group of traditional Morris dancers have been forced to abandon a performance after passers-by, mostly a group of Asian youths, objected to the dancers’ use of black face paint as part of their costume.

In an incident in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre, a group of dancers from nearby Alvechurch were forced to leave after the youths knocked their hats off and verbally abused them. A young Asian man was caught on camera insisting: “This is racist. […] Do you not think you’ll hurt someone’s feelings? I am one of those people. Explain yourself.”

The group was one of five Morris troops celebrating Plough Monday, the traditional start of the agricultural year, by dancing down Corporation Street and New Street in the city centre on Saturday.

Unlike their fellow dancers, the Alvechurch group chose to perform with their faces painted black – a style known as ‘Border Morris’, dating back to the 16th century origins of the dance. It is thought that the face paint, far from being an allusion to black people, was originally a form of disguise.

A source close to the group told ITV: “The atmosphere had been great with the vast majority of people, but I was absolutely amazed by the vitriolic abuse they started to receive.

One lady was particularly angry and a group of young men started to become very abusive and confrontational, accusing them of being racists.

They started jumping in between the dancers and knocking off their hats. The dancers tried to explain why their faces were painted black, but they would not listen.”

I admire the attempts by the dancers to explain why faces in Border Morris are obscured by black make up but as we’ve seen all too often Muslims and the Left are unwilling to listen to explanations as they take the view that it’s their way or the highway. Although those who disrupted the Morris Dancing are described as ‘Asian’ it’s long been known in the UK that the use of the word ‘Asian’ in the press most often means ‘Muslim’. I very much doubt that the word ‘Asian’ in this context refers to the much more integrated and thoughtful Sikh or Hindu communities who often have South Asian heritage. This sort of violent intolerance is a characteristic of Muslims in Britain and has rarely been shown to come from either Hindus or Sikhs. Although all communities have their extremists, knowing a little about the demographics and politics of Birmingham I have to say that it’s more than likely to be Muslims and their Leftist Quislings who have kicked off like this.

Because of excessive immigration and pandering to sometimes dangerous minorities like the followers of Islam, Britain is now a place where traditions are trampled on by those who have no interest in integrating in British society or respecting British history and culture. If you want to imagine what life would be like in Britain should Islam acquire even more influence than it has already, then picture a Morris dancer being chased away from a shopping centre or as Orwell said a boot stamping on your face forever.

This Birmingham incident is just another example of what happens when civilised societies like that of the UK tolerate religious and political ideologies that have no respect for or tolerance of others. Today it was innocent Morris Dancers being chased out of a shopping centre, tomorrow may come church burnings and many of the other horrors that characterise Islamic cultures and societies. Islam brings nothing to the cultural and civilisation tables apart from destruction and terror and that is something that we can see not only by looking at the negative effects on our own nation and society, but by looking at Islamic history and the effect it has had on other nations such as Germany and Sweden. These places were once safe but because of Islam then are no longer places that can be considered as safe at all.


Original Breitbart story on the Morris Dancers who have been chased out of Birmingham