Video – Mosque promoters having another go at imposing a mosque in Mulberry Way, Redbridge, Essex.

The location of the London Borough of Redbridge


The residents of the London Borough or Redbridge are facing an appalling number of mosque impositions that are changing the character of the area and not for the better. There have been cases such as the former Jacques Hall working mans club where Islamic groups have effectively stolen a building that was intended for general community use and turned it into a mosque by driving non Muslim hirers away. Another group, a Muslim women’s group that has been described as having ‘medieval views’, has been granted permission to take over the site of a former police station and residents in the South Woodford area are facing the prospect of having an enormous mosque being foisted upon them.

It’s this last case, an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate by the mosque promoters against a planning refusal that concerns us today. The lawyer and ‘mosquebuster’ Gavin Boby has made a video calling on everyone who lives in the Redbridge area to object to an appeal by mosque promoters to dump a four storey mosque on Mulberry Way in South Woodford. This mosque will cause immense disruption to the area including a significant degree of traffic increase.

The mosque promoters, Qurani Murkuz Trust, wish to demolish a community building that is currently being used by the group as a mosque and replace it with four floor, highly dominating monstrosity, which will cause a road traffic increase and adversely affect local businesses. The local people have been fighting hard against this mosque imposition and their application was refused by the local authority, but the mosque promoters are trying to wear opponents down by using what Mr Boby describes as ‘pester power’ to get what they want. The mosque promoters have put in application then a slightly amended application then an appeal and now they are going to the Planning Inspectorate in order to dump this mosque on an area that really doesnt’ want it or need it.

Here’s the video in which Mr Boby explains why this mosque will be so damaging and how local people can object to it.

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