It’s time for LGB people to stand up against Shariah and you can do so in Manchester on June 10th 2017


It’s a sad fact that the organisations that supposedly support the British Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual communities have several major flaws. The first flaw is that many of these organisations whether they be national high profile ones such as Stonewall, or lesser known ones catering for smaller groups such as Bisexuals, are aligned with the political Left. The second flaw in these organisations, possibly because they are aligned to the Left, is that a good many of them have a major blind spot when it comes to the threat to the lives and security of LGB people posed by the ideology of Islam and its accompanying Shariah Law.

Because of the left alignment of so many LGB groups and their failure to stand up to the very clear and present danger to LGB people posed by Islam, these groups can no longer be trusted to stand up for the idea that LGB people should not be murdered because of who they are. Groups like Stonewall and BiCon the National Bisexual Convention are firmly in the leftist identity politics camp and often shy away from the controversial but very necessary task of speaking up against Islam and of warning LGB people of the threat that Islam poses to LGB people. This ‘I see no Islam’ attitude by these groups is harming the long term security of LGB people and making themselves less representative of the concerns of a growing number of LGB people about the ideology of Islam.

However, things are starting to change, not in the sclerotic leftist led groups like those mentioned above, they’ll stick with their pandering to Islam right up until an Islamic extremist chops off their heads,but by new groups starting up with new campaigns and new demonstrations against Shariah. Shariah Law and Islamisation are today’s joint number one threat to the safety and security of LGB people and at last people are starting to speak up against these threats. One such manifestation of a recognition that the establishment LGB groups are not representing or protecting LGB people properly is event that is going to happen on June 10th 2017. This is the Gays Against Shariah demonstration which is to take place in Manchester in the Gay Village area of the city.

The Gays Against Shariah demonstration takes place a few days before the first anniversary of the Islamic attack on an Orlando Gay nightclub in the USA. In that attack the Islamic attacker, Omar Mateen, took the lives of 49 innocent people who were just enjoying a night out. The attack on the club in Orlando woke up many individual LGB people as to the scale of the lethal threat posed to LGB people from the ideology of Islam and its followers. The effects of Shariah Law, a legal code that condemns gay people to death merely for being gay is something that needs to be countered and fought against.

The Gays Against Shariah demonstration is just one way that this dangerous and backward sort of jurisprudence can be fought back against. LGB individuals should not leave their future safety and security to left leaning LGB groups whose employees seem to care more about their own careers rather than standing up to a huge threat to the safety and security of LGB people. It’s time for new groups to deal with new threats to safety and security and Gays Aginst Shariah is one of those. If, like me, you support the right of LGB people to live their lives unmolested and in an atmosphere of security, then I would urge you to support Gays Against Shariah which is a cross political campaign to make LGB people safe from the predations of Islamic Shariah Law.

You can register your interest in Gays Against Shariah by going to the Facebook page linked below.