The Citizens UK ‘Reinstate Dubs Amendment’ petition is a fraud and I’ve proved it.


UPDATE: I tested the Citizens UK ‘Reinstate Dubs Amendment’ petition today to see if it was as lacking in security and probity as it was yesterday when I fed it 12 false names and false addresses linked to public buildings and local authority rubbish tips.  I can report that this petition is still very easy to defraud and that it should not be relied upon in any way.  This comes in spite of me contacting Citizens UK directly via email and telling them that their petition was open to fraud and that I was able fraudulently sign this petition with not too much trouble.


The petition is provably fraudulent and probably not representative of genuine public opinion.

The regular reader of this blog will be aware that the left wing, pro-Islam, pro-migration and pro-just-about-anything-that-is-not-beneficial-to-the average-citizen, group called Citizens UK, have been in the news recently trying to get the Prime Minister Theresa May to reverse her decision to junk the ‘Dubs Amendment’ to the Immigration Acts. The Dubs Amendment, introduced by and named after Lord Alf Dubs, was a provision to allow into the UK ‘vulnerable unaccompanied child refugees’ from the migrant camps such as that at Calais. Unfortunately for both Lord Dubs and the Alinskyite Citizens UK group, the truth turned out to be very different from the narrative that they have put out. Many if not all of those who were targeted for help by the Dubs Amendment turned out to be neither vulnerable, or refugees or even children.

Many people who saw the press coverage of the first arrivals of these ‘children’ were horrified to see that they were grown men with beards and crows feet. Not one of them looked any younger than 20 years old and some looked even older, about 35. Whatever they were, they certainly were not children in any way, shape or form.

When public anger broke out about the fake children and was expressed in newspaper comment sections and social media, the response of Citizens UK staff and activists was to lie. George Gabriel of Citizens UK was one of those who put out statements saying that they believed that the adults who had been pictured were ‘interpreters’. This bit of outrageous dishonesty was swiftly busted the following day by the Home Office themselves who said that these men were not interpreters, they were the ‘children’ themselves.

It seems that Her Majesty’s government and the rest of us have been monstrously conned by Citizens UK, other similar pro-migrant groups and by a dishonest media. The British people were fed an almost constant news media diet of pictures of abandoned toddlers and other similarly heart-string tugging images of vulnerable children. The government was lobbied by Citizens UK to let in these ‘vulnerable children’ and they used Lord Dubs, who escaped from Nazi terror on the Kindertransport to front this campaign up. CitizensUK also have run a seriously dishonest campaign to allow in these migrants, who as we saw are not refugees or children. They have appropriated the story of the Kindertransport along with those who have familial or personal connections with it and promoted the fiction that those who fled for their lives from the Nazis can be compared to a bunch of adult, migrant country shoppers such as have dwelt in the ‘migrant camps’ and shanty towns of Northern France. CitizensUK’s behaviour is offensive, dishonest and disgraceful.

CitizensUK have reacted very badly to Mrs May’s most welcome decision to abandon the Dubs Amendment, probably because she may have seen that the government had been conned by activists such as CitizensUK. The group has been screaming loudly about the decision to kill off the Dubs Amendment and has gone into overdrive, mobilising their activists and trying to gain publicity for their campaign to reinstate the Dubs Amendment.

CitizensUK, in their attempt to get the Dubs Amendment reinstated, have been utilising one particular Alinskyite political trick. Saul Alinsky said in his book ‘Rules For Radicals’ that: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.” Citizens UK have been quite successful so far in convincing various government departments, local councils and various do-gooding types that they are a broad based community group. This is how they’ve managed to get various councils to push local people down the housing list by enthusiastically getting involved in the ‘refugees welcome’ campaign and offering to house these ‘refugees’. It’s also how they managed to convince various MP’s and peers to support the Dubs Amendment. Basically they lied. They lied in the first place about the real nature of the ‘child refugees’ they were aiming to bring over and secondly they’ve lied about their level of genuine community support for their projects, the ‘child migrants’ one in particular. When you dig down into the sort of groups that support CitizensUK it basically comes down to the usual Leftist and Islamic suspects. Apart from the Muslim groups who are in my view exploiting CitizensUK for their own agenda, there are also other religious groups. These religious groups are represented by happy clappy vicars and naïve Rabbis, the sort who don’t even have the good judgement to not share a CitizensUK platform with a known Islamic extremist, not the sort of clergy from whom sensible people would feel comfortable taking spiritual guidance.

Now that the background story to CitizensUK has been told, it’s time to look at one of the major tools that CitizensUK is using to convince the ‘enemy’ that they have the power represented by widespread support. In this instance the enemy for CitizensUK is a UK government who wishes to close the migration loophole that the Dubs Amendment represents. The tool that CitizensUK have chosen to use is a petition on their website to the government, to reinstate the Dubs Amendment. But this tool is bent. The CitizensUK petition to reinstate Dubs is fraudulent and provably so.

CitizensUK is claiming on its website that as of 10:42 on the 12th February 2017, 51,418 signatures have come in demanding that the Dubs Amendment be brought back. However it is more than likely that a goodly proportion of the signatures on the CitizensUK petition are worthless and do not represent anything like a proper slice of British opinion. A number of people have brought their concerns to me about the CitizensUK group and in particular this petition so I decided to investigate it.

Below I will prove to readers that the CitizensUK ‘reinstate Dubs’ petition is open to some pretty basic fraud.

The ‘sign the petition’ page on the CitizensUK website at first glance looks pretty secure. The average person, the computer ‘appliance operator’ may well be tempted to look at the long list of names and think ‘my gosh what a lot of people wanting to help vulnerable children’, but the reality is far more murky and the CitizensUK site is very easy to fool.

I decided to test the security of the CitizensUK petition site for myself, just to see how easy it was to freak it. Despite the site having rudimentary IP address checking software to avoid multiple registrations on the same IP address, these security protocols were very very easy to evade. I found that I was able to sign the petition twelve times over the course of an hour just by using a proxy/VPN. There appear to be no other checks on signature or name validity apart from the IP address check.

I created twelve fake names, 11 fake email addresses (one was genuine just in case it did ask for an email click back confirmation), 12 fake addresses (I used those addresses associated with public buildings and those of various council rubbish tips) and 12 dodgy postcodes for the same. On every occasion, provided that I changed the IP address each time, which was a relatively simple matter, I was able to sign the petition.

I was shocked by how simple it was to concoct a fake name, email address, postal address etc and sign this petition. I’m even more shocked by the mendacity and cynicism of CitizensUK in taking this petition and trying to use it to bludgeon our politicians to reinstate the Dubs Amendment. This petition is quite frankly a crock of shit. It’s a fraud. Its sole purpose is to give the impression that there are a massive number of Britons who want to open up the borders to these ‘children’. However my experience has been that this is not the case. I encounter far more people on social media and in real life who are opposed to letting in these fake refugees and even more bogus ‘children’, than are in favour of such an action. CitizensUK do not represent me or any of those that I know who are properly engaged with the subject of the ‘migrant crisis’, instead they represent a hard core of leftist activists, Islamic groups and dangerously deluded individuals who believe every fake sob story that these ‘refugees’ tell them.

The government, politicians and the British people themselves should reject any data about public support for the reinstatement of the Dubs Amendment coming from CitizensUK. I’ve proved it to be very easy to falsely sign. If I can do this and sign this dodgy petition 12 times then how many times is this petition being dishonestly signed by leftist activists, political Islamic groups and others? I suspect that a large proportion of the signatures on this petition are wholly bogus and should be disregarded.

CitizensUK are a thoroughly untrustworthy organisation whose aims and policies, especially that of open borders, are those which will not benefit either the majority of the British people or the nation itself. Their ‘Reinstate Dubs’ petition is worthless junk, nothing more. If I found it easy to freak then, others will no doubt have been doing the same. Mrs May’s government should resist the shroud-waving of activists and the fake statistics that Citizens UK are peddling and not reinstate the Dubs Amendment.


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4 Comments on "The Citizens UK ‘Reinstate Dubs Amendment’ petition is a fraud and I’ve proved it."

  1. Philip Copson | February 12, 2017 at 1:42 pm |

    I suggest that it was deliberately made “easy to freak” so that they could tell their supporters how to make multiple signings, but be able to deny all knowledge if the bogus signings were ever detected.

    If Citizens UK are using dodgy, easy-to-manipulate on-line forms for this petition, then it stands to reason that (A) every other petition organised by Citizens UK, past, present, and future will also be untrustworthy, and (B) any petition organised by any other organisation which has Citizens UK members amongst it’s organisers, will also be untrustworthy.

    What other organisations are there which are likely to contain Citizens UK members ? “Tell Mama” for one…

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 12, 2017 at 2:02 pm |

      Philip, I concur that making this petition quite easy to break may well have been a deliberate tactic by CitizensUK. I agree that if this if other petitions put out by CitizensUK have been put together in the same way then none of them can be trusted. As regards other organisations I have it on good authority that CUK is having a lot of undue influence on a number of organisations.

  2. Philip Copson | February 12, 2017 at 1:55 pm |

    A further point; you describe Alf Dubs as having been used “to front” this campaign, which rather implies that he may not have known exactly what was intended, ie to bring in adult migrants under the pretence that they were refugee children.
    He can’t now fail to be aware of what has actually happened, even if he wasn’t at the beginning, yet from his radio interviews since the Dubs Amendment was suspended, he is obviously fully in favour of continuing this outrageous and potentially dangerous deception against the UK, so he is every bit as cynical and manipulative as Citizens UK themselves.
    In a way, he is actually worse, because he is deliberately using his own history of having been offered asylum in the UK, as a weapon to undermine the very people to whom he owes his life – the ungrateful b*stard !
    As the saying goes:”The more you do for some people, the less they think of you……”

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 12, 2017 at 2:11 pm |

      Interesting and worrying point. I was trying to be a little fair to Lord Dubs who after all is an old man. However the sensible and moral thing to do when it was revealed that the ‘children’ were often not children at all would have been for Dubs to keep quiet on teh whole matter and withdraw from association with CitizensUK. As you say Lord Dubs cannot be unaware of the controversy over this matter and should have made muchmore effort to determine the truth of these matters. Lord Dubs may have continued to go along with this to avoid reputation damage but by sticking with CitizensUK campaign for these ‘children’ he’s damaged his reputation even more. He’s now stuck in a situation where he is being seen as either a naive fool or a malevolent pro migrant activist who has besmirched the reputation and name of teh Kindertransport children who were all genuine children and who in the main made great contributions to the life of the UK and beyond.

      One thing to bear in mind however is what have CitizensUK shown Dubs? I know for a fact that they are very good at putting on ‘dog and pony shows’ for dignitaries and others whom they want to convince to support them as I said in a previous post which read:

      If you are active in a Church or a Synagogue (especially a ‘progressive’ synagogue) then you may already be aware of Citizens UK. You may have had Citizens UK literature being sent to your religious organisation. Your church or synagogue may have been visited by Citizens UK representatives or your Vicar or Rabbi may have gone off to some ‘dog and pony show’ put on by Citizens UK. Your religious organisation may even have affiliated itself to Citizens UK. Vicars and Rabbis are often good and kind people and they want to do good and help their communities or the poor or the the oppressed and not be seen merely as wholly spiritual beings but practical ones too. Because of this very worthy real world attitude, Vicars and Rabbis are therefore extremely vulnerable to the sort of ‘social action’ propaganda and blandishments that groups like Citizens UK use to convince people to support their activities. I know of one Rabbi who was invited to see a promotion of some of Citizens UK’s work in getting young men in our major cities away from criminal gangs. This Rabbi came back from the meeting gushing with admiration for what Citizens UK were doing and would hear no ill spoken of Citizens UK. No amount of evidence produced by opponents of Citizens UK, about the danger that Citizens UK’s policies could do, would convince them. No amount of proof that Citizens UK staff had run political cover for the Jew hating nut-jobs of the East London Mosque would sway them from their child-like enthusiasm for Citizens UK. Personally, I found the experience of seeing an otherwise learned and intelligent Rabbi taking leave of their senses and behaving like a fainting fan at a One Direction gig, utterly revolting and very disturbing.


      It could well be that Dubs has been shown what he wants to see which is ‘vulnerable children’ even though there may have been very few of these resident in places like the Calais camp

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