Of a revolution in politics in Washington and its counter-revolution. A personal view


There’s been a revolution in politics in Washington DC, the capital city of the United States of America. Something that could fairly be described as a Trump revolution. Despite there being a great deal of scepticism from many about the political prospects of Donald John Trump, he managed to confound many critics and much mockery, to become President.

He got there by being markedly different to all the other candidates, most notably by being a political outsider. In fact he’s so much a political outsider that of all the US Presidents only Ulysses S Grant and Dwight D Eisenhower have come to office with a similar lack of legislative experience. However it’s that same lack of experience and the knowledge that he’s outside the political Establishment, that has propelled Mr Trump to the White House.

The American’s voted for something different as represented by Mr Trump, but chose not to vote for ‘more of the same’ as illustrated by Hillary Clinton. What’s happened in the USA is most certainly revolutionary as people revolted against the political Establishment. The Establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, was soundly rejected by the American people and we now enter a new phase in history. In effect it’s a new American Revolution, but not one against a tyrannical King George, but against an Establishment elite that feathers its own nests whilst burning down the nests carefully built by ordinary Americans.

Did American’s revolt against an unjust and tyrannical King.;…….

………only for socialists to create desperate hell holes like Detroit for instance? I don’t think so.

I watched the Inauguration of Donald Trump with keen interest. It’s always heartening to see power transferred peacefully and following George Washington’s example of doing so. More importantly for me was hearing the now President Trump’s speech and what a speech it was. It was a gracious and passionate speech which recognised that the movement that chose him for the Presidency was a grass roots one and not one created by the established political class.

President Trump spoke of returning power to the people and removing it from the hands of a political class that has not worked for the benefit of the people of the USA. He said of the Establishment ‘their triumphs have not been your triumphs’. He’s right. The Establishment didn’t look after the ordinary American and did forget their concerns. In fact the Establishment in the USA, like the Establishment in the UK has treated people like dirt and foisted upon them policies that have failed, are failing or are just insane. On that note he spoke of the terrible conditions in America’s inner cities and how the nation’s industries had been let to rot and decay and of the cost to Americans of the policies that have brought this situation about.

There are whole cities in the USA where life for its residents, especially its Black residents, have been utterly ruined by well meaning Leftists whose policies have destroyed jobs, destroyed families and destroyed lives. In one powerful and moving section of the speech President Trump said:

Americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves. These are the just and reasonable demands of a righteous public.

But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.

This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.

If President Trump can keep his promise and clean up America’s education system by reforming the way it is managed then he will go a long way to starting on the road to sorting out America’s problems. If President Trump can put in place the necessary policies to rebuild America’s industrial base and create new ones then the poverty that afflicts too many America cities can be tackled. There has been carnage in America’s inner cities and you can hear in President Trump’s voice that this waste of lives still shocks him.

The inauguration speech was one that also stomped very heavily over the legacy of Barack Obama. President Trump’s lauding of those who keep America safe such as her military and police forces puts Trump’s attitude to these services in a markedly different place from where Obama’s were. There appeared to be more honest respect for these services in Trump’s speech than I’ve heard coming out of the mouth of Barack Obama. I think that the next 100 days will see Trump try to sweep away some of the more damaging ‘strokes of a pen’ made by Obama.

But, there is one very very important way that Trump’s words mark him out to be on a different political planet from Obama and many politicians of his ilk. Trump named the enemy that we in civilised nations all face. President Trump uttered the words ‘Islamic terrorism’ a phrase that has all to often been absent on the lips of his predecessor.

President Trump said:

We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones — and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.

When I heard President Trump say these words I leapt out of my seat on the sofa and shouted ‘he said it, he said it at last’. The phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ was one that Barack Obama went out of his way to avoid saying. No matter how obvious the connection between the many Islamic atrocities that took place and the ideology of Islam itself, President Obama would not utter these words and preferred to promote the fiction that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

I see nothing to really worry about with President Trump’s use of the phrase ‘America first’, I really don’t. This is because all nations should quite rightly put their own citizens and subjects first. It’s a policy that other nations should also have and President Trump’s election may inspire the people of other nations such as Germany, Israel, Britain, Sweden, France and elsewhere, start to look after themselves and to protect themselves.

For too long now the Establishments’ in Western governments have looked down on patriotism, have despised the idea of strong borders and have operated a system where the ordinary people, who often suffer from the adverse effects of the Establishment’s policies, are treated like dirt. We’ve seen our governments, especially the British government, indulge in the sort of suicidal altruism and ‘the justice of fools’, which sees billions of pounds wasted on politically correct overseas aid projects, whilst British service veterans sleep uneasily in cardboard boxes on the street. The culture of ‘suicidal altruism’ has also seen the Establishment of nations such as the United Kingdom, entreat it’s citizens to ‘celebrate diversity’ and fight ‘Islamophobia’, whilst simultaneously doing very little to stop the large number of Islamic Rape Gangs victimising hundreds, if not thousands, of British boys, girls and young women. We can only hope and pray that the Trump revolution crosses the Atlantic and inspires patriots to stand up against the failing and coercive policies of the Left in European nations.

It’s early days for the Trump administration and we do not know all that the future will hold but if Mr Trump can achieve even a fraction of his home and foreign policy goals then he will be called a success. If he can rebuild America’s economy and create the conditions for job creation then he will improve the lives of countless Americans. If it looks like he is keeping his promise to destroy radical Islamic terror, then he will bring the governments and people’s of other nations along with him to that fight. This is because there is a growing hunger from those living outside the USA to see Islam stood up to. These citizens and subjects of European nations have had enough of Islam. We have watched on our screens horror after horror coming from the followers of Islam and have seen entire towns and cities in our own nations start to become adversely influenced by this pernicious violent, oppressive political ideology masquerading as a ‘religion of peace’.

I wish Mr Trump and his administration well for the future.

Now it’s time to turn attention onto the counter-revolutionaries, the anti-Trump protesters and what a motley bunch they are. They are the very worst of the political Left, the hateful, violent, intolerant, oppressive Left, along with the self-infantalised third wave feminists, LGBT groups who don’t represent those in whose name they protest and more ominously shariah law promoters and various flavours of Islamic liars. In short the protesters are exactly the sort of people who should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power because when they have had power they’ve used it to oppress others and stifle dissent.

The sort of people who are marching against Trump and the causes they are promoting are to be quite honest the very policies that caused Trump to be elected in the first place. They are marching in the main for open borders, socialism, and Islam, none of which the majority of people, either in the USA or in other civilised nations, seem to want to see much more of.

I was struck by a profound sense of deja vu when looking at these demonstrators as I’ve seen this reaction from the Left before when Ronald Reagan took office. Just as with the reaction to President Trump, when Reagan was elected the anti-American Left in Britain went mental and took to the streets screaming and shouting but offering no real solutions to the world’s problems at the time.

The Communists and socialists of the time called Mr Reagan a ‘warmonger’ and a ‘cowboy’ and denounced him with ‘snarl words’ just as they are doing to Mr Trump today. Among today’s marchers are similar ‘plastic revolutionaries’ with similar violent fantasies of ‘storming the Winter Palace’ as I saw around me when I was a leftist many years ago. The characters may change, the faces may change, the clothes may change, but it’s the same Left that I and many others have rejected. Instead of a Greenham Common woman in a bobble hat dementedly ranting into a megaphone to a crowd of Leftists about ‘male violence’ and ‘mens wars’, we have infantilised women in ‘pussy hats’ whining into their £500 iPhones about ‘the patriarchy’ and about how hard done by women are.

Profoundly and dementedly wrong Greenham Common women protesters try to break into a US airbase

The equally demented ‘Pussy hat’ as worn by Leftist protesters against Trump

The statements made by the Leftists opposed to Mr Trump and the way that the opponents of Trump have carried themselves, show that these Leftists are completely ‘out there’. Across the world we have been treated to the sight of grown women, educated women, objectifying themselves by dressing as vaginas in support of Hillary Clinton, an American presidential candidate who was financially supported by some of the most misogynistic Islamic regimes on the planet. Talk about stupid, this must be a classic definition of the word.

There’s only one way to follow up this image….

…..and that’s with this meme.

Truly the Left, a Left that once claimed to have answers to the world’s problems, has gone stark staring mad. As I said earlier I was once a Leftist but I cannot see that I can have anything at all in common with these stroppy adult toddlers screaming abuse about Donald Trump because Mr Trump won a free and fair election. I would certainly not have sunk as low as these modern Leftists have done, even at the height of my involvement with the Left. I might have supported some strange causes and wore some strange clothes on demos, but now I’m no longer a Leftist I can console myself somewhat with the knowledge that at least back then I didn’t dress as a vagina and stomp round the streets screaming.

The Leftist commentariat has gone completely apeshit over the election of Donald Trump and probably the best example of this comes from the pixie-featured verbally incontinent public-school Leftist Laurie Penny.

Laurie Penny

In a tweet that stunned anyone with a functioning brain Ms Penny called Mr Trump’s speech ‘terrifying’ and what Ms Penny was talking about was Mr Trump’s promise to sort out radical Islamic terror. Ms Penny said:

It’s hard to believe that an educated woman such as Ms Penny obviously is could say such a thing. Islamic terror and indeed much of Islamic culture is completely opposed to many of the things that Ms Penny says that she is for. Things like equality between men and women, the right for all to be educated, and the right of gays,lesbians and bisexuals to live their lives in freedom and dignity. Islam is the polar opposite of freedom yet Ms Penny decries a President who publicly promises to do something about the threat of Islamic violence and oppression.

The so called opposition to Trump is mostly made up of people that you wouldn’t trust to sit the right way round on a toilet or to sell you a used car and the protests are being hijacked by some pretty nasty Islamic individuals and organisations. In the USA a major mover and shaker of the ‘Women’s March’ was Linda Sarsour a Muslim supremacist who has made supportive statements about the Shariah Law that imprisons women in Muslim communities and treats them as commodities with about the same level of value as a goat. It’s one of the great ironies of the anti Trump feminist marchers that they are marching behind those who would see women faced with the choice of either conform to Islam or die.

Linda Sarsour, the alleged ‘Hamas-nik in sheeps clothing’

In the UK we saw a similar eruption of dodgy Islamic groups mixed in with the usual suspects of the Left and deluded third wave feminists. In a London demonstration that took place on the bridges across the River Thames, it was noted that there was a strong presence from the disgraced ‘Islamphobia’ monitor Tell Mama. I wonder how many of the fellow travellers who took part in this demonstration realised that their presence was going to be used for publicity by Tell Mama, an organisation started by a ‘corpulent conman’ called Fiyaz Mughal, and which is one that is despised by anyone with any reverence for that thing called ‘The Truth’.

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Here’s a Tweet from Tell Mama where they laughably claim that they are ‘against hate’ whilst doing all that they can to prevent people telling the truth about the hate filled ideology of Islam.

Tell Mama supporters exploiting the large number of naive idiot leftists to promote their organisation.

I’m not surprised to see the mendacious Islamic ‘hate crime’ charlatans of Tell Mama turning up to something like this but it is saddening to see their dishonest ‘Islamophobia’ guff not challenged by secular Leftists at this demonstration. It says a lot for how far the Left has fallen that these mountebanks with their empty ‘build bridges not walls’ slogans, their fake smiles and equally fake ‘hate crime statistics’are not only tolerated, but indulged.

The last few days have generally been days of contrast and there is an extreme contrast to the way that the new Trump administration and the new President himself have handled themselves and the way that the opponents have behaved. There is a complete lack of respect for the democratic vote made by American citizens. Groups that trade on slogans based around democracy, equality and the people’s will, are vomiting out hatred for a result that didn’t go their way. It makes one ask oneself, if the Left are behaving like this when they have lost an election then how much worse would they have been had Hillary Clinton won? The Left would have taken a Clinton win as tacit permission to push their own views down the throats of those who express disagreement with their views. They would further bully and bludgeon people in schools and universities and in workplaces and become more aggressive and intolerant than they are already.

Mr Trump and his team have carried themselves and expressed themselves admirably. I’m afraid I cannot say the same for Mr Trump’s opponents. The Left and their Islamic allies have behaved utterly disgracefully both in the statements that they have made and by the manner in which they’ve expressed themselves non verbally before, during and after the inauguration. This weekend we saw Donald Trump the statesman and it has also been the time when we’ve seen the Left and their allies as a dangerous, violent and unrepresentative rabble.

When faced with the choice between the civility and dignity of the new President and the howling baboons of the Left we also see the choice between civilisation and anarchy. At the very least I see Mr Trump on the side of civilisation and because of that, I perceive that he’s far more on my side than those who oppose him.

It only remains for me to say ‘good luck Mr President’ and let us hope that just as it was when Ronald Reagan came to power, that ‘it’s morning again’ but not just for America, but for the whole Western world. Reagan oversaw the death of Communism by his policies and we can but pray that Mr Trump’s tiem will be remembered as the time when the civilised world saw a proper fightback against Islamofascism start to begin.


Donald Trump’s first speech as President.