Council likely to push on with plans to turn former care home into ‘Asylum centre’

Protesters outside the former Widnes care home that the council wishes to turn into an asylum centre.


Later today a local council will turn against their local residents and dump a whole load of potentially violent and disruptive ‘asylum seekers’ on the people of Widnes in Cheshire. The council will in effect issue a giant ‘f**k you’ to everyone in the area who wants to retain their quality of life and not see their area turned into a shithole where residents cannot move about in freedom and without fear.

Today is the day when Halton council is expected to approve of plans to turn a former care home into an ‘asylum centre’ for approximately 120 ‘asylum seekers’. Without a doubt the whole local establishment has gone out of its way to dump this monstrous plan on local people and have treated appallingly those local people who have genuine fears for their safety and quality of life, should this be approved. The council have ignored a whole slew of local objections to the plans and are pushing on regardless of objections, no matter how reasonable or well framed the arguments were against converting the building into an asylum centre. They are even allegedly ignoring possible alternative bids for the site which would see it being used for proper community health purposes. The council want this building to be turned into an asylum centre and they are showing that they obviously don’t give a toss about the local people, who elect them and pay for their local authority through their council tax.

Cheshire Police have also got onto the pro-asylum centre bandwagon and the Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Boycott has basically told local people to ‘shut up’ about the centre and who has threatened arrest to those who speak out against this plan on social media. She threatened objectors with arrest under malicious communications legislation and is equating those who object to the plan with those who constitute a genuine threat to public order.  ACC Boycott is the very worst sort of police officer, which is a politicised one, she has made it very plain that she is on the side of the proposed asylum centre and will use her powers to stop objections to it.

The entire local political and policing Establishment is behind this plan to impose this ‘asylum centre’ and they have treated the local people who, having seen the effects that these ‘refugees’ have had on other areas and on other nations, with utter and complete contempt. This local Establishment have plainly signalled their intent to crap from a great height on local people who will be the real losers in this plan. Soon, because of the presence of these ‘refugees’, the residents of the area will experience similar problems to those which have happened elsewhere. Women and children will become especially unsafe and the levels of anti-social behaviour and crime will undoubtedly rise significantly. No good ever comes of filling buildings with imported mostly Muslim men who will then, as they so often do, prey on local people.

The local Establishment are, by approving of this monstrous plan, helping to destroy a relatively peaceful area, just as surely as if they had let off a bomb there. The behaviour of the council and the police over this matter can really only be fairly described as appalling and outrageous arrogance of a sort that we should not expect to see from either our elected representatives or senior police officers.

Supreme arrogance like we are seeing from the local political and policing Establishment in Widnes is a terrible thing and could have serious repercussions. It ‘s never a good idea to disenfranchise local residents to this degree because it’s right that people have the ability to peacefully, legally and effectively object to plans such as these which will afflict local residents with fear and decreased security. Free and democratic societies such as that of the UK need mechanisms for people to object to impositions like this and removing this right to object effectively, as the council and the police are doing, stokes the fires of conflict and could possibly encourage violence. This sort of arrogance shown by the local Establishment gives ammunition to those who feel that the system is inherently bent against Britons who just want to live their lives in peace. Worse still it emboldens those who feel that there is no point in taking the peaceful legal route to stop projects such as these. The only winners, if they can be described as such, in this whole débâcle will be those who believe that a more physical and violent approach is required to stop dangerous ‘refugees’ being dumped on their areas, since the legal and peaceful route has obviously failed.

This is a situation that I’ve often warned about and something that I really don’t want to see happening. Removing people’s right to object effectively against developments such as this which will place local people in danger and behaving in the arrogant manner that the local authority and the police have done, is the perfect recipe for disaster because it leaves a vacuum that will be filled by demagogues.

If people find that they cannot consistently properly, legally and effectively object to these sort of impositions and use the planning system to stop them and the police are being seen as being on the side of the dangerous ‘refugees’ then the siren voices of those counselling violence will become louder and louder. I don’t know about you but I’d rather see local people be able to stop centres for dangerous ‘refugees’ being built by using the planning and political systems, rather than turning to mobs with pitchforks and flaming torches or even shady characters armed with incendiary devices. Such activities are the sign of a breakdown in the political process and should not be encouraged. Giving succour to the hotheads who’ve lost all faith in the political system is the way madness lies, but it is a madness that by their actions and their arrogance, the local authority and the police seem to be encouraging.

I feel dreadfully sorry for the people of Widnes, they have been let down at every turn by the local authority, Cheshire Police and by central government. If as expected, the council approve this terrible plan then objectors must make immediate plans to make a legal appeal to stop it, because it’s a plan which will bring no benefit to local people. In fact rather than bring benefits, this project will bring harm. The presence of this ‘asylum centre’ will most likely expose the most vulnerable in the community to the many great threats of harm that so often come from the residents of these so-called ‘refugee centres’.

This is one of those situations where we really need to ask ‘whose side are the council and the police on’? Unfortunately the answer seems to be: Not on the side of local people but on the side of the potential criminals and ponces who will make local people’s lives an absolute misery.

I do hope that at the eleventh hour the council see sense and refuse this application but I doubt that this will happen and expect the council will get their ‘refugee centre’. However, it will be local people, who appear to have been robbed of their rights to object to this monstrosity, who will suffer the increase in rapes, sexual assaults, violence and theft that will accompany the ‘refugees’ who will be dumped on the area. I pray that the local residents can use the legal process to ultimately fight off this ill thought out and dangerous plan and consign this application to the dustbin where it deserves to be.

If this plan to impose these dangerous ‘refugees’ on Widnes goes ahead then all I can say is I would not want to be a woman, a child or a vulnerable person living in the vicinity of the proposed ‘refugee centre’. This is because my security would without a shadow of a doubt be compromised by the presence of the centre and the dangerous ‘refugees’ who will be housed there.


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