Latest update, 27th January 2017, on the case of Tim Burton vs Britain’s least favourite mendacous taqiyya artist.


I’ve recently received an update from those supporting Tim Burton of Liberty GB in his fight against the mendacious grievance mongering taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal and Mughal’s empire of lies. It looks very much like the State is doing all it can to put Mr Burton in prison for the crime of telling a joke at Fiyaz Mughal’s expense.

Mr Tim Burton of LibertyGB

For those unfamiliar with the case, Mr Tim Burton sent a joke job application for the post of research with the troubled and provably dishonest Tell Mama organisation which was founded by and run by Fiyaz Mughal. There was a polite but sarcastic email exchange between Mr Burton and unidentified Tell Mama staff via the email address. This resulted in Mr Burton being arrested and charged with Racial and Religiously Aggravated harassment even though no genuine harassment seems to have occurred. What appears to be happening is that Fiyaz Mughal, who as well as running the lie factory of Tell Mama, advises the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on how to prosecute ‘Islamophobia’ offences, is using the law to try to shut down, by imprisonment if necessary, a persistent opponent. The opponent, Mr Tim Burton is an individual who has a record of hitting the right spot where the Tell Mama group is concerned and has already trounced Mughal in a Magistrates court once before.

Fiyaz Mughal expresses gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of pounds that the taxpayer has pumped into a variety of Mughal’s often dubious Islam related projects

Now it seems that the Mughal may be pressing the CPS to take the harshest action possible against Mr Burton even if it makes the conduct of the case notably biased towards the prosecution. The CPS is objecting to Mr Burton’s choice of witnesses and has moved the case from a fixed date of 30th January 2017 to a ‘warned’ list where those involved in the case will get 24 hours notice of the trial occurring. It looks very much as the CPS are doing Mughal’s bidding to a very large extent or at least that is the feeling that I and others are getting from the tales of how this case is being conducted and managed by the CPS.

Below you can find the latest update published on the 23rd of January about the fight between Tim Burton, who is standing up for your freedoms as well as his own and Fiyaz Mughal founder of one of the most dishonest and untrustworthy identity politics groups the United Kingdom has seen for a long time.

Mr Burton’s representatives said:

The most stunning news this week is that we have had three of our potential expert witnesses rejected by the court – Dr. Bill Warner, Robert Spencer and Usama Dakdok, on the basis that they have not obtained the appropriate qualifications or experience (supposedly) to pronounce on the subject of Islam in general or Taqiyya in particular.

The prosecution are obviously playing hardball, in that they are not prepared to allow us the slightest bit of leeway in presenting our case. There is no mistake – the gloves have come off and now we have to fight to the death for everything we hold dear.

There are three other developments – firstly, the Crown has wheeled in their tame Islamic expert with his own opinion on what Taqiyya is – and is what it is not. Needless to say, their expert has declared Taqiyya to be a harmless doctrine of no consequence that is not in use today except by racist bigoted right-wing “Islamophobes” such as our very own Tim Burton.

The second development is that we have initiated a process of disclosure to find out exactly what has taken place in the communications between Fiyaz Mughal, the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, leading up to the arrest, charge and prosecution of Tim Burton. We venture to suggest that the results of this disclosure are going to lead to a very interesting day out in Southwark Crown Court.

Thirdly, the court has removed our case from the fixed date of Monday 30 January 2017 to an indeterminate date sometime in the future. Unfortunately we have no control over this process – we have been put on a “warn list” which means that we can be called at less than 24 hour’s notice for a trial commencing the following day, anytime over the next 28 days.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that this has been done to reduce the chances of our supporters turning up in person on the day of the trial – but please, if you are able to support us in other ways, Tim will be eternally grateful and will respond in person to every gesture of support.

Just go to the Liberty GB website – and hit the big blue button for Tim’s Legal Defence Fund if you are able to contribute in any way at all. All contributions, no matter how small, will be acknowledged.

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Remember, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797”

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  1. People, support Tim Burton – he’s fighting for you and your progeny. Don’t be that person who did nothing when Islam walked into your house and re-arranged your furniture.

  2. Since Tell Mama is funded by the government, surely this is a disgusting waste of taxpayers’ money? Even more worrying is the fact you can receive a custodial sentence for placing bacon in a mosque.

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