Audio – Red Fox Radio on the tragic Texas ‘honour’ killings


I’ve appeared on Red Fox Radio, a Canadian internet radio station on a few occasions now but this was a particularly harrowing episode of Red Fox Radio for me to take part in. It was on the subject of a particularly horrific set of ‘honour’ murders of two girls by their Muslim father. This show and the account of it by one of those close to the family, brings home to listeners the horrific, controlling and violent misogyny that exists in many Islamic families.

Joining the host, Kel and Tim Burton and others was ‘Gail’ a relative of two girls, Amina and Sarah Said who were murdered by their father Yaser Abdel Said in Texas on New Year’s Day in 2008. Yaser Said, escaped after he shot his daughters dead in the back of his taxicab and is wanted by the FBI on Capital Murder charges. He has still not been apprehended and his whereabouts are still unknown. It is not known whether he is still in the USA living under another name or whether he has been spirited out of the country to a Muslim nation where such ‘honour’ killings are socially accepted and not punished.

As I said this was a very difficult show to take part in, very emotional and traumatic. It also made me extremely angry that this Islamic savage had taken the lives of his two beautiful and lively daughters, merely because they wanted to live like Americans and not like Islamic savages. I defy anyone possessed of even a shred of a sense of humanity to not be moved by Gail’s story.

Please follow the link below to listen to the show.