Marine Le Pen showing a healthy disrespect for the ideology of Islam.

Marine Le Pen


Whilst on a visit to the Lebanon ostensibly to examine the increasingly poor situation for Christians in that nation, the French National Front leader Marine Le Pen was invited to meet with the Islamic Grand Mufti. Mme Le Pen arrived at the meeting and was handed an Islamic headscarf to put on. To her credit Mme Le Pen refused. She said that she’d met far higher Sunni Islamic clerics than the Grand Mufti in the past and that she’d never been asked to wear a headscarf before. She then got into her car and went away.

Personally I think Mme Le Pen did the right thing here. Firstly this presentation with a headscarf had not been cleared in advance and secondly Mme Le Pen must have known how images of her wearing a headscarf would have flashed around the world and been used by the Muslims and the Left to undermine her political position or to their own advantage. I also think that she did the correct thing as it showed a healthy disrespect for an ideology that patently doesn’t deserve the sort of respect it is given. After all how is it possible for anyone to have any degree of respect for an ideology that encourages its followers to commit acts of gross terror and bloodshed, marry 9 year old girls and treat women like second or even third class citizens. It was a giant ‘up yours’ to Islam and no matter how many other reservations I might have about Mme Le Pen and her party’s policies, I really respect her for doing this.

There should be more people out there who treat Islam with the disrespect it deserves. Islam is like no other world faith. It is aggressive, expansionist and violent. Islam has not undergone the sort of reformation or the sort of detailed and scholarly analysis of it’s foundational texts that have gone a long way to making non-Islamic faiths more compatible with a world that has mostly moved on from blind faith to thoughtful consideration of what these texts say and mean.

Well done Mme Le Pen for sticking two fingers up at this Muslim cleric. These clerics are so used to people abasing themselves in front of them in the name of ‘cultural sensitivity’ that it must shock them to see someone say ‘no thanks I ain’t wearing that, I’m off’. If the Western world, the free world created by our ancestors, which I hope to see handed down to my descendants, is to survive then we need to see a lot more actions like this. I’d love to see a whole lot more people say to these Muslims and their clerics, ‘no I will not wear your misogynistic slave hat’.


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