Is this one of the ‘child migrants’ that Citizens UK brought in? If not, it’s someone with a remarkable similarity in appearance.

Two of the fake 'child migrants' pictured by the Daily Mail and who also subjected the fake children to computer image age identification


This blog has written extensively about the troubling far Left, pro-migration and pro-Islam group Citizens UK and some of their activities. What is troubling about Citizens UK is not just their record for running ‘political cover’ for the extremism-linked East London Mosque, but also their involvement in the campaign to import thousands of what Citizens UK call ‘children’ from the former Calais Jungle Camp. For more details about the activities of Citizens UK then follow the detailed links above or click HERE.

As discussed earlier by myself and many other people, there was a great deal of shock when the ‘children’ were unveiled at Lunar House, Croydon, South London. What we saw was not the vulnerable frightened toddlers that Citizens UK and others had led us to believe were arriving but grown men who were assessed by media organisations using computer age identification as being between 20 and 38 years old. When the outcry erupted about the obviously fake children, individuals associated with Citizens UK, such as George Gabriel, stated that they believed that the adults pictured were ‘interpreters’. However this sleight of hand was busted the following day when the Home Office themselves admitted that the obviously adult individuals pictured were in fact the ‘children’ brought in by Citizens UK and other pro-migrant groups.

The furore died down somewhat and Citizens UK just brazened the row out and doubled down on their whining about ‘vulnerable children’, because after all, if you’ve discovered a good lie that idiots believe then why stop using it? George Gabriel moved on from Citizens UK to another Citizens front group, a pro-migrant organisation called ‘Safe Passage’ but there have been developments, that if true, should come back to haunt Citizens UK, its trustees, staff and constituent member groups.

Recently, according to the patriot blog ‘The Pie and Mash Squad’, there have been arrests carried out for terrorism offences in Poole, Dorset. Prior to legal restrictions being presumably imposed on media organisations based in the UK, there were several pictures published that allegedly show a man being arrested in this counter terror raid. What these pictures show is a person who I and others think show a remarkable and indeed uncanny resemblance to one of the fake ‘children’ who we all saw disembarking at Croydon.

Here’s the picture of the arrest and the picture of the fake ‘child’ that he looks remarkably similar to.

On the left is the fake ‘child seen at Croydon and on the right is the man arrested in Poole allegedly for terrorism offences

What do you think? Is it the same person? I’ve looked at the build, the hair, the eyebrows, the eyes and the man arrested does look very similar to the fake kid at Croydon. If it’s not the same person then it could easily be a very close relative.

As I have said, it could merely be a coincidence that the man arrested looks remarkably similar to the fake ‘child’ whose image got splashed around the world and which caused feelings of anger and utter disgust at those such as Citizens UK who had helped to import him using dishonest tactics. If this person turns out to be one of the fake children who we saw being brought into London then this should seriously embarrass Citizens UK. They should not be allowed to escape public censure or opprobrium if this is the same person in both pictures as they have evaded censure on so many other occasions before. Occasions such as when they were dishonest about the nature of these ‘child refugees’ or when senior Citizens UK staff went round saying ‘nothing to see here’ when the East London Mosque had been caught out hosting a hate preacher. They must not be allowed to be able to brazen this one out, especially if it turns out that one of the people that they helped to bring into the UK has indeed been arrested for terrorism offences.


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