From Elsewhere: Progressive pro-Islam blowback – US Leftists help Muslim man enter USA, Muslim man then molests twelve year old girl


It’s often instructive and sometimes amusing to see pro-Islam Leftists get bitten on the arse by their Muslim pets. The look of dawning realisation that they’ve been thoroughly caught out by some untrue sob story from some Muslim grievance monger is a sight to behold. I rejoice when Liberal Leftists get caught out by Islamic lies especially when it makes certain people of the liberal / left realise that the biggest lie of all is the one that says that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Unfortunately all too many on the liberal / left rarely have to live with the problems that their pro-Islam virtue signalling causes. The celebrity leftists and progressive politicians who cry out ‘bring me your poorly educated, low IQ ‘Mohammeds’ yearning to rape and claim benefits’ don’t have to share street space with the objects of their charitable statements. The celeb leftists live in big houses in gated communities where they are insulated from the problems that their espoused causes brings. The politicians who climb aboard the pro-Islam bandwagon for short term political gain, sometimes have armed guards protecting them and do not have to live with the decreased security that is almost inevitably caused by the injection of Islam in a free society.

The particular story about pro-Islam political virtue signalling that I am relating to you today is one where those who have helped a particular Muslim gain entry to the USA, have caused trouble but have not suffered from it, or seem to be being made accountable for what they’ve done. It was, as usual, an innocent schoolgirl who in this case has suffered because of the actions of politicians and do-gooders.

Here is a truly shocking story from Front Page Magazine about an Indian Muslim who was denied entry to the USA but who was eventually allowed into the country by the actions of two Left wing senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. The Muslim that they agitated for to be allowed entry to the USA then repaid the trust put in him by the two Senators and by other do gooders, by allegedly sexually molesting a twelve year old girl. The parents of this girl should be extremely angry not just at, Tanveer Hussain, the Muslim savage who is accused of this crime, but the Democrat Party senators who allowed this savage into the USA in the first place. This is another case where it’s ordinary people, not celebrities or politicians who have paid the price for the public virtue signalling of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer.

Here’s the Front Page Magazine article about this latest example of pro-Islam virtue signalling gone badly wrong.

Front Page Magazine said:

This is a deeply heartwarming story about overcoming prejudice and learning that the people we are afraid are really… child molesters.

That’s how the media originally spun the story of Tanveer Hussain. Hussain was originally denied a visa, supposedly because of President Trump’s migration pause, to come and compete in the World Snowshoe Championships in New York. Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer sprang into action. Elise Stefanek’s office even supposedly got involved.

And a wonderful Muslim whom we had absolutely no reason to keep out of the country came to New York showing us how silly our fears were. Then he molested a 12-year-old girl.

The parents complained to the police. Khan, the other Muslim who was only allowed in because of the interview of the two senators, claimed that it was the girl’s fault. Because that is how Muslims view sexual abuse. It’s always the fault of the victim.

Also Khan claimed that Hussain had no idea that the 12-year-old girl was a minor. 

He is not aware that she is minor in first place,” he said. “We told him later that she is a minor. He doesn’t understand proper English, so he doesn’t know.”

How are you supposed to know that a little girl is a minor if you don’t speak English?

So the current excuses are that

1. It’s the girl’s fault

2. Hussain had no idea she was too young to molest because he doesn’t speak English

This is usually how most Muslim sexual abuse defenses go.

Yes these ‘defences’ are very standard ones that we hear a lot from Muslims when they’ve been apprehended for sex crimes, it’s nearly always ‘not my fault guv’nor’.

What’s gross about this case is that not only did the great and the good agitate for the entry of this Islamic savage into the USA, but the powers that be, both local and national and various do-gooders, took this savage on a tour of junior schools. WTF!! The very last place that you should let a man who follows the example of a 7th century paedophile like Mohammed the Islamic ‘prophet’ tour round is a bloody junior school. It appears that schoolchildren had been pressed into service to speak up for the case of Tanveer Hussain’s entry to the USA and this is why Hussain was paraded round the schools.

Front Page Magazine added:

Yes, they introduced them to middle schoolers. They got seventh-graders to write letters for them. And then the inevitable happened.

Will they be held accountable? They certainly ought to be. Hussain and Khan come from a culture where the abuse of children is normal, where unaccompanied women are considered fair game and a religion whose founder married a 7-year-old girl.

It’s not a question of what they were thinking. The question is what were their sponsors thinking? If you bring a wolf into a schoolroom and a child gets mauled, is it the fault of the wolf or the man who introduced him into the classroom?

I’m completely gob-smacked by this story. Politicians and pro-Islam, pro-migration activists, many of whom have a bit of a downer about President Donald Trump, used children to campaign for the entry of a man who really should not have been let into the USA. The naïve useful idiots in the local council and education system then took this predator around the junior school where the Muslim savage then molested a young girl. It’s hard to comprehend such stupidity by those who really should have known better and acted better. It’s bad enough that Left wing educational establishment using children as pawns in a political game, but to then expose the same kids to this Muslim predator is utterly disgraceful.

We should fear Islamic predators and we should equally fear and effectively combat those politicians and do-gooders who end up landing our nations with such Islamic predators as Tanveer Hussain and so many others.



Original Front Page Magazine article on the Islamic predator assisted into the USA by two Democrat senators.]