Labour sell the British people down the river again. This time in Widnes.

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Yet again we have an example of a Labour council riding roughshod over the objections of many local people with one of their decisions. Also yet again we have an example of a Labour council placing the rights of dubious and possibly dangerous ‘refugees’ well above the safety and security of the people of a town that Labour controls.

As expected the borough council of Halton in the North West of England have approved a plan to convert a former care home into a home for 120 ‘refugees’. The council, which is predominantly Labour with 52 Labour councillors and minimal opposition from 2 Lib Dem and 2 Conservative councillors, stuck two fingers up to the many hundreds of residents living near the proposed ‘refugee’ centre and dumped this monstrous plan on them anyway.

Here’s a report on the decision from a local radio station WireFM.

WireFM said:

Plans to convert a former Widnes care home into a hostel for Asylum seekers moved a step closer after council bosses gave it their approval

The former Lilycross care home housed 60 people before being closed down and owner Abid Chudary successfully applied for it to turned into an interim asylum seekers centre to be run by Serco on behalf of the Home Office.

Proposals to turn the former Lilycross Centre into a hostel for people seeking asylum in Britain has met with opposition from some local residents but despite those fears a Council committee approved the application at a meeting at the Select Security Stadium last night.

About eighty people gathered outside to protest the move that’ll see around one hundred and twenty people housed at the facility.

A spokesman for the campaign group said they’re now considering taking the decision to a judicial review.

I hope that the protesters are successful with their Judicial Review as this is an appalling and arrogant decision by the local authority. It will bring nothing but trouble to the area and if these ‘refugees’ behave as they have so often elsewhere in Europe then I would expect that the area will see a steep rise in theft, anti-social behaviour and sex crime.


Wire FM coverage of the approval given for converting former care home to asylum centre

Previous article on this subject from this website

Councillors list for Halton Borough Council


It’s interesting to view the comments section of the WireFM article as at the moment there is only one out of 16 comments that is explicitly in favour of these ‘refugees’ being housed in the former Lilycross Care Home.

Just in case these comments and the comment facility itself, disappear from this story (as often happens with these sort of discussions) I have datadumped the 16 comments that appeared up until 16:09 18th January 2017.

Angela Knowles ·

X (roller coaster)

watch your stuff, they might not be all honest, i now we have scally’s but with it being widnes we know most of them,and i am NOT RACIST.

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Matty Flanagan


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Edward Gradidge ·


I bet someone’s getting a bung fro the home office ���

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John Thornhill ·


Abid Chudary.Loads of Money.Widnes the place to avoid.

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Carlamarie Fletcher ·

Bromley College

What about housing the homeless I’m sure theirs more of them in the city n country

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Amanda Frost

What about the homeless in this country. Do our own not take priority over asylum seekers.

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Tracey Nash ·

Manager at Co-op Food

Coming soon to a house near you

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Andrew Briggs ·

Works at Self-Employed

Send the fucking asylum seekers the hell out of out country. You think they would do the same for us? Hope Mays Brexitwoyld new allow this!

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Andrew Briggs ·

Works at Self-Employed

I am so shocked about what has happened to our great country.

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Baz Roby ·

St. Helen’s College

Shocking there is enough of then Already

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Anthony Guastella ·

College of the Canyons

Every single one of the council who votes for this illegal act need to be removed and charged with treason against the citizens.

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Sharon Gloster ·

South East Derbyshire College, Ilkeston

What about all our elderly people who need a care home?????�
If these people needed asylum , why have they had to travel all this way through several other countries to get here????? Other countries should have taken them in!!!� Our country is just being ABUSED ��

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Ellen Saunders ·

Crayland basildon essex

Why not use it for bed blocks until they are ready to go home

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Ron Bailey ·

Works at Self-Employed

What you must all remember is these out of touch, overpaid, publicly funded not rights are answerable to us the very people who pay their over inflated salaries, get out their and protest.

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Sue Walker ·

Burlington secondary

abid chudary will be making money going from 60 oap’s to 120 asylum seekers all paid for by our tax’s? why not house ex service men and the homeless there?

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Julie Baxter

So while this facility has been sat empty, where were all the protesters then? Yep. Couldn’t care less until plans are in place to house people who have fled from their homes for no fault of their own, scared for their life. “Let’s look after our own” is a get out clause for people who want to oppose it because they have no compassion and for other reasons I don’t want to get in to. The UK isn’t even taking it’s fair share and it’s not a simple case of them passing other countries to get to us – they’re told where to go!

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Ms Baxter, the reason people don’t want these ‘refugees’ is because they’ve seen how they’ve behaved elsewhere. My late father in law wa a refugee and he didn’t behave even a fraction as bad as these alleged ‘refugees’ are behaving. I think people are right to object to this plan as it will bring nothing but trouble to the area, just as hosting these ‘refugees’ has brought enormous problems to places like Germany, Sweden and elsewhere. Housing these ‘refugees’ in this building is highly likely to be the source of much crime including the sort of sex crimes that have become a hallmark of these ‘refugees’ wherever they go.

Noreen Reynolds ·

Archbishop Ilsley

How much per client now?

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2 Comments on "Labour sell the British people down the river again. This time in Widnes."

  1. Philip Copson | January 20, 2017 at 10:12 am |

    Time to start a “Widnes Protection Programme”……

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 20, 2017 at 10:29 am |

      Unfortunately you may be making an all too accurate prediction. We are seeing a rapid fall in public confidence in politicians to do the right thing and prioritise British people instead of prioritising these fake ‘refugees’. There’s also a serious drop in confidence in the police’s willingness to protect Britons from this bunch of imported savages and ne’er do wells. If this confidence, especially confidence in the police, falls any further then I worry that we will start to see vigilante groups spring up to protect people in areas where the police and the local politicians have said ‘sod you’ to local people. I would prefer to see an honest responsible police force that followed the Peelian principles of policing by consent and protected Britons properly thereby rendering the vigilante groups unnecessary. But, if the police continue on their path of just saying ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity or you will be nicked’ to people who query developements such as this Widnes ‘refugee’ dumping ground, then vigilante groups is what we will get. I’d prefer to avoid the growth of vigilante groups and have the police do what they are damn well supposed to do and protect Britons of all races and religions I might add, not protect imported thugs and chancers like they all too often appear to be doing.

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