President Trump meets half man half wet dish rag


It’s interesting looking at the picture of President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mostly because they are so unalike. On the one hand you have President Trump who despite much obstruction by others is at least attempting to secure America’s borders and who is notable for having named the enemy that we all face, which is Islamic extremism, something that President Obama failed to do.

However, on the other hand is Justin Trudeau, a man who has all the qualities of a World War II appeaser or collaborator, of the sort who ended up having their heads shaved or who took a one way climb up the gallows steps after the hostilities ended. Trudeau, is presiding over a Canadian government that appears to have taken leave of its senses and is not only importing thousands of potentially dangerous unvetted ‘Syrian’ ‘refugees’, but which is also likely to outlaw all criticism of Islam.

Trudeau seems not to see the trouble that these ‘Syrian refugees’ are causing in Canada’s schools nor does he see the sex offences that are being committed by these ‘refugees’ in swimming pools and other public amenities in Canada.

The picture above can be read as showing a brave man and a coward and at least for me it’s pretty obvious which is which. For my money the coward is  the half man half wet dish-rag figure of Trudeau.

I really feel sorry for Canadians being landed with a leader like Trudeau who as time goes on is revealed to be a person of so much more style than substance. With previous Canadian prime ministers such as Harper, it is very easy even for a non Canadian to see them as statesmen, even if we may disagree with some of their policies, but Trudeau just looks like a joke.

Unfortunately for Canadians, Trudeau is a dangerous joke. He is so much of an Islamopanderer that this joke of a prime minister could end up getting ordinary non Muslim Canadians killed or injured with his pro Islam policies and attitudes.

I think there will be many who will agree with me that the above picture shows one man who leads and one man who is led.